September 12, 2001

October is the Egyptian Theatre’s Birthday Month!!


September 26 – October 31, 2001

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Wednesday, September 26 – 7:30 PM


Director John Waters In-Person! New 35 mm. Print!!

FEMALE TROUBLE, 1975, New Line, 89 min. Director John Waters’ follow up to PINK FLAMINGOS, FEMALE TROUBLE is in many ways even more outrageous, a certifiable classic of politically incorrect, trailer-trash culture. Divine stars in a double role as juvenile delinquent-turned-sociopathic killer Dawn Davenport and macho loser Earl. Like Russ Meyers’ FASTER PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL!, FEMALE TROUBLE offers up more than its share of classic lines and bizarre, demented images. If you’ve only seen Waters’ later films such as HAIRSPRAY and PECKER, come get yourself an education on one of the subversive giants of American independent filmmaking! Our very special thanks to New Line Cinema, who will be releasing FEMALE TROUBLE on DVD in the near future. We’re very excited to welcome director John Waters for a discussion following the screening of FEMALE TROUBLE with noted film critic Kevin Thomas of the LA Times! (Schedules permitting.)

New Line Home Video releases FEMALE TROUBLE on DVD for the first time on Oct. 2. The first full length version is also available on video.

PRESS KITS & PHOTOS: Press releases & photos are available from New Line Home Ent.

TAPES: Screeners available from New Line Home Ent.

PRESS CONTACT FOR INTERVIEWS: Requests to interview John Waters can be made to Amy Gorton, New Line Home Ent. Phone: 310.967.6536. E-mail:



September 28 – 29th, 2001


Sponsored by the French Film and TV Office, Consulate General of France in Los Angeles with the assistance of the French Cultural Services and FACSEA/CINE2001.

The American Cinematheque proudly presents the first ever travelling program from the world’s largest and most renowned short film festival and market. Now entering its twenty-fourth year, Clermont-Ferrand comprises an international competition, representing approximately fifty countries, a national competition, alongside retrospective, auteur and special screenings. Altogether over 400 films are screened, showing the width and breadth of the art of the short film in the genres of: fiction, animation, documentary and experimental film. Let us not forget the vibrant film market, with over sixty television channels, fifty distributors and more than sixty international film festivals coming to meet, view, buy and select the short films the world will see in the next year. All films are English language or have English subtitles. Films will not necessarily be screened in the order listed here.


Friday, September 28 – 7:30 pm

Ron Dyen’s "La Flamme" (The Flame, France, 3 min.) The 1930’s. Two lovers meet on a beach in Deauville, but there are technical problems. CF National Competition 2001. Paul Driessen’s "The Boy Who Saw the Iceberg", (Canada, 9 min.) A young boy, bored with his lot, imagines a diabolic and dangerous life of adventure. CF International Competition 2001. Daniel Wiroth’s "Ere Mela Mela" (France, 6 min.) Bodies touch, hands communicate, looks show love. Gentle poetry for the other, without whom we would be nothing. CF National Competition 2001. David Birdsell’s "Phil Touches Flo" (USA, 6 min.) Flo is a dog. Flo’s owner does not like people to touch Flo. Flo’s owner is not a nice man. Phil touches Flo. CF Research Prize, International Competition 1999. Eric Mahe’s "Le Page De Garde" (Knave of Hearts, France, 30 min.) The sentimental education of an adolescent male in a shorthand class full of young women in the late 70’s/early 80’s. CF International and National Competition 2001. Virgil Widrich’s "Copy Shop" (Austria, 12 min.) A man who copies himself until he fills up the entire world. CF Best Soundtrack Prize 2001. Carlos Salces’s "En El Espejo Del Cielo" (Mexico, 10 min.) Luis, a peasant boy, fantasizes about catching an airplane reflected in a pond. CF Public & Press prize International Competition 1999. Mike Leigh’s (SECRETS & LIES, TOPSY-TURVY) "A Sense of History" (UK, 25 min.) A documentary on the Earl of Leete, who passionately expresses his views on his land, heritage and all those modern forces and institutions he regards as the enemy.

Discussion following w/ representative from the Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival Roger Gonin, directors David Birdsell ("Phil Touches Flo") & Eric Mahe (Knave of Hearts).

Beverage reception to follow the Q & A.


Saturday, September 29 – 7:30 pm Frederic Pelle’s "Des Morceaux De Ma Femme" (Pieces of My Wife, France, 10 min.) An older man loses the wife he has loved for so long and decides to make a clean sweep of his past. CF Grand Prix Award National Competition 2001. Kirsten Sheridan’s "Patterns" (Ireland, 19 min.) Jimmy and Timmy are inseparable brothers. Timmy is autistic and lives in a world of patterns he has created in his mind. – a world Jimmy can only visit. Grand Prix Award International Competition 1997. Vincent Bal’s "The Bloody Olive" (Belgium, 10 min.) Christmas Eve 1951. Werner and Mylene are preparing dinner when the doorbell rings. This is the beginning of a night full of surprises where nothing is as it appears. CF International Competition 1997. Simon Bare’s Eau De La Vie (New Zealand, 14 min.) In an opulent café, Catherine finds herself in the midst of a strange, decadent society which places pleasure above all else. This pursuit becomes Catherine’s darkest nightmare. CF Young Jury Prize International Competition 1995. Jeroms Boulbes’s "Le Puits" (The Well, France, 6 min.) To get out of her well and fly off towards the light, a small creature grabs hold of a bubble of gas in this animated gem. CF Atom Films Prize National Competition 2000. John Curran’s "Down Rusty Down" (Australia, 14 min.) One man is doomed by his instincts. Act like a dog and you’ll get treated like one. CF Research Prize, International Competition 1997. Gerald Hustache Mathieu’s "Peau de Vache" (Cowhide, France, 23 min.) Seventeen-year old Claudine lives with her parents in the country and helps with the farm. The cows are her charges and her only friends. Claudine has a secret. Let’s find out! CF SACD Prize National Competition 2001. Konstantin Bronzit’s "Au Bout du Monde" (At The End of the World, France, 7 min.) The adventures of a precariously-balanced house. Built on the top of a hill, it swings to and fro to the great displeasure of its inhabitants. CF Public Prize, National Competition 2000.

