May 27, 1999

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Featuring Special In-Person Appearances by Monkee Micky Dolenz (HEAD) & director Russ Meyer (BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS) and the US Premiere of the Restored WONDERWALL featuring never-before-heard George Harrison music!!


June 25- July 4, 1999


HOLLYWOOD – The American Cinematheque presents MODS + ROCKERS: GROOVY MOVIES FROM THE SHAG-A-DELIC ‘60s (June 25 – July 4, 1999), twenty-three British and American films made between 1963 and 1969 that reflect the fun, fashion, style and music that defined the Swinging ‘60s. In essence, these films depict the original portion of pop culture that the current AUSTIN POWERS-mania is reviving. Most of these films have not been seen theatrically in America since they premiered over 30 years ago – and some have never been seen in America, even on television or video. As we prepare to enter the next Millennium, we can take this unique opportunity this summer, to have a laugh as we look back at a more innocent (and often sillier) time. This summer also marks the 35th anniversary of the Beatles-led British Invasion of English pop stars. In addition to the films, British-born, Hollywood-based humorist Martin Lewis will have two performances of his acclaimed one-man show, "GREAT EXPLOITATIONS! An Audience with Martin Lewis" – an autobiographical, humorous "gospel true" account of teen life in the Swinging ‘60s. The festival will culminate on the 4th of July with an English Tea Party featuring live music, food and fun for the whole family in the Egyptian Theatre courtyard, plus a screening of GO GO MANIA with Gordon Waller of Peter & Gordon in-person.

Highlights of the festival include: The US PREMIERE of the Restored Version of the surreal WONDERWALL, screening in a new Director’s Cut which includes the film’s long-lost and previously unused George Harrison theme song (and boasts George’s first and only film score), with director Joe Massot in-person; a screening of the classic Beatles film HELP! with producer Walter Shenson in-person; Monkee Micky Dolenz in-person with HEAD; legendary FASTER, PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL! director Russ Meyer in-person with BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS which was penned by Roger Ebert; two



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_Page 2 – Mods & Rockers

ultra-rarities, the beat-music short "Mods & Rockers" (featuring an 18-year-old Mick Fleetwood) teamed with TONITE LET’S ALL MAKE LOVE IN LONDON, a mid-‘60s documentary with (among many others) Michael Caine, Vanessa Redgrave, The Rolling Stones and extremely rare early footage of the original Pink Floyd with the legendary Syd Barrett; a screening of the only surviving print of THE TOUCHABLES, in which pop-art princesses kidnap a rock star; Nicolas Roeg’s PERFORMANCE starring a very young Mick Jagger; Michealangelo Anotonioni’s definitive Swinging London classic BLOW-UP and much, much more! All screenings are at the newly renovated Lloyd E. Rigler Theatre at the historic Egyptian (6712 Hollywood Boulevard between Highland and Las Palmas) in Hollywood.


Friday, June 25, 1999

The Friday, June 25th program begins at 7:00 PM with a screening of Stanley Donen’s definitive Mod Comedy BEDAZZLED (1967, 20th Century Fox (Criterion), 107 min.). BEDAZZLED, filled with leaping lesbian nuns, bottles of Froony Green Eyewash and Raquel Welch as "Lillian Lust" the Babe with the Bust. Peter Cook wrote the screenplay and stars as the deliciously hip Devil with Dudley Moore co-starring as the hapless hamburger chef who trades his soul for seven chances to bed the luscious Eleanor Bron. Plus, rare British TV clips of Cook & Moore. Following at 9:30 PM, are two ultra-rare screenings. First is Kenneth Hume’s "Mods & Rockers! (1965, 25 min.), an insanely-rare Mod gem that was produced by Troggs/Kinks manager Larry Parnes to cash in on the beat-music boom — and features Sting-prototype Heinz - a bottle-blonde bass guitarist who exited beat pioneers the Tornadoes ("Telstar") for solo stardom; a sublime ‘Beatles ballet’ sequence; and an 18-year old Mick Fleetwood drumming in a Beatles cover band! Next, on the same bill is TONITE LET’S ALL MAKE LOVE IN LONDON (1967, Blue Dolphin Films, 70 min.). Subtitled "A Pop Concerto For Film," director Peter Whitehead’s kaleidoscopic documentary of mid-60’s London features a Who’s Who of the Mod Scene — including Michael Caine, Vanessa Redgrave (singing songs for Fidel Castro!), Julie Christie, David Hockney, Allen Ginsberg, the Rolling Stones, The Animals, the Small Faces and extremely rare footage and early music of the original Pink Floyd with

the legendary Syd Barrett!

