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I saw an event advertised at the Egyptian and I can't find it in the schedule!!

"FOREVER HOLLYWOOD" 55 min. film made exclusively for exhibition at the Egyptian Theatre about the history of the movies as told by today's biggest stars! Now Showing!


cooper1.gif (15181 bytes) Only Cinematheque Members can order advance tickets by mail.   With No handling charge.




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616 Seats! State-of-the-art projection & sound!

Wait until you see a movie on our giant screen! We are a Kodak Screencheck (tm) certified theatre. That means you won't have a better viewing/listening experience anywhere! See movies the way they were meant to be seen!

The Lloyd E. Rigler Theatre at the Egyptian is 616 seats so there are usually plenty of tickets at the door. If you arrive one hour before the first show of the evening, you can usually get a ticket the night of the screening. Sometimes we do sell out when we have special guests, so early arrival is always recommended. Some shows are in the 78-seat Steven Spielberg Theatre. This will be listed on the printed calendar and on the website so you can plan accordingly. The American Cinematheque's acclaimed programming is now also available at Montana Avenue's Aero Theatre in Santa Monica.

Fandango Tricks & Tips:

We need your help to troubleshoot on - if you get a "sold out" message or a message that says "there are not enough tickets for this showtime available" and it does not indicate that the event is sold out on our website, please call 1-866-857-5191 and let them know that you cannot purchase a ticket. Provide as much information as possible about the time of day you tried, how you got to the sales page, etc. They are helping us figure out a glitch in our internal box office sales system so these error messages can end. This message was posted on 12-06-2012.

1-800-FANDANGO is the number to make a ticket purchase using their automated system. You cannot reach a person at this phone number. To speak to a Fandango rep, you must call 1-866-857-5191. That is the number to use to report any errors.

To place an order more quickly on 1-800-FANDANGO enter our "theatre" code when prompted - 2206 for the Egyptian and 2205 for the Aero. Or search by zipcode..

When you select your theatre of choice when ordering tickets on 1-800-FANDANGO, you will only have the option to purchase tickets for the upcoming 7 days of showtimes for that theatre. If a customer wants to purchase for a show that's later than that, they will have to search listings by movie title instead of by theatre. This takes a little longer since the system will bring up every movie title in that alphabettical section, and you'll just have to listen until you hear yours.

Tickets are available on line at If there is no program on the day you are looking at fandango, look below "no shows today" to "coming attractions" and you can buy advance tickets, or feel free to come to the box office in person during box office hours. All advertised shows are open to the public. The Egyptian's zip code is 90028 if you choose to find the theatre by zip code on The only way to buy tickets online is by using Fandango. Fandango service fees will apply.

You can also choose the Egyptian and Aero as your favorite theatre when you create a personal "log-in" on Fandango. It will appear on your home page and you log in and you can use the links to go directly to either theatre.

Each show you buy is a separate transaction for security reasons. You will have a separate confirmation code and "print at home bar-coded ticket" for each individual movie you buy using fandango.

If you are a member you may still use our member ticket sales by phone.

All advertised shows are open to the public.


BOX OFFICE: The box office opens 1 1/2 hours prior to the first show of the day/evening and remain open until 30 minutes after the last show of the day on days when there are evening Cinematheque programs (usually Wed. thru Sun.), but hours will vary. Check the screening schedule to be sure.  When the theatre is rented for a private event, the box office will not be open. Once you are at the box office you may purchase tickets for any show that is no more than 30 days in the future.

(American Cinematheque Members Only)

Order tickets online:
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Tickets are available up to 30 days in advance at the box office if you come in-person during box office hours. You can also mail in an order. Your mail order must be received five (5) full business days in advance of the date of the first show on your order. Phone orders must be recieved a full two (2) days before the first show on your order. MAIL orders must include:

  • Name of Movie or Movies
  • Date & Time of Movie
  • Number of tickets to each movie. (Remember you are entitled to one or two tickets at the member price depending upon your Membership Level. Additional tickets must be purchased at the general admission price.)
  • Your First & Last Name as it appears on the credit card. Visa or Mastercard only (specify type).
  • The credit card number.
  • The expiration date on the credit card.
  • The security code number on the back of the card.
  • Your signature
  • A day-time and night-time phone number AND e-mail address.