Discussion following with Clermont-Ferrand representative Roger Gonin & director Jerome Boulbes (The Well).


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Roger Gonin:


This screening was originally scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 13th. It will now take place on Sept. 30 at 7:30 PM

"I doubt you will see a more important American film this year."

– David Thomson, The Independent (UK)

"…a Victorian "Twin Peaks." (Variety)

"… a distant story from a century ago that with the force of prophecy seems to rush forward to our time and past it. (The New York Times, Greil Marcus)

"A gorgeously photographed, highly original film." – Jonathan Foreman, New York Post

"...dark, disturbing and completely absorbing... subtley drawing a parallel to today made it clear that blaming the media for the ills of society is ludicrous given the violence and mayhem of a century prior in which we didn't have these convenient scapegoats." Mark A. Altman, Film Threat

WISCONSIN DEATH TRIP (76 min., 1999) Despite narrator Ian Holm’s opening claim that "Nowhere can be found a more charming residence," picturesque Black River Falls, Wisconsin in the 1890’s, was "Either some weird plague-stricken hole in an otherwise unblemished American tapestry, or else the whole notion of America’s proud past is a myth." (Luc Sante, Bookforum) Based on Michael Lesy’s book of the same title, director James Marsh renders a wry documentary portrait of this German/Scandinavian settled small town where incidents of suicide, murder, madness, infanticide, and other socially unacceptable mayhem dominate the Badger State Banner newspaper for a decade (coinciding with the economic depression that hit in 1893 and the ravage of a Diphtheria epidemic). These real life accounts read like a litany of human catastrophe invented by Edward Gorey: a cocaine-sniffing schoolmistress who travels the state on a bizarre window breaking quest; a bored teenage girl arsonist; persons possessed by religious fervor who engage in heinous deeds; a 9-year-old who kills his sister while playing with the family gun; and two pre-pubescent runaway brothers who, incited by "the outlaw image" -- murder an old farmer – and live in his house all summer until the law catches up with them. And these are just a few of the grim tales illustrating how "many lives cracked like thin glass in the cold" (David Thomson), at once dispelling the legend of the hardy pioneer and the notion that society has only just corrupted in the modern age. This official selection of the Telluride and San Francisco Film Festivals is a combination of haunting vintage photography and impeccably stylized (B&W) reenactments that give the incredible appearance of period photography in motion. Produced by Maureen A. Ryan.

With short film, Ari Gold’s "Helicopter" (21 min.) This autobiographical tale made at NYU’s film school, combines live action and animation to express the filmmaker’s experience of losing his 47-year-old mother in a helicopter crash. The 20 year companion of legendary rock promoter Bill Graham (The Grateful Dead, Springsteen), she perished with Graham when their helicopter struck an electrical tower in 1991. Her memorial was a huge concert for the three crash victims, but focused primarily on the mega-famous Graham. Gold recalls the surrealness of grieving in such a public forum. The film’s composer Ethan Gold will appear for discussion following the film.

Filmmakers will appear for discussion subject to availability.

For more information please call: Margot Gerber, American Cinematheque 323.461.2020, ext. 115.


MAU MAU SEX SEX – One Week Limited Engagement! [Spielberg Theatre]

Friday, September 28 – 7:30/9:30 PM

Saturday, September 29 – 5:00/7:00 PM

Sunday, September 30 – 5:00/7:00 PM

Monday, October 1 – 8:00 PM

Tuesday, October 2 – 8:00 PM

Wednesday, October 3 – 8:00 PM

Thursday, October 4 – 8:00 PM

MAU MAU SEX SEX, 2000, 7th Planet Prod., 80 min. From first-time director Ted Bonnitt and screenwriter Eddie Muller (author of Dark City: The Lost World of Film Noir and programmer of the Cinematheque’s Annual Noir Fest), the shot-on-digital MAU MAU SEX SEX is a hilarious, no-holds barred documentary portrait of "America’s oldest living independent filmmakers" – 84-year old Dan Sonney and 76-yeard old David Friedman, masters of Sleaze and Sexploitation, producers of all-time grindhouse classics like BLOOD FEAST, THE DEFILERS and A SMELL OF HONEY, A SWALLOW OF BRINE. Sonney, Friedman and their endlessly-tolerant families reminisce about 60+ years in the no-budget, carnival-like world of exploitation movies, interspersed with jaw-dropping clips from their archive of nudie-cuties, S&M roughies and other mutant treasures. ( Director Ted Bonnitt will appear for Q&A at the early shows on Friday and Saturday.

This film is being released digitally around the country. When the movie's trailer debuted on the Internet film site "" it was the top rated documentary clip, with over 80,000 viewings in three weeks. Complete information, the theatrical trailer and press reviews may be seen at:

Bonnitt is not theatrically distributing "Mau Mau Sex Sex" on film. One of the first movies ever to be exclusively distributed to theaters on digital video, Bonnitt is facilitating many venues with the ability to show digital video for the first time, and is road showing the movie much in the same way as the films he chronicles in his documentary were originally distributed. He also consults many independent filmmakers on these new, unorthodox distribution methods and speaks to special interest groups and theater crowds eager to understated the new digital opportunities afforded to independent cinema. Mr. Bonnitt's novel approaches to filmmaking and distribution have been featured in both Wired Magazine and Variety. Bonnitt vows to use what he terms "the democratization of technology" to return moviemaking "to a small business enterprise."

PRESS KITS, TAPES & PHOTOS/INTERVIEW REQUESTS: Contact Ted Bonnitt at 310-399-2929, or


Wednesday, October 3 – 7:00 PM


Director Tsai Ming-Liang In-Person! Double Feature!