Saturday, June 26, 1999

The Saturday, June 26th program begins at 4:00 PM with THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO! (1965, MGM/UA, 94 min.), a Mod Children’s Matinee In Super-Marionation CinemaScope!! Directed by David Lane, Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s hit TV-series "Thunderbirds Are Go!" virtually defined the Mod/Sci-Fi look — with its sleek silver space-craft and cheeky dialogue ("That’s F-A-B!"). This — the first of two stunning THUNDERBIRDS features shot in WideScreen — features our heroic puppets blasting off into space, where they collide with marionettes of Cliff Richard & The Shadows singing the hit theme song!! Following at 6:00 PM is the Beatles film HELP! (1965, 90 min.), directed by Richard Lester. "We were guest stars in our own

_Page 3 – Mods & Rockers

movie," John Lennon once quipped about HELP! — an elaborate, hilariously-irreverent color fantasia in which the Beatles go up against Leo McKern, Eleanor Bron (from BEDAZZLED) and their legions of Kali-inspired killers. Featuring vintage mid-period Beatle tunes - HELP! looks (and sounds) better and better each year. Plus Beatles rarities! Discussion following with producer Walter Shenson. Following at 8:15 PM is the U.S. Premiere of the Restored Director’s Cut of WONDERWALL (1969, 76 min.), directed by Joe Massot. Absolutely glorious/meaningless head-tripping madness, WONDERWALL is a virtually plotless fantasy about an eccentric scientist (Jack MacGowran) who discovers a secret window into the endless sex-life of gorgeous nymph Jane Birkin (Serge Gainsbourg’s main squeeze and co-singer of "Je t’aime moi non plus"-!). It features a shimmering, sitar-laced instrumental score by Beatle George Harrison plus the film’s lost and previously-unused "Blue Jay Way"-like theme song – recently discovered in Harrison’s vaults. A surreal journey back to the Age of Altered Consciousness — lap it up! Plus the short "Reflections On Love," (1965, 13 min.) Exuberant CinemaScope portrait of Swinging London from WONDERWALL director Joe Massot (who later shot the Led Zeppelin doc THE SONG REMAINS THE

SAME). Discussion following with director Joe Massot.

_ LIVE ON STAGE at 9:00 PM is the inaugural event in the Egyptian’s 78-seat Steven Spielberg Theatre. Complementing our MODS & ROCKERS! festival, we’re proud to present two live stage performances by British humorist Martin Lewis of his acclaimed one-man show "GREAT EXPLOITATIONS! An Audience with Martin Lewis" (75 min.). This autobiographical tale starts with teenage life in Swingin’ 60’s London and covers his "gospel-true" claim that at the age of 14 he kissed his first girl, murdered his Latin teacher - and wrote 4 songs recorded by the Beatles!). When previously performed, the L.A. Weekly gave the show "Pick of the Week!" and remarked, that it had, "…True wit... Ultra-high-energy... machine-gun style delivery of sardonic observations - sweetened by an irrepressible exuberance... A bloody good time!" Los Angeles Magazine said, "A very captivating raconteur." Paper Magazine remarked, "Intelligently funny" and Nightlife Magazine commented that the show was, "Intelligently funny..." "Warm, charming and funny as hell!" Special price: $10 ($7 members) For more information call 323 654 4244 or access This show will repeat on Saturday, July 3rd at 9:00 PM.