* Incomplete ticket orders cannot be processed.

  • Members do not pay a handling fee on tickets purchased directly through the Cinematheque.
  • Only Members can pay by check (sent through the mail).
  • Current ticket prices are indicated in the column at the right. Special, higher ticket prices for certain events will be listed within the description of that event.
  • Your tickets will not be mailed. You will pick them up at will call when you come to the first show on your order.  Be sure to bring your fandango receipt and/or the credit card you used to order the tickets.
  • Tickets cannot be reserved without payment.
  • Vouchers are only accepted at the box office and cannot be mailed in advance.
  • You will receive a confirmation call. If you do not receive a confirmation call two days prior to the show, please call 323.461.2020, ext. 110.
  • Click for a printable ticket/mebership order form.
  • To Buy Tickets Online: FBuy Button.gif (2343 bytes)

BUYING TICKETS: (Non-Members/General Public)

The general public may purchase tickets in person at the box office or online at There is no handling charge when you buy at the box office, but there is a fee on fandango. Ticket orders by mail will not be accepted from non-members. 

Click for a printable ticket/membership order form and bring to the box office to speed up processing your multiple or advance ticket orders.

Include the following information with your order.

  • Name of Movie or Movies
  • Date & Time of Movie
  • Number of tickets to each movie.
  • Your First & Last Name as it appears on the credit card. Visa or Mastercard only (specify type).
  • Your credit card number..
  • The expiration date on the credit card.
  • Your signature
  • A day-time and night-time phone number AND e-mail address..

* Incomplete ticket orders cannot be processed.

  • Tickets are not available over the phone through the Cinematheque, but you can use Fandango by calling 1-800-FANDANGO.
  • Current ticket prices are indicated in the column at the right. Special, higher ticket prices for certain events will be listed within the description of that event.
  • Tickets purchased in advance will not be mailed. You will pick them up at will call when you come to the first show on your order. Be sure to bring your fandango receipt and/or the credit card you used to order the tickets.
  • Tickets cannot be reserved without payment.
  • Vouchers are only accepted at the box office and cannot be mailed in advance.

Tip: The majority of our customers buy their tickets at the door the night of the screening they want to see, so there are usually long lines 20 minutes before a screening is about to start. To avoid waiting in long lines, when you come to the box office to purchase advance tickets (for a program in the future), avoid peak hours such as the hour before a show starts. On nights where there is more than one show, come once the first movie has gone in and you'll walk right up, or stop by during the afternoon. Should you purchase advance tickets? Well, we do sell out especially when we have guests, so if you don't handle disappointment well, get your ticket in advance. Remember, when you become a member of the Cinematheque you have the privilidge of purchasing tickets in advance of the general public for popular programs.

POLICIES: All advance ticket sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. It is assumed that events are not sold out unless specifically stated on this site. Many events sell out at the door in the  hour before the screening. The best way to make sure you get a ticket is to buy a ticket in advance. Especially for events listed as "premieres" or "ultra-rare" screenings -- or that have celebrity guests. If a show sells out the day before or earlier we will list this on the website and on our voicemail. However, many events sell out at the door.

There will be a waiting list line for sold-out shows that will form in the courtyard the day of the screening.

Only Members may purchase tickets in advance (without a $1/ticket handling charge) by mailing in a credit card order. Checks and Traveler's Checks are not accepted at the box office. We DO ACCEPT Cash, Visa & Mastercard.

Double Features are the same price whether you see both movies or just one. The box office remains open to sell tickets to the second half of a double feature. You can figure out the approximate start time by add about 10 minutes to the running time listed. There is generally a 10 minute intermission. If there are other components to a program that may add to the start time of the second feature, such as a q & a or short film, this information will also be listed.

No autographs (unless a booksigning is advertised); no video/audio taping inside the theatre.

VOUCHERS will not be accepted unless your name and full mailing address is written on the back.