Raised in Malaysia, Tsai Ming-Liang moved to Taiwan to study film, and now with five features under his belt, he has become one of the island’s most internationally acclaimed directors. Poised between comedy and horror, Tsai’s films portray the loneliness and emptiness of modern urban life. With his trilogy exploring the decay of society -- REBELS OF A NEON GOD, VIVE L’AMOUR and THE RIVER -- Tsai offers a heartbreaking portrait of Taiwan in transition. Winstar Cinema will be releasing Tsai Ming-Liang’s latest film WHAT TIME IS IT OVER THERE? in Jan.2002.

VIVE L’AMOUR, 1994, Strand Releasing, 119 min. The empty lives of three strangers in Taipei cross paths in a vacant apartment. Hsiao-Kang (Lee Kang-sheng), a young salesman selling niches for cremated human remains, finds a forgotten key on an apartment door and decides to move in. However, May Lin (Yang Kuei Mei) the real estate agent who left the key, comes back to the vacant apartment with one-night stand Ah-Jung (Chen Chao-jung). Things get complicated when Ah-Jung seizes this opportunity to secretly move in, too. Tsai Ming-Liang's masterpiece!

THE HOLE, 2000, Winstar Cinema, 69 min. Seven days before Y2K, a rainy and chaotic Taipei is under attack from a strange new disease, the "Taiwan Fever", which causes its victims to behave like cockroaches. Against this nightmarish backdrop, Tsai focuses on a grocer (Lee Kang-sheng) who uses a hole his plumber has left in his floor to spy on his unsuspecting female neighbor. Interspersed throughout the bleak, often humorous scenario are the characters’ fantasies, with musical sequences inspired by Grace Chang, a major Hong Kong star from over forty years ago! Plus, LA Premiere! "A CONVERSATION WITH GOD," 2001, Video, 30 min. Tsai Ming-Liang’s most recent work is a digital film about a medium in a trance. Discussion between films with director Tsai Ming-Liang.

TAPES: Available from Vidiots


Thursday, October 4 - 7:30 PM

Alternative Screen Independent Film Showcase, Co-Presented with IFP/West Festival Buzz

LOSING IT (90 min., 2000) LA PREMIERE!

"…stimulating, illuminating… Some of the stories are heartbreaking, and others are profoundly uplifting." – David Hunter, The Hollywood Reporter

New York-based filmmaker Sharon Greytak takes us on a cross-cultural world tour from New York to Siberia – Italy to Brazil and on to Hong Kong, as she reveals the aspirations and realities of people living with physical disabilities in societies that seem to have universally discounted them or made them invisible. Directing from a wheelchair, Greytak physically travels the same roads and faces the same obstacles as her interview subjects. She gets inside their heads, weaving a personal story of human resilience, vulnerability and the struggle to carve out a sense of worth and purpose – not to mention their rights to bear and raise children and economically support themselves. Evocative visuals and Greytak’s lyrically delivered philosophical commentary -- constantly comparing and contrasting her own life experiences with those of the people she meets -- are a stunning companion to interviews with: an Italian artist with a rare blood disease; a quadriplegic Brazilian writer with a womanizing past; a Siberian cerebral palsy victim with the only wheelchair ramp in town; a post-polio, wheelchair bound New Yorker (and commissioner for the NYPD) who faces a multitude of societal prejudices as a disabled mother in an interracial marriage; and others. Greytak, the writer, producer and director of award-winning features THE LOVE LESSON and HEARING VOICES as well as the doc WEIRDED OUT AND BLOWN AWAY, will appear for discussion following the screening.

With short, TBA. A reception sponsored by the IFP/West will follow. The Egyptian Theatre is wheelchair accessible.

The Alternative Screen: A Forum For Independent Film Exhibition And Beyond…, the American Cinematheque’s on-going series focusing on independent and new forms of cinema was created to serve the public as well as the independent film community in Los Angeles by providing a year-round venue for independent feature films that have not yet secured wide commercial distribution. Whatever the ALTERNATIVE SCREEN offers from month to month, it promises to be provocative, innovative and fiercely independent. Select Alternative Screen alumni include THE BIBLE & GUN CLUB, HABIT, STAR MAPS, OUR SONG and THE LAST BIG THING. For information about IFP/West please call 310.475.4379 or see

The Alternative Screen takes on-going submissions for consideration of fiercely independent work in all genres. Please send a 1/2" tape to: Margot Gerber, The Alternative Screen, c/o American Cinematheque, 1800 N. Highland Avenue, Suite 717, Hollywood, CA., 90028. Include a SASE if you would like your tape returned. Inquiries should be directed to 323.461.2020, ext. 115. Short films should be sent to the attention of Andrew Crane.

PRESS KITS & PHOTOS: Available from the Cinematheque.

TAPES: Available from the Cinematheque.

INTERVIEW REQUESTS: Contact Sharon Greytak at 212.243.1228 or



October 5 – 14th, 2001

Sponsored by the Japan Foundation

Following the success of our first two "Japanese Outlaw Masters" series in 1997 and 1999, we’ve come up with another two week showcase featuring some of the wildest, fastest and most uncompromising new Japanese genre films from the past decade. The series leads off with a 4-film mini-tribute to one of Japan’s most prolific and outrageous directors, Takashi Miike (who has directed nearly thirty films in the past ten years!), beginning with his shattering psychological thriller AUDITION. Other featured directors include cyberpunk auteur Shinya (TETSUO: THE IRON MAN) Tsukamoto with TOKYO FIST and his latest GEMINI; two of "Beat" Takeshi Kitano’s rarest films, KIDS RETURN and SCENE AT THE SEA; manga artist-turned-director Takashi Ishii’s newest, the chilling FREEZE ME as well as his all-girl action flick GONIN 2; Masayuki Ochiai’s sci-fi/romance PARASITE EVE, a major box-office hit in Japan – plus more crime thrillers and provocative horror movies. Strap yourself in and get ready for one helluva ride!!


Friday, October 5 – 7:00 PM – Sneak Preview!