Sunday, June 27, 1999

The Sunday, June 27th program begins at 4:00 PM with a screening of Michelangelo Antonioni’s BLOW-UP (1966, MGM (Warners), 111 min.). In-demand fashion photographer David Hemmings shags half the models in London — before running into enigmatic beauty Vanessa Redgrave, who only wants a certain roll of film from him. A riddle within a riddle, Antonioni’s most famous film has often been imitated — but never equaled. (Music-buffs — watch for the scene where Hemmings fights to grab a piece
of Yardbird Jeff Beck’s smashed guitar at an out-of-control gig.) Following at 6:30 PM is a Double-

_Page 4 – Mods & Rockers

Feature!! of two groovy movies. First is THE JOKERS (1967, Universal, 94 min.), director Michael Winner’s dazzling (but rarely-screened) satire of Young London, featuring Michael Crawford (pre-Phantom of the Opera) and Oliver Reed as a pair of rich, freewheeling brothers making the rounds of posh parties. Their anarchic spirit gets the better of them — and a string of increasingly elaborate pranks results in their making off with the Crown Jewels. Next on the same bill is PRIVILEGE
(1967, Universal, 101 min.), from Peter Watkins, the director of THE WAR GAME. PRIVILEGE is an hypnotically prescient look at the sinister media-controlled future — where pretty young pop-star Paul Jones (once lead singer for Manfred Mann) is manipulated by Church and State to influence his legions of adoring fans. Sixties supermodel/icon Jean Shrimpton (in her only major film role) plays Jones’ disillusioned girlfriend, who finally convinces him to rebel against the forces controlling their lives. (Only

surviving print.)

Thursday, July 1, 1999

The Thursday, July 1st program begins at 7:00 PM with a screening of PERFORMANCE
(1970 Warner Bros., 105 min.), directed by Nicolas Roeg & Donald Cammell. Perhaps the wildest, most deeply layered psychedelic movie ever made — gangster James Fox goes on the lam, hiding out in reclusive pop-star Mick Jagger’s decaying townhouse in the hippie London ghetto. Jagger and poly-sexual pal Anita Pallenberg put Fox through his paces with mind games and large doses of psylocibin mushrooms — all climaxing in the mind-blowing "Memo For Turner" production number. Brutal beatings, sexual identity crises and prodigious drug-taking is punctuated by one of Jack Nitzsche’s best scores highlighted by Ry Cooder’s incredible bottleneck guitar work). When someone comments to Jagger, "You’re going to look funny when you’re older," today’s audiences should have a laugh. Following at 9:15 PM is an A.I.P. Freak-Out Double-Feature! beginning with PSYCH-OUT (1968, AIP (MGM/UA), 82 min.). Exploitation action-expert Richard Rush (HELL’S ANGELS ON WHEELS, THE STUNTMAN) delved into the psychedelic scene here, as deaf runaway Susan Strasberg hitches to San Francisco to find missing psycho-sibling Bruce Dern. She’s taken under the wing of well-meaning longhair musician Jack Nicholson — who gives her a guided tour of the Haight-Ashbury scene in the Summer of Love. Music by The Seeds and Strawberry Alarm Clock. Next on the same bill is RIOT ON SUNSET STRIP (1967, AIP (MGM/UA), 85 min.) directed by Arthur Dreifuss. L.A. bad-girl Mimsy Farmer gets involved with a gang of drugged-out hippie scum — much to the annoyance of her policeman father Aldo Ray! Inspired by the real-life Sunset Strip riots, this is A.I.P. at its pulp-filled, headline-grabbing best — with a rocket-fueled soundtrack by local

garage kings The Standells-!!

Friday, July 2, 1999

The Friday, July 2nd program begins at 7:00 PM with a screening of BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE


_Page 5 – Mods & Rockers

DOLLS (1970, 20th Century Fox, 109 min.), Girl-group madness from the director of FASTER, PUSSYCAT!