BUYING MEMBERSHIPS: Student/Senior ID must be displayed at time of Membership purchase for discounted Memberships.  Members must show their cards at the box office when picking up tickets purchased by fax or mail. A list of new members who do not yet have a card will be at the box office. Memberships can be purchased by phone or fax. Call Andrew Crane at 323.461.2020, ext. 112 or contact for Membership information. Once you buy a Membership, your ticket discount will be honored immediately

EVENTS NOT LISTED: The Egyptian is sometimes rented for premieres and special events. If you see an event advertised that is not listed in our schedule then it is not an American Cinematheque event. You will need to contact the event organizers for tickets and information. Rental information can be obtained by calling 323.461.2020, 121.

Mailing List: If you live in the US and you would like to be on the Cinematheque mailing list please send an e-mail with your complete address (phone & fax optional) to or   If you do not live locally, or even if you do, you are welcome to join our e-mail list.

E-mail Newsletter: Send a message to with your first and last name and ask to be added to our e-mail list for monthly newsletters. We don't share our list with anyone else. You will simply receive our monthly, text-only newsletter and an occasional alert about added events that did not make it on our printed calendar. This is a good way to find out about events, added guests and schedule changes after our paper calendar has gone out.

Google Calendar: Want to see what is playing at the Aero or the Egyptian or both theatres on the a grid based calendar for a single week or month? has a wonderful feature that allows you to sign up for an account in "google calendar" to do just that, PLUS you can add these film events to your own google calendar and set reminders for the movies you don't want to miss! You can get an e-mail reminder or have it sent to your mobile phone! To learn more, click on the google calendar button. Setting up an account is very simple. Hey we did it! Don't miss a film because you forgot about it! Add selected events to your Google calendar and you'll be automatically reminded! Its free to sign up and easy to use. Add


Informacion En Espanol:


"Donde las estrellas ven y oyen cine desde 1922".

Todas las funciones en la sala Lloyd E. Rigler, (a menos que se indique de otro modo) en el Egipcio, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard (entre las avdas. McCadden Place y Las Palmas)

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Horario de boletería: En las noches de función permanecerá abierta pasadas las 6 p.m. y hasta media hora luego de comenzar la última función.

Boletos: Sin recargos extras para compras anticipadas o en persona durante el día de la función. Pagos solo en efectivo, tarjeta Visa o Mastercard. Entradas a la venta con treinta días de anticipación.

Miembros de la Cinemateca: Entradas a $7, a menos que se indique de otro modo. Hay boletos disponibles con anticipación, por correo (la orden debe recibirse siete días antes de la función. Se aceptan cheques) o por fax, con tarjeta de crédito, al 323 467 0163 (dos días antes de la función). Para mayor detalle, véase la hoja con nuestra política de boletería.

Entrada General: $10. Pensionados (mayores de 65) y estudiantes con identificación válida: $8. Pedidos de entradas anticipadas se pueden enviar por fax al número antepuesto arriba. Favor de incluir nombre completo, domicilio, teléfono, tipo de tarjeta de crédito,número de la tarjeta, fecha de expiración y nombre completo como aparece en la tarjeta. No aceptamos cheques ni giros postales. Hay un recargo de $1 por manejo del pedido por fax de quienes no sean miembros. Los boletos no serán reservados sin previo pago de los mismos. *Véase precios especiales para funciones especiales.

Estacionamiento: validamos su estacionamiento en Hollywood & Highland, a $2 por cuatro horas y luego cada 20 mins. adicionales por $1. Estacionamiento libre a partir de las 6 p.m. en el lote municipal en la Avda. Cherokee (al norte de Hollywood Boulevard, del lado este, una cuadra al este del teatro). Las primeras dos horas por $1. Pague por anticipado si planea quedarse más tiempo.


Contest Winners Rules & Regulations:

All persons who enter a contest to win tickets to a show at the American Cinematheque will need to pick up their tickets at the box office at least 30 minutes prior to the start of a show. Winners can only redeem tickets for the show promoted. Winners who fail to appear for the show have forfeited the ticket. No cash value. Winners cannot subsitute tickets for a cash award. Tickets will be held until ten minutes prior to showtime in the event of a sold out show.