AUDITION, 1999, Cinematheque Presents/Vitagraph Films,115 min. Director Takashi Miike’s break-out hit, AUDITION is – along with Kurosawa’s CURE – one of the darkest and most disturbing thrillers to emerge from Japan in many years. Widowed movie executive Aoyama (Ryo Ishibashi) decides it’s finally time to start dating again -- with the help of one of his drinking buddies, he holds fake auditions for a non-existent movie role, just to meet girls. Aoyama’s plan succeeds beyond his wildest expectations when he hooks up with former ballet dancer Eihi Shiina, who seems to be the perfect girlfriend – until her sweet, compliant nature is shockingly stripped away, revealing her true personality ... Be forewarned that the final half-hour of AUDITION contains some of the most graphic and unforgettable images of violence ever put on screen. "A lethally poised Venus flytrap of a movie ... the best-disguised psychotronic splatter flick in recent memory" – Dennis Lim, Village Voice. No One Under 17 Will Be Admitted To This Screening. This film opens in LA at the NuArt on Nov. 16th and around the US in the Fall through Vitagraph/American Cinematheque Presents….


Friday, October 5 – 9:45 PM

DEAD OR ALIVE, 1999, Tide Point, 105 min. From the insanely-kinetic, 10-minute thrill-ride of an opening mixing go-go girls, multiple assassinations and a bowl of hot noodles, through the nerve-numbing surprise ending, Takashi Miike’s DEAD OR ALIVE is a non-stop, blood-and-bullets packed action fest focusing on the explosive emotional rivalry between cop Sho Aikawa and gang killer Riki Takeuchi. One of the most exciting go-for-broke takes on the gangster film since John Woo’s A BETTER TOMORROW series. With Renji Ishibashi, Susumu Terajima. [DEAD OR ALIVE will be released theatrically in L.A. soon after this series by Tide Point Pictures.] No One Under 17 Will Be Admitted To This Screening.

Saturday, October 6 – 5:00 PM

GEMINI (SOSEIJI) 1999, Sedic International, 84 min. An astonishing departure for the bad boy of techno-punk Japanese cinema, director Shinya (TETSUO: THE IRON MAN) Tsukamoto, GEMINI is a haunting, turn-of-the-century thriller about a young doctor (Masahiro Motoki) and his beautiful, amnesiac wife (Ryo), who encounter the doctor’s vengeful, separated-at-birth twin in a perverse battle of wills. The gothic terror that lurks in a very deep well outside the couple’s house is spawned as much by class barriers as it is by warped sibling rivalry. An uncompromisingly brilliant horror yarn.


Saturday, October 6 - 7:15 PM

Takashi Miike Double-Feature!!

CITY OF LOST SOULS 2000, Daiei, 105 min. If you thought Takashi Miike couldn’t top the ultra-violent thrills in DEAD OR ALIVE, think again. CITY OF LOST SOULS is a lyrical live action manga that explores dimensions of hitherto uncharted underworld violence as well as portraying a beautiful, unsentimental love story. Half-caste Japanese-Brazilian Mario (Teah) rescues his Chinese girlfriend Kei (Michele Reis) from being deported, then sabotages a coke deal, two incidents that spark a Chinese mafia vs. Japanese yakuza war and a frantic police manhunt. A stunning, brutally phantasmagorical fairy tale.


THE GUYS FROM PARADISE (TENGOKU KARAKIETA OTOKO TACHI) 2000, KSS, 114 min. Dir. Takashi Miike. Arrogant Japanese businessman Koji Kikkawa, unjustly nailed for heroin possession in the Phillipines and thrown into Manila’s most hellish prison, is abruptly introduced to a chaotic reality that causes him to doubt his wife, his lawyer and even himself. Eccentric drug dealer Tsutomu Yamazaki (HIGH & LOW, TAMPOPO) is hiding from a vicious yakuza gang while in stir and recruits Kikkawa into his bizarre crew of screw-loose cutthroats. Master action stylist Miike weaves another over-the-top tall tale from gritty, real-life locations and surreally humorous twists of fate.


Sunday, October 7 – 5:00 PM

UZUMAKI (VORTEX) 2000, Tide Point. Promising new director Higuchinsky’s adaptation of Junji Ito's horror manga, UZUMAKI depicts a wide-eyed schoolgirl's spookily surreal adventures when she discovers her hometown has been cursed with an obsession for spirals. Friends and relatives soon go mad, either dying and leaving their pretzel-like corpses behind or mutating into human snails! Disarmingly dreamlike, UZUMAKI is by turns scary, funny, nostalgic, and always evocative of a charmingly odd world on the other side of the looking glass.


Sunday, October 7 - 7:30 PM

Japanese Fantasy/Sci-fi Double Feature!!

NEKOJIRU-SO, 2000, King Records Co., 33 min. Dir. Tatsuo Sato. Based on the manga created by late artist Nekojiru (who tragically committed suicide in the mid-1990’s), this is a darkly hallucinatory anime following the adventures of little kitties Nyatta and Nyako. Their shopping trip to cheer each other up turns into a mindbending voyage across time and space where they flee the God of Death and encounter illusory circuses, tortured ‘time creatures’ and a bored, sadistic millionaire. A certified masterpiece where innocence and cruel terror mingle in a time warp of a messed-up universe.


PARASITE EVE , 1997, A/D Vision, 120 min. Pioneering biochemist Nagashima (Hiroshi Mikami) is making breakthroughs in the study of mitochondria, the building blocks of DNA, when his cherished spouse Kiyomi (Riona Hazuki) suffers brain death in a freak car accident. Grief stricken, Nagashima cultivates her cells to stay in touch with his beloved. However, these mitochondria have ideas of their own (!), evolving Kiyomi’s persona as a combination super-woman/1950’s sci-fi monster, in director Masayuki Ochiai’s strangely romantic techno-fantasy – a major box-office hit in Japan, now finally seeing its U.S. release.


Wednesday, October 10 - 7:30 PM

Shinya Tsukamoto Double Feature!!

