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March 30, 1999





HOLLYWOOD – The American Cinematheque’s THE ALTERNATIVE SCREEN: A FORUM FOR INDEPENDENT FILM EXHIBITION & BEYOND... presents the LA PREMIERE of Todd Verow’s (FRISK, LITTLE SHOTS OF HAPPINESS) new independent digital video SHUCKING THE CURVE (90 min.) on Thursday, April 22nd at 7:30 pm. The short film "Sleeping Beauties" (14 min.) directed by Jamie Babbit, precedes the feature. All filmmakers are scheduled to appear in-person at their respective screenings subject to their availability. All screenings are at the Lloyd E. Rigler Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood (between Las Palmas Ave. & McCadden Place).

SHUCKING THE CURVE, the second installment in Boston-based filmmaker Todd Verow’s digital video "Addiction Trilogy" follows starry-eyed, small town bank teller Suzanne Fountain (Bonnie Dickenson) who moves to New York City, plummeting headlong into a twisted mid-NYC-summer nights' Wonderland of hipster wannabe's, midnight rhinestone cowboys, ex-cheerleader shucksters, bi-sexual gigolos and dangerous, carrot be-wigged club kids! After a frantic apartment search which includes foot massages, Roswellian abduction art, free cocaine, vegetables and some very large urban koi, she settles into her new "life" in a Lower East Side art-cave with Titania (a self-styled "Queen of the Faeries" played by Philly). In the hallway of this half-star establishment lives a kinda-homeless speed freak rave-lette, Kathy, (Leanne Whitney) a girl whom Suzanne soon comes to realize is a kindred spirit. Together they plunder the Port Authority, become fashion accessories to a pseudo-murder, dance away the "mean reds" and almost get "discovered." Paced at a crystal-meth r.p.m. and populated with familiar underground faces, Eric Sapp (FRISK) Keith Levy (a.k.a Sherry Vine of SCREAM TEEN SCREAM! and STONEWALL), Craig Chester (SWOON, KISS ME GUIDO), this wild urban adventure boasts a soundtrack of ambient glitter, electronica riffs, Japanese pop and primal pretense art-noize. Todd Verow, cast members Bonnie Dickenson, Bill Dwyer, Philly, Leanne Whitney and writer/producer Jim Dwyer will appear following the screening.

Verow is aiming to finish ten movies by the year 2000. He has five down and five to go. He has finished shooting THE TROUBLE WITH PERPETUAL DJ VU and heads into production on A SUDDEN LOSS OF GRAVITY in Fall 1999. In the San Francisco Bay Guardian (September 14, 1994), Chuck Stephens wrote of Verow’s work, "Todd Verow's frenetic and corrosively low-rent visions of American verities - raw sex and shredded emotion - portray glamour as a kind of drug-induced condition." In regard to SHUCKING, Tessa Hughes-Freeland of PAPER MAGAZINE comments, "This new feature by festival fave Todd Verow is shot on tape with background music. A little sex, tons of drugs and a combination of characters not found anywhere else in the world, turns a weird New York apartment search into a freaked out, crash and burn experience for Suzanne. Hilarious, spontaneous and true enough to be ironic, Verow takes enough risks with turning the camera off and leaving it on to make Shucking a quintessentially underground film." For more information see the website

The short film "Sleeping Beauties" (14 min.) directed by Jamie Babbit is the story of a lesbian mortuary beautician who finds love amongst the tombstones when she works on dead rockstar Sno Blo’s (Rose McGowan) final music video. With Radha Mitchell (HIGH ART).

Both films are available on tape for press preview. Press kits/photos are available upon request. Please call to arrange interviews with filmmakers. Call 323.466.3456, ext. 115 to schedule interviews or to receive press kits. Ticket giveaways are available to all broadcast programs in the LA area or through websites. Please call for details.

The Alternative Screen: A Forum For Independent Film Exhibition And Beyond..., the American Cinematheque’s on-going series focusing on independent and new forms of cinema was created to serve the public as well as the independent film community in Los Angeles by providing a year-round venue for independent feature films that have not yet secured wide commercial distribution. Whatever the ALTERNATIVE SCREEN offers from month to month, it promises to be provocative, innovative and fiercely independent. Select Alternative Screen alumni include THE BIBLE & GUN CLUB, HABIT, STAR MAPS and THE LAST BIG THING. The Alternative Screen takes on-going submissions for consideration of fiercely independent work in all genres. Please send a 1/2" tape to: Margot Gerber, The Alternative Screen, c/o American Cinematheque, 1800 N. Highland Avenue, Suite 717, Hollywood, CA., 90028. Include a SASE if you would like your tape returned. Inquiries should be directed to 323.466.3456, ext. 115. Short films should be sent to the attention of Andrew Crane.

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