KILL! KILL! Dolly Reed, Marcia McBroom and the incredibly foxy Cynthia Myers journey from hicksville to Hollywood, hoping to make it with their rock trio The Carrie Nations. They fall prey to the "business" as well as their own inflated ambitions — in what is arguably Meyer’s most purely entertaining, pop-culture sex-fest (co-written by film critic Roger Ebert.) With additional tunes by The Strawberry Alarm Clock. Discussion following with Russ Meyer. Following at 9:30 PM is a Double-Feature! First is a screening of a Brand-New 35 mm. Print!! of LORD LOVE A DUCK (1966, MGM/UA, 104 min.) directed by George Axelrod. Roddy McDowall, an overgrown teenage outcast, becomes fast friends and protector of cheerleader Tuesday Weld in one of the funniest and most underrated Sixties black comedies. Lola Albright is Weld’s alcoholic cocktail-waitress mom, Harvey Korman the puffed-up high school principal, Martin Gabel the Sam Arkoff-inspired exploitation auteur — and Ruth Gordon the poisonously-sarcastic mother-in-law addicted to yogurt and Stingers. Belly-laughs galore, and so many bizarre touches one wonders how director Axelrod ever convinced a major studio to let him get away with this much on-target brilliance!! Next on the same bill is, THE KNACK, AND HOW TO GET IT (1965, MGM/UA, 84 min.), a How-to Manual in the art of Swinging Seduction — from the enormously-talented director of A HARD DAY’S NIGHT and HELP, Richard Lester. Michael Crawford and Ray Brooks star as teacher and student, learning the fine points of pursuing girls — including TASTE OF HONEY star Rita Tushingham and youngsters Charlotte

Rampling and Jacqueline Bisset.

Saturday, July 3, 1999

The Saturday, July 3rd program begins at 4:00 PM with a screening of HEAD
(1968, Rhino Video, 86 min.) starring Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith, Peter Tork, Davy Jones. America’s most successful pop-group The Monkees fractured their cheeky TV-image (and anticipated much of MTV’s self-deprecatory style) with this insane collage of surreal sketches and visual jokes. Co-written by director Bob Rafelson and later FIVE EASY PIECES star Jack Nicholson, HEAD features a mind-blowing gallery of Sixties icons — including Annette Funicello, Timothy Carey, Sonny Liston and Frank Zappa! Discussion following with actor/musician Micky Dolenz. Following at 6:15 PM is an exercise in Psychedelic Sexualis!! called THE TOUCHABLES (1968, 20th Century Fox, 95 min.). This is the only surviving 35 mm. Print of this absolutely rarest (and wildest) of Mod Artifacts. THE TOUCHABLES stars Judy Huxtable, Esther Anderson, Marilyn Rickard and Kathy Simmonds as a quartet of Pop-Art princesses who kidnap rock-star Christian (David Anthony) and imprison him in their plastic, see-through Bubble House. Gay wrestler Ricki Starr gets jealous, and tries to (literally) muscle his way into the action. Directed by the Beatles’ favorite album photographer Robert Freeman (Help!, Rubber Soul) and featuring music by long-lost British flower-pop band Nirvana. Following at 8:15 PM is the U.S. Premiere of Two Mod Movies!! First is GONKS GO BEAT (1965, Canal + Image, 92 min.) directed by Robert Hartford-Davis.

_Page 6 – Mods & Rockers

GONKS GO BEAT is the epitome of Swinging 60’s silliness! Ostensibly an inter-gallactic war movie (with a Romeo and Juliet subplot) it’s really just an excuse for ‘Carry On’ style lunacy by comedians in bizarre sci-fi costumes — interspersed with musical numbers from such luminaries as Lulu, The Nashville Teens and The Graham Bond Organization – offering a fascinating glimpse of a pre-Cream Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker. Next on the same bill is THE GHOST GOES GEAR (1966, Canal + Image/Anchor Bay, 51 min.), directed by Hugh Gladwish. This 24-carat piece of 60’s pop trivia was made as a fictional showcase for the popular British blues-soul band The Spencer Davis Group (featuring a very young Stevie Winwood in fine vocal form.) Following the familiar formula of band in wacky situations, mingling with a range of British comic performers, the film also throws in the attractions of a stately home spook, and the stagings of a pop festival with Spencer and the lads joined by Dave Berry (‘The Crying Game’) and even Mr. Acker Bilk

Stranger On The Shore’)!