TOKYO FIST, 1995, Manga Entertainment, 87 min. Terminally bored businessman Tsuda (played by director Shinya Tsukamoto) has his life upended when he runs into a resentful boxer friend from his past. Tsuda’s girl, slowly going mad from their unchanging routine, leaves him for the boxer and escapes her tortured feelings through self-mutilation. Tsuda then decides to become a fighter himself, an act which will channel his seething anger against not only her and his pal, but against the unimaginative world oppressing him.


TETSUO 2: BODY HAMMER, 1992, Manga Entertainment, 93 min. Director Shinya Tsukamoto reworks themes from his pioneering cyberpunk classic TETSUO: THE IRON MAN, this time supplied with a bigger budget and a startling palette of erupting color, and stoked with more lunatic adrenaline madness. Tomoro Taguchi, his small son kidnapped by a band of cyberpunk skinheads, goes on a vengeful quest which will reveal his mysterious childhood as well as spur his own startling mutation into a superhuman machine/weapon – a transformation ignited as much by impotent rage as by biological and environmental change. "Tsukamoto is painting a canvas…a vision as complex, detailed and obsessive as a painting by Hieronymous Bosch." Roger Ebert, Chicago-Sun Times.

Friday, October 12 - 7:00 PM

FREEZE ME, 2001, Nikkatsu, 101 min. GONIN director Takashi Ishii's latest is a startlingly ruthless retribution tale where macho psychosis spawns its own chain reaction of insanity. After five years of difficult healing, rape victim Chihiro (Harumi Inoue) has put the horror behind her -- only to have one of her monstrous attackers return, sabotaging her engagement and warning her that his two other sick-o partners will shortly reappear as well. How she manages to turn the tables on the predators, achieving momentary peace of mind, only to have it repeatedly dissolve into new terror, is perfectly embodied in the film's title.


Friday, October 12 - 9: 15 PM

Takashi Ishii Bad Girl Double Feature!!

GONIN 2, 1996, Shochiku, 105 min. Director Takashi Ishii's roots as a manga artist are clearly visible in this female followup to his brilliant cult classic GONIN. Five alienated women come together by accident when a jewelry store is robbed by renegade yakuza, the same inhuman monsters who gang-raped swordmaker Ken Ogata's wife, causing her suicide. The gals join Ogata in storming the gang stronghold (the nightclub "Birds" from the original GONIN) -- and the last half of this subversively dark piece of mayhem sees the bunch in spectacularly pitched battle against the unstoppable villains. With Kimiko Yo, Mai Kitajima, Yumi Takigawa.


BLACK ANGEL, VOL. 1, 1997, Shochiku, 106 min. Dir. Takashi Ishii. This contemporary noir vendetta saga follows Riona Hazuki (PARASITE EVE) as the grown-up daughter of a murdered yakuza boss, looking for the assassins who killed her father. After several bloody skirmishes, she encounters her childhood rescuer, fabled hitwoman Black Angel (Reiko Takashima, Japan’s reigning female yakuza film icon) now a pathetic alcoholic who inadvertently hands her over to the evil gang. Black Angel's conscience re-awakened, she moves heaven and earth to rescue Hazuki and redeem her own lost self-esteem. With Jinpachi Nezu.


Saturday, October 13 – 5:00 PM

Rare "Beat" Takeshi Double Feature!!

KIDS RETURN, 1996, Celluloid Dreams/Kitano Productions, 108 min. One of maverick director Takeshi Kitano's most personal and rarely seen films finds two outcast high-schoolers, Masaru (Ken Kaneko) and Shinji (Masanobu Ando), getting expelled after one practical joke too many. Their inability to function within normal society leads them alternately towards recruitment in the yakuza, then the world of boxing. The film's deadpan tone is sometimes achingly funny, sometimes bleak and wistful, but Kitano remains unfailingly true to his vision of what it's like growing up in a world where most people believe you're a good-for-nothing ...!

SCENE AT THE SEA (ANO NATSU, ICHIBAN SHIZUKANA UMI) 1991, Celluloid Dreams/Kitano Productions, 101 min. Another of Takeshi Kitano's more offbeat pictures, SCENE AT THE SEA follows the adventures of a deaf mute teenager working as a garbage man who decides to pursue his ambition of becoming an accomplished surfer. His similarly handicapped girlfriend is the only one to stick by him, and together the two embark on a hauntingly poetic odyssey in search of not just the perfect wave but the transcendence achieved in following an impossible dream.


Saturday, October 13 10:30 AM – 11:40 AM

Sunday, October 14 10:30 AM – 11:40 AM


Join us for an in-depth, behind-the-scenes tour of the historic, 1922 Egyptian Theatre. Find out how the Egyptian brought the stars to Hollywood. See what it would have been like to be in a Grauman stage show with a visit to the dressing rooms and singers’ boxes. Discover the painstaking restoration work and the marriage of modern technology with a landmark of Hollywood history. Check out our state-of-the-art projection booth and more! For the total "Old Hollywood" experience, combine a tour and a screening of FOREVER HOLLYWOOD (11:30 AM on both days). Tour tickets: $7 Adults; $5 under 12 years/over 65. Cinematheque Members $10; Tour & Film Combo $10.


Saturday, October 13 – 9:15 PM

Japanese Horror Double Feature!!

ANOTHER HEAVEN 2000, Omega/Shochiku, 130 min. Dir. Joji Iida. Tough-as-nails police detective Yoshio Harada (HUNTER IN THE DARK) and his assistant (Yosuke Eguchi) are baffled by a series of gory murders until they realize a virus-like demon is traveling from host-to-host via the victims’ blood and tears. While the film’s premise is similar to the Scandinavian thriller POSSESSED and the American FALLEN, ANOTHER HEAVEN surpasses both of them in pure shivers, going straight for the jugular in the thrills department. With Minako Ichikawa

KICHIKU (KICHIKU DAI ENKAI), 1997, Pia Film Festival, 100 min. Dir. Kazuyoshi Kumakiri. An unbelievably perverse take on a radical underground group disintegrating into complete psychosis, KICHIKU resembles what ECTASY OF THE ANGELS might look like if Koji Wakamatsu had decided to collaborate with the late Lucio Fulci! The deceptively bloodless first half, with a jailed fanatic's ultra-paranoid girlfriend becoming leader of their revolutionary cell, suddenly switches gears midway as she goes WAY off the deep end and mass slaughter ala TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE begins. Warning: KICHIKU contains scenes of extreme violence. No one under 17 will be admitted.

