Date: November 12, 1999
Contact:  Margot Gerber
          Tel.: 323/466-FILM  ext. 115


Public Historic Tours of the Egyptian Theatre to be Held December 4th & 5th

HOLLYWOOD – The American Cinematheque, the non-profit cultural film
organization that owns, operates and programs the 1922 Egyptian Theatre on
Hollywood Boulevard, and Eastman Kodak Company will host a Friday,
December 3rd “invitation only” premiere of FOREVER HOLLYWOOD (55 min.), a
permanent, daily public attraction film which will screen exclusively at the
Egyptian Theatre (6712 Hollywood Boulevard between Las Palmas and McCadden).
Produced by the Cinematheque, the film celebrates a century of movie-making
history and the eternal allure of Hollywood glamour. The unique story of
Hollywood, the bountiful farming suburb, turned movie capital of the world,
is told through interviews with some of today’s best known stars and
filmmakers. FOREVER HOLLYWOOD is narrated by Sharon Stone, and offering
their perspectives in interviews shot specifically for the film, are: Warren
Beatty, Annette Bening, Jeff Bridges, Andre de Toth, Michael Douglas, Clint
Eastwood, Mel Gibson, Salma Hayek, Charlton Heston, Samuel L. Jackson,
Angela Lansbury, Jack Lemmon, Shirley MacLaine, Edward Norton, Robert
Redford, Rob Reiner, Vincent Sherman, Kevin Spacey, Steven Spielberg, Gloria
Stuart, Quentin Tarantino, John Travolta and John Waters. All of the
interviewees have been invited to the gala premiere and will attend subject
to their availability.

Starting Wednesday, December 8, 1999, FOREVER HOLLYWOOD will be shown daily
for the public, exclusively at the Egyptian Theatre. The screening schedule
is as follows: Tuesday through Sunday at 11:00 AM; 12:30 PM; 2:00 PM and
3:30 PM. Admission will be $7 for adults and $5 for
Students/Seniors/Children under 12. Reservations are not required.
Altogether, FOREVER HOLLYWOOD is comprised of over 400 images from archives
and feature films.  This 35mm movie features film clips from over 75
American films, footage dating back to the earliest days of the industry,
behind-the-scenes glimpses of studios and films in production, rare

home movies of the stars, tantalizing peeks at Hollywood nightlife and its
famous clubs and remarkable historical material that reveals the
ever-changing face of Los Angeles over the years.

FOREVER HOLLYWOOD is written and directed by Todd McCarthy (chief Variety
film critic and director of the award-winning VISIONS OF LIGHT), produced by
Sasha Alpert and co-directed and edited by Arnold Glassman. Barbara Zicka
Smith is the executive producer.

“The Cinematheque has produced an original film that will give visitors to
Los Angeles an insider’s perspective on the glamour and mystique of the most
celebrated industry in the world,” says American Cinematheque director
Barbara Smith. “It is our gift to the city and is designed to preserve the
rich legacy of the film industry and make it accessible to both visitors to
Los Angeles as well as local movie lovers. What better place is there to
immerse yourself in Hollywood history than at the historically significant
Egyptian Theatre, the home of the very first Hollywood movie premiere?”
(ROBIN HOOD in 1922).

“To people all over the world, Hollywood has always represented glamour and
the hope of success and celebrity, and countless people arrive every year to
pursue these elusive but not impossible dreams,.” Says director Todd
McCarthy. “This film is designed to make Hollywood history come alive and to
evoke the distinct periods that produced so many different and cherished
films, and to illustrate how Hollywood was influenced by significant social
and cultural changes in the world.”

FOREVER HOLLYWOOD represents a broad-based commitment by the Hollywood
community.  Eastman Kodak Company spearheaded the project by providing
valuable production funds to launch the million dollar movie.  Panavision
chief John S. Farrand called upon production and post production companies
to join Panavision to support the endeavor.

Studios, guilds, and unions waived fees, including the American Federation
of Musicians, Directors Guild of America, Screen Actors Guild, Writers Guild
of America, Canal+, CBS, Columbia Pictures, MGM, Miramax, New Line,
Paramount Pictures, Turner Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox,  Universal
Studios, and Warner Bros.

Forty-five companies contributed over one half million dollars of services
to make the 35mm film:  Bi-Pack, Chapman-Leonard, Crest National, Cinema
Research Corp, CFI Imaging and Laboratory, Custom Film Effects, Deluxe
Laboratories, Digital Editing Solutions, Dolby Laboratories, Hollywood Film
& Video, Hollywood Rentals, Howard Anderson Co., J&R Film / Moviola Digital,
Kodak, Modern Music, Mole Richardson Co., Morgan Creek Prods,
Pacific Title, Panavision, New Standard Post, Negative People, Raleigh
Studios, Sony Pictures HD Center, Todd AO Hollywood Digital, Todd AO
Studios, Todd AO Video, Title House, Warrenwood Sound Studios, and YCM Labs.
Other contributors were Ashfield Film & Video, Audio Plus Video, Buena Vista
Imaging, CBO, Coffey Sound, Design Setters, Digital Symphony, DJ Audio,
Fotokem, Four Media Lab, In Frame, Kino Flo, Lightning Dubbs, Macht
Entertainment, Randall Michelson Photography, Modern Props, Modern Video,
Paskal Lighting, Rosco, Technicolor, Trackwise, and Vidfilm.