_ LIVE ON STAGE at 9:00 PM in the Egyptian’s 78-seat Steven Spielberg Theatre is Martin Lewis’ acclaimed one-man show "GREAT EXPLOITATIONS! An Audience with Martin Lewis" (75 min.). For

details see Saturday, June 26th at 9:00 PM.

Sunday, July 4, 1999

For a very alternative Independence Day treat try a Double Dose of Wild British Pop! The Sunday, July 4th program begins at 12:00 NOON with a screening of SUMMER HOLIDAY (1963, Canal + Image, 109 min.) with Ron Moody (‘Fagin’ in "Oliver!"). Hard to believe — but the director of BULLITT, Peter Yates, started his career with this carefree CinemaScope musical comedy starring British pop icons Cliff Richard and The Shadows. Sir Cliff and pals convert a London double-decker bus into a mobile youth hostel and take a test-spin across Europe. The stowaway lad they discover turns out to be an American heiress and... trouble ensues! Next on the same bill is HAVING A WILD WEEKEND (aka CATCH US IF YOU CAN)
(1965, Warner Bros., 91 min.) Hoping to cash in on the success of A HARD DAY’S NIGHT, producer David Deutsch hired first-timer John Boorman (who later directed POINT BLANK and DELIVERANCE) to bang out a quick pop confection starring Britain’s hugely-successful Dave Clark Five. Instead, Boorman delivered this provocative Anti-Pop Film about the pressures of Mod stardom — where drummer Clark and model Barbara Ferris try to disappear for a few days, and find themselves pursued by a rabid caravan of

press agents, managers, reporters and the rest.

_ SUNDAY JULY 4 from 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM _ CELEBRATE JULY 4th - BRITISH STYLE!!!
The Grand Festival Finale is a Fab Fun Family Event. At 4:00 PM re-live the 35th Anniversary of the British Invasion (1960’s version) with a classic 60’s Brit-pop concert movie GO GO MANIA (1965, Canal + Image, 70 min.). directed by Fred Goode. A British equivalent of THE T.A.M.I. SHOW, this wild, candy-colored music revue features the cream of the English beat scene — including performances by the Beatles, The Animals, Peter & Gordon, Herman’s Hermits, the Nashville Teens, Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas, and the Honeycombs!! Shot by cinematographer Geoffrey Unsworth (who later photographed Kubrick’s 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY), GO-GO MANIA (aka POP GEAR) is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration of long-haired ravers and screaming teens! Conversation following with special guests, including Gordon Waller (of Peter & Gordon) - then Everything Stops For Tea!!!
At 5:30 PM Brits and Yanks kiss and make-up to celebrate the last July 4th of the Millennium together... with a Mod Tea Party featuring Great British food & drink, live ‘60s music; Surprise 60’s pop star guests; Sixties fashion show; Costume contest! (Prizes for best-dressed Mods & Rockers!); ‘Veddy’ British fun for all! _ A special price for this event: is $10 Cinematheque Members. General $15. Includes food, drink, music, movie (GO GO MANIA) & unlimited fun! (Vegetarian food available) Advance reservations are required for this event. No tickets will be available at the door unless there are cancellations. Members
and general public must order in advance - by faxing your Visa or MasterCard number to 323/461-9737 or by calling 323/461-2020 x-3. There is a $1 per ticket handling charge for faxed or phoned orders. You will receive a confirmation number by telephone. Advance tickets can be purchased at the box office, (no handling charge), beginning June 4th. The deadline for ordering is: Wednesday June 30th at 5pm.

ALL FESTIVAL GUESTS APPEAR SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. Check the website listed below for updates about special guests and performers (at the English Tea Party). They will be announced as they are confirmed.

Festival participants may be available for interview. To arrange, please call. Festival co-producer and Beatles authority Martin Lewis can be reached for interview at or 323.654.4244. We encourage you to obtain additional press kit information about these films online at

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