Sunday, October 14 – 5:00 PM

THE FIRE WITHIN (ONI BI) 1996, GaGa Communications/Tohokushinsha, 101 min. Dir. Rokuro Mochizuki. Shambling zen killer Yoshio Harada returns from prison, renews his friendship with younger yakuza Sho Aikawa, but desires a decidedly lower profile than in his tough-guy youth. However, his past comes back to haunt him when he falls for a female nightclub pianist, who asks him to kill someone for her. Director Mochizuki spins a wistful tale of loneliness and lost oppurtunities, only to have tidal waves of mayhem suddenly erupt out of nowhere. With Reiko Kataoka.


Sunday, October 14 - 7:15 PM

Japanese Avant-Garde CyberPunk!!

CRAZY THUNDER ROAD, 1980, BeWiz/Sogo Ishii, 95 min. This is director Sogo Ishii's (ANGEL DUST) debut feature, one of the explosive do-it-yourself indie films that brought avant-garde sensibilities into the 1980’s/1990’s Japanese mainstream and paved the way for a rebellion that made films like Tsukamoto's TETSUO: IRON MAN possible. Shot on a shoe-string, astonishing and visually audacious, this is the biker film to end all biker films, about a lone youth challenging a gang of fascist outlaws who've murdered his best friend.

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INTERVIEW REQUESTS: There will not be any in person guests for this series.





This is the 9TH annual touring festival of non-stop two-minute-or-shorter films and videos from around the world including drama, comedy, sci-fi, short documentary and so much more! There are almost 60 shorts here; 59 to be exact! We promise you will not be bored – not even for a second! Some of the highlights include Michael Moore’s "Testify" – a political statement on the 2000 elections - in collaboration with the band Rage Against the Machine. There is crazy animation from Japan, including a flying, spinach-eating, ultra-modern woman in "Lady-GO"! SXSW Film Festival Award-Winner, "Culture" by Ari Gold. His hilarious take on the Dogma school of filmmaking. You will also want to see the ultra-short documentaries like Laura Levine’s "Peekaboo Sunday", a story about raising miniature horses or Eva Sollberger’s "Exotic World", an inside look at the lives of some of American’s first burlesque performers. Also included is one of our favorite prolific short film directors newest piece, "Worm", by Jay Rosenblatt. This show is more sophisticated and sensitive than past Short Attention Span programs, but we still like to warn our audiences up front: this show may not be suitable for children! 2001 Intro, Kenny Kilfara, Jeff Rieter & Ben Allen. Films will not necessarily screen in the order listed below. Directors and film titles are listed below.

"Mirror" Lee Lanier; "Extra Credit" Aaron Bourget; "Shakey Face 01" Noel Honig; "Lady…Go!" Yoshihisa Nakanishi; "Snip-Hop" Antony Flackett; "Samurai Jack" Ann McCarthy & Evan Adler; "Night Shift" David Weir; "Woman and Single Lens Reflex" Adam Wils & Tim Leeds; "Victor’s Big Day" David Poole; "In The Dark" Lev Yilmaz & Emre Yilmaz; "Talk Ink" Aaron Cobb; "It’s Alive" Terry Ziegelman; "Frank & Beenz: The Delivery Guy"; David Poole;

"Dreams" Sean Akins, Johnny Rej & Joe Boyd Vigil ; "Hell Hammer" Lev Yilmaz & Emre Yilmaz; "Nine Lives" Jay Rosenblatt; "Boite" Randy Ramsey; "Rats & Frogs" Mike Constable;

"Cats By The Tracks" Mark Steinmetz; "Worm" Jay Rosenblatt & Caveh Zahedi; "Cecil’s Insomnia" Bronwen Kyffin; "Sesame 9" Johnathan Amitay; "TeeVee" Lev Yilmaz; "Movie Mountains" Katsuki Tanaka; "Phantasmagoria" Brian Monte; "I’m a Super Girl" Dave Berg & Evan Adler w/ Shonen Knife; "Sesame Chairs" Johnathan Amitay; "Pledge of Allegience" Lev Yilmaz; "Peekaboo Sunday" Laura Levine; "Space Needle (Twice Around)" Dane Picard; "Boat" Mark Jordan; "Sesame Jail" Johnathan Amitay;"Concerto Di Scissore" Michael Reich;

"Daryl Episode 2" Michael Slack; "Sledding Accident" Chris Jolly; "Lesson One" Courtney Booker & Greg Rozum; "The Terror and the Invisible Man" Adam Roffman; "La Chaussette Avec Des Yeux" Michael Greene; "Exotic World" Eva Solberger; "Bucky #7" Paul Clipson & Adam Heavenrich; "Job" Aaron Bourget; "Testify" Michael Moore w/ Rage Against the Machine; "Because" Stephen Stanton, Eric Leven, Vicki Wong, Tom Gilchrist & Colin Epstein; "Anti-Depressant Spray" Noel Honig; "Culture" Ari Gold; "Man and Record" Adam Willis & Tim Leeds; "War Games" Kasumi Minkin; "Visit" Jesse Miller; "Rich Christmas" Mike Constable; "Recliner" Matt Joyce; "Roof Sex" PES; "South Pole" Satoshi Matsushima; "Now Show Yours" Richard Newton; "Butchu-Kun" Katsuki Tanaka; "Excuse Me" Byoung-Dorh Sohn

Festival website:

Several of the filmmakers to appear for a Q & A after the program TBA.

PRESS KIT, TAPES & PHOTOS: Available at the Cinematheque.