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6712 Hollywood Boulevard in HOLLYWOOD
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DIRECTIONS: The address of the Egyptian Theatre is 6712 Hollywood Boulevard, between Las Palmas and McCadden, just east of Highland Avenue in Hollywood. Selma Avenue is just south of the theatre. The Egyptian is a very short walk east from the Hollywood & Highland Metro Station! Map

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General Admission $11.00 (unless otherwise noted).
Cinematheque Members $7.00. Seniors 65+/Students w/valid ID $9.
Separate admission for each program unless indicated as a double feature. No late seating, refunds, or exchanges.
Program subject to change without notice. Filming or audio recording of any kind without permission from the American Cinematheque is strictly prohibited.

24-HOUR PROGRAM INFO: 323.466.3456

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Upcoming Tours:  Click for our monthly calendar. For the total “Old Hollywood” experience take a tour of the legendary 1922 Egyptian Theatre. See what it would have been like to be in a Grauman stage show with a visit to the dressing rooms and singers' boxes. Check out our state-of-the-art projection booth and more! Discover the painstaking restoration work and the marriage of modern technology with a landmark of Hollywood history.
Tickets: $5. Tour & movie: $10. Call 323.461.2020, ext. 3 for schedule changes. FOREVER HOLLYWOOD Screens with behind the scenes historic theatre tours (offered once a month). For dates Click here.

You do not need to be a group to participate in our monthly public tours. Tours will start promptly at 10:30 AM at the box office. Tours are approximately 60 min. Wear your walking shoes! You will see the old dressing rooms, the singer's boxes and the projection booth (not normally included on our tours). Reservations are not required, we have room for everyone. You can check our website or our voicemail for emergency cancellations. Tours will be held rain or shine. If you want to reserve, you may do so by sending a fax to 323.461.9737 with credit card payment or pre-purchase your ticket at the box office.  Prices for these public tours are the same as below. For a total "Old Hollywood" experience, combine a tour with a screening of FOREVER HOLLYWOOD and lunch at Musso & Frank's or Miceli's (call for hours).

The 1922 Egyptian Theatre has a rich history. Go behind the scenes and learn about the restoration and renovation of this important Hollywood landmark. We offer private group tours of the Egyptian Theatre which can be scheduled by calling 323 461 2020 ext. 115. Your group must be 10 or more people. If you do not have a group and would like to join a pre-scheduled group tour call 323.461.2020, ext. 121 to find out about dates for upcoming group tours that you can join! Students/Children (12 & under) /Srs/Cinematheque Members (65+) are $5 each and Adults are $7. All group tours must be pre-paid.

WHEELCHAIR ACCESS: The theatre is handicap assessible. Easiest access is from the front on Hollywood Blvd. Elevator to balcony. Wide ramps.

PARKING: There are several area parking lots that charge various amounts at various times of day. The Egyptian does not validate for the Hollywood & Highland complex parking lot or any other lot.

Validation is no longer available for the Hollywood & Highland complex from the Egyptian Theatre, effective June 1, 2011. However, businesses in the complex still validate when you make a purchase. Please use this link for information: The Vistors Information Booth will also validate. The hours of operation (subject to change at any time) are as follows: 10 AM - 10 PM Monday - Saturday and 10 AM - 7 PM on Sunday. Films will let out after the hours of operation, so plan to visit the booth prior to coming to the theatre. We recommend visiting the Hollywood & Highland website at the link above for updated information. Prices, validation duration and other factors are subject to change at any time without the knowledge of the American Cinematheque.

Read Meter signs carefully. Parking regulations have changed and much of the parking is one hour only and meters are enforced until 8pm or later on side streets near the theatre. There is also free street parking on Selma (south of Hollywood Blvd.) and other area side streets.

Cherokee & Selma (south of Hollywood Boulevard).

South of Hollywood Blvd. there are attended Grant & Classic Parking lots on McCadden Place and on Las Palmas. Parking is $10-$20 flat rate maximum. They do NOT offer validation to Egyptian Theatre customers. There is often $5 parking in area lots a block east of the Egyptian. Always verify if you are paying a flat rate or hourly before parking.

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Take Metro!

Metro provides Bus and Rail transportation to the Egyptian Theater located at 6712 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, walking distance from the Metro Red Line Hollywood/Highland Station. For your best route or more info, visit the Metro Trip Planner or call (323) Go Metro or (323.466.3876).