EGYPTIAN THEATRE TOURS: To commemorate the one year anniversary of the Grand
Re-Opening of the renovated Egyptian Theatre, tours of the historic Grauman’
s 1922 Egyptian Theatre will be held on December 4th from 10:00 AM to 2:00
PM and on December 5th from 10:00 AM to Noon. Docent tours last
approximately 40 minutes and will start on the hour between the hours listed
above. The last tour on Dec. 4th begins at 2:00 PM and the last tour on Dec.
5th begins at Noon. Tours include a complete guided tour of the restored
courtyard and renovated interior as well as background on the theatre’s
significance to the history of Hollywood Boulevard and to the film industry.
FOREVER HOLLYWOOD will not screen as part of these tours. Tours cost $7 for
adults and $5 for Students/Seniors/Children under 12. Reservations are not
required, but please arrive 15-20 minutes before the hour. Tours will begin
promptly. Pre-arranged group tours (10 or more persons) are available on
weekdays. Call 323.461.2020, ext. 115 for details.

PRESS SCREENINGS: FOREVER HOLLYWOOD is not available to press screen on
video tape. The following theatrical press screenings will be held at the
Egyptian Theatre. RSVP is required. Please call Margot Gerber at 323.461.2020, ext. 115.

December 4th: 3:00 PM 5:00 PM 7:00 PM 9:00 PM
December 5th: 3:00 PM 5:00 PM 7:00 PM 9:00 PM & December 6th: 7:30 PM

Broadcast clips, press kits and photos will be available in late November
and are available upon request. Interviews with director Todd McCarthy can
be arranged through Margot Gerber.

PRESS CREDENTIALS: Press who wish to cover the Dec. 3rd FOREVER HOLLYWOOD
premiere can fax requests to Margot Gerber at 323.461.9737. Requests will
not be considered if they do not adhere to the following guidelines: 1)
Request must be written on the letterhead of the media outlet you wish to
cover for. 2) The name of the actual photographer/crew members that will
attend the event and as much contact info. 3) The name of the assignment
editor, photo agency contact, etc. (if there is one). 3) A description of
your request (i.e. arrivals, party, interviews, etc.) 4) If your outlet is
not widely known in Los Angeles, please give a brief description. Include as
much contact info. as possible (local phone, fax, address, e-mail).
ACTUAL ASSIGNMENT from a print, electronic or broadcast outlet. (For
example: Photographer Lois Lane from Kryptonite photo agency will shoot for
The Daily Planet newspaper.) Tip sheets will be available after November
LOCATION/PARKING/ACCESS: The Egyptian Theatre is located at 6712 Hollywood
Boulevard between McCadden Place and Las Palmas Avenue. Selma Avenue runs
east/west south of the theatre. Parking is available in adjacent lots on Las
Palmas and McCadden, south of Hollywood Boulevard and on Cherokee (1 blk.
East of Las Palmas, just north of Hollywood Boulevard). The Cherokee lot is
free for the first two hours. The theatre is handicap accessible. No

 THE EGYPTIAN THEATRE: In the mid-90’s, the most natural setting for the
American Cinematheque’s permanent location became available. The Egyptian
Theatre, built by the legendary Sid Grauman (five years before the Chinese),
was designed by architects Meyer and Holler and opened in 1922. It was home
to the very first Hollywood movie premiere and was known in the silent era
as the theater “where the stars see the movies” and later, as the theater,
“where the stars see and hear the movies.” Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford,
Charlie Chaplin, Barbara LaMarr, Norma and Constance Talmadge, Jesse Lasky,
Lillian Gish, Fred Niblo and many other Hollywood pioneers were frequent
guests at premieres. Renovated in the late ‘50s for Cinemascope, the theatre
continued operating into the early ‘90s. Inside the historic shell are two
state-of-the-art movie theatres: the 618-seat Lloyd E. Rigler Theatre and
the 78-seat Steven Spielberg theatre. The original entrance portico (or
outdoor lobby) is restored with the ticket booths and four massive columns
as well as the original Egyptian motif sunburst-ceiling. A 1922 Wurlitzer
theatre organ will be installed in 2000 for silent film presentations. This
stunning architectural landmark brings the legacy of grand movie palaces
into the new millenium, by utilizing state-of-the-art technology at work
within a historic shell. The Egyptian has been modified to have perfect
acoustics and picture for everything from silent films to Cinemascope movies
with 6-track sound and modern THX extravaganzas – all on the giant screen.
The Egyptian re-opened in December 1998 following the American Cinematheque’
s $15 million renovation of the building. The Cinematheque holds nightly
specialty film programs which focus on filmmaking past and present.
Discussions with actors, directors and others involved in the filmmaking
process are a staple of the year-round film programs and special events at
the theatre.
AMERICAN CINEMATHEQUE: The Egyptian Theatre is the permanent home of the
critically acclaimed American Cinematheque, a 15-year-old non-profit arts
organization that provides Los Angeles audiences with year-round film series
featuring rare and unusual films from all over the world, plus, an
opportunity to meet the filmmakers who created the work. Guests this year
alone have included such Hollywood icons as Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis,
Gloria Stuart and Janet Leigh, plus directors like James Cameron (TITANIC),
Richard Fleischer (20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA) and Spike Lee (MALCOLM X).
Film lovers are treated to nightly film programs that range from Hollywood
classics (including silent films presented with live accompaniment on our
Wurlitzer organ) to new films from all over the globe -- including American
Independent films from emerging directors and work rendered using
state-of-the-art new media. One of the missions of the Cinematheque is to
preserve the experience of seeing movies projected on film in a theatre.

During the day, the venue is open to tourists and residents to tour. The
Egyptian is an ever-evolving monument to cinema, in the city identified
worldwide as the place where movies are made!
PHOTOS & PRESS KITS: There is extensive information/photos about the
American Cinematheque and the Egyptian Theatre Project on our website which
can be accessed at or Photos of the theatre are available upon
request as well as complete press kits. For further information about the
American Cinematheque and the Egyptian Project please call Margot Gerber at
323.461.2020, ext. 115.
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