INTERVIEW REQUESTS: Festival Producer, Jason Thrasher 310.260.1551 or



Spotlight on Lillian Gish

Sponsored by Packard Humanity Institute


Thursday, October 18 – 7:00 PM

Please join us to celebrate the 79th birthday of the Egyptian Theatre (which opened October 18th, 1922), starting with a special "Lillian Gish Slide-Show Presentation" by James Frasher, who was Ms. Gish’s personal manager and close friend for the last 25 years of her life. This narrated slide presentation from Frasher’s private collection recounts the story of her legendary Hollywood career and their travels around the world.

Followed by a Restored 35 mm. Print of ROMOLA, 1924, 106 min. Directed by Henry King (12 O’CLOCK HIGH), this lushly romantic medieval saga stars Lillian and Dorothy Gish, Ronald Colman and William Powell. Based on the novel by George Elliot and filmed on magnificent sets in Florence, Italy, ROMOLA is what the silent film epic was all about – great stars in grand storybook roles. William Powell plays an unscrupulous nobleman in the age of the Medicis, who seduces peasant girl Tessa (Dorothy Gish), marries scholar’s daughter Romola (Lillian Gish), and causes havoc by his bad behavior until he finally gets his well-deserved come-uppance. ROMOLA, which made had its original premiere at the Egyptian Theatre, was the final film of 23 pictures the Gish sisters made together. Silent film with live organ accompaniment by Dennis James.

Special ticket price: $12 members; $14 students/srs.; general $15.

PRESS KIT & PHOTOS: Press information available from American Cinematheque.

INTERVIEW REQUESTS: For Mr. Frasher can be faxed to the American Cinematheque at 323.461.9737.


October 19 – 21, 2001


In November, 1924, pioneering movie producer Thomas Ince (one of the men who helped "invent" Hollywood) went for a weekend cruise on tycoon William Randolph Hearst’s yacht; on board were some of the best-known figures in Tinseltown, including Charlie Chaplin, actress Marion Davies, gossip columnist Louella Parsons and writer Elinor Glyn. When the yacht returned, one of the famous passengers was dying, and one of the most enduring mysteries in Hollywood was born – as well as the subject of the upcoming Peter Bogdanovich film THE CAT’S MEOW, starring Kirsten Dunst as Marion Davies, Eddie Izzard as Chaplin, Edward Herrmann as Hearst, Cary Elwes as Ince, Jennifer Tilly as Louella Parsons and Joanna Lumley as Elinor Glyn.

The Cinematheque’s "Great Hollywood Murder Mystery of 1924" weekend will feature a Benefit Sneak Preview Screening of THE CAT’S MEOW (with Cast and Crew in attendance), along with films by the "cast of characters" involved in the mystery, including Chaplin’s 1925 classic THE GOLD RUSH, a double-bill of two rarely-seen Marion Davies features (both produced by Hearst), Ince’s groundbreaking 1916 epic CIVILIZATION, along with an ultra-rare documentary tour of the Ince Studios; Clara Bow’s breakthrough comedy IT (1927), written by Elinor Glyn – all at the historic 1922 Egyptian Theatre, which figured prominently in the aftermath of the mystery (if you come we’ll tell you how ...!) (Lions Gate Films will be releasing THE CAT’S MEOW in early November nationwide.)

Thomas Harper Ince is widely acknowledged as the man who "industrialized" filmmaking. He was largely responsible for departmentalizing and standardizing the filmmaking procedure. Ince was known for fastidious "pre-production" – pouring over scripts and planning all the details of production before rolling a foot of film.


Friday, October 19 – 7:00 PM

Benefit Sneak Preview! Cast & Crew In-Person!!

THE CAT’S MEOW, 2001, Lions Gate Films, 112 min. Dir. Peter Bogdanovich. From the play by award-winning writer Steven Peros comes a delectable, behind the scenes look at a fateful excursion of "fun and frolic" aboard William Randolph Hearst’s private yacht in November of 1924, that brought some of Hollywood’s best known personalities of the day together and resulted in a still-unsolved, hushed-up killing. As Hearst (Edward Herrmann) and his lover, actress Marion Davies (Kirsten Dunst) set sail from San Pedro Harbor early one Saturday morning, hosting a small group that includes the brilliant but self-absorbed Charlie Chaplin (Eddie Izzard), film pioneer Thomas Ince (Cary Elwes) preoccupied with his recent financial setbacks, ambitious gossip columnist Louella Parsons (Jennifer Tilly) and the eccentric British novelist Elinor Glyn (Joanna Lumley), it becomes clear that although witty repartee and double entendre are the order of the day, deceit, deception and finally murder are also on the menu ...

Discussion following with director Peter Bogdanovich, screenwriter Steven Peros, actors Edward Herrmann and Eddie Izzard, producers Kim Bieber and Carol Lewis and other cast & crew (schedules permitting.) [Special Ticket Price of $15.00 General, $14 Student/Senior $12.00 Cinematheque Members.]

PRESS INFORMATION & MATERIALS FOR ‘THE CAT’S MEOW’ ONLY: Available from Michael Lawson or Jamie Coker at MPRM Public Relations, 323.933.3399.


Friday, October 19 – 9:45 PM

Ultra-Rare Thomas Ince Silents!

CIVILIZATION, 1916, Film Preservation Assoc., 86 min. A Thomas H. Ince Prod. Dir. by Raymond West and others (uncredited). Writer: C. Gardner Sullivan. Set in the mythical kingdom of Nurma, CIVILIZATION is an impassioned plea for neutrality just prior to America’s entry into World War I. Delirious, bold and gloriously melodramatic, the film follows a suicidal naval officer banished to a vivid Hell while Nurma’s King is given a tour of a gruesome battlefield by Jesus Himself! (Note: In the 1930’s Ince’s original version was purchased by a religious group and cut down in length. This is the only version currently available.) "Ranks with the world’s greatest cinema productions" -- Variety.

Plus, "A Tour of the Thomas Ince Studios," 1922, Film Preservation Assoc., 25 min. approx. A fantastic rarity, this newsreel documentary is a one-of-kind glimpse into the workings of an early Hollywood studio. With movie star looks, the one-time actor Ince intensely studies a script, emphatically directs a scene, and mercilessly pummels his boxing partner!

(Both films silent with live musical accompaniment.)


Saturday, October 20 - 10:00 AM - NOON

In honor of the Egyptian's 79th birthday, we are presenting a special look back at the restoration and renovation of the theatre, with Peyton Hall (Historic Resources Group), the preservation architect who oversaw the project. Then join us for a panel discussion with some of the people who have been working to revitalize Hollywood Boulevard. This discussion couldn't be more timely, considering that the $615 million Hollywood & Highland mixed use, hotel/restaurant/retail/entertainment center is due to open Nov. 8th and is considered the catalyst for $1 billion worth of development in the area. Each talk/panel will last approximately 45 minutes.


The Preservation of the Egyptian Theatre Lecture

Preservation Architect Peyton Hall oversaw the restoration and renovation of the Egyptian Theatre. He will speak about this process aided by a slide presentation.

Hollywood Preservation & Development

Confirmed panelists include David Gadja (Hollywood Business Improvement District Board Member), Kerry Morrison (Director, Hollywood Entertainment District) Bill Roschen & Christy Van Cleve & Barbara Smith, Cinematheque Director. Admission is free to this program only.


Saturday, October 20 – 5:00 PM

IT, 1927, Kino, 72 min. Dir: Clarence Bedger. Writer: Hope Loring and Louis D. Lighton. Adaptation: Elinor Glyn from her novel. British born Elinor Glyn was a sexually scandalous writer (and Marion Davies friend) whose racy novel defined women with that special "it"; the film, in turn, defined actress Clara Bow as an icon for the entire flapper generation. Bow stars as a gold-digging salesgirl with designs on her boss. Look for Glyn herself in a cameo role, as well as Gary Cooper in a walk-on as a reporter. (Silent with pre-recorded music.)


Saturday, October 20 – 7:00 PM

Marion Davies/William Randolph Hearst Double-Feature!!

THE PATSY (a.k.a. THE POLITIC FLAPPER), 1928, Warner Classics, 64 minutes. Dir: King Vidor; Writer: Agnes Christine Johnston from a play by Barry Conners; titles: Ralph Spence. Although SHOW PEOPLE is more frequently screened, many consider this first of three King Vidor/Marion Davies comedies their best film together. With unflappable flapper morality, downtrodden Marion studies a book on personality in order to win her sister’s beau. Along the way, Marion displays her comic gifts beautifully – she’s charming, funny, and hilariously mimics Lillian Gish, Pola Negri and Mae Murray! Marie Dressler co-stars as Marion’s domineering mother. Produced by William Randolph Hearst. (Silent with live musical accompaniment.)

PEG O’ MY HEART, 1933, Warner Classics, 86 mins. Dir: Robert Z. Leonard. Writer: Frank R. Adams; adaptation: Francis Marion. This should put to rest any notions that Marion’s stammer killed her career in sound films. Marion impeccably holds the screen as a spunky Irish lass who’s separated from her father and brought to a ritzy English manner to fulfill an inheritance. Produced by Hearst’s Cosmopolitan Pictures, this was Hearst’s personal favorite of all her films. (Sound.)

Discussion following with THE CAT’S MEOW screenwriter Steven Peros and Marion Davies historian Elaina Archer.


Sunday, October 21 – 12:00 Noon

Saturday Kids’ Matinee!

THE GOLD RUSH, 1925, Kino, 72 min. Dir./writer Charlie Chaplin. THE GOLD RUSH is an ideal film to introduce youngsters to silent film. Coming off his first major financial failure, A WOMAN OF PARIS, Chaplin responded with what many consider his finest feature length film. The Little Tramp travels to the Far Yukon in search of gold, but ends up falling in love with dance-hall girl Georgia Hale. The classic "dance of the dinner rolls" and "boiled shoe leather" scenes show Chaplin’s gift for poignant comedy at its very best. (We will be screening Chaplin’s re-edited 1942 version of the film, with pre-recorded soundtrack and commentary by Chaplin himself.)


Sunday, October 21 – 5:00 PM

More Ultra-Rare Ince Silents!

THE RETURN OF DRAW EGAN, 1916, Film Preservation Assoc., 60 min. approx. A Thomas H. Ince Prod. In 1914, Ince put stage actor William S. Hart under contract ("My greatest find", Ince said) and helped create one of Hollywood's first western stars. The lean, tense RETURN OF DRAW EGAN is often cited as one of the best Ince/Hart westerns. (Sadly, their successful six year collaboration would end in a bitter legal battle over profits.)

THE COWARD, 1915, Film Preservation Assoc., 60 min. approx. A Thomas H. Ince Prod. Continuing his reputation as a "maker of stars", Ince carefully groomed Charles Ray for six years until he finally starred in this Civil War drama, acclaimed as one of Ince's finest productions. "It was not (THE COWARD cont’d) until THE COWARD that Ray approached the dimensions of stardom. His work in that picture stamped him as a splendid performer." -- Thomas Ince. (Both films silent with live musical accompaniment.)


Sunday, October 21 – 7:30 PM

SUNRISE: A SONG OF TWO HUMANS. 1927; Criterion, 95 min. Dir: F.W. Murnau. Writer: Carl Mayer; story: Hermann Suderman. Murnau’s first American film stars George O’Brien and Janet Gaynor as a farmer and his loving wife, whose marriage is rocked by the appearance of an alluring "Woman from the City" (Margaret Livingston, who was Thomas Ince’s mistress, and often listed as one of those on board Hearst’s yacht that fateful weekend in 1924.) An Academy Award winner for lead actress Gaynor, cinematography, and for "artistic quality of production". (Film silent with pre-recorded music.)


A TOUR OF THE INCE STUDIOS (Available at the Cinematheque)

CIVILIZATION (Available at the Cinematheque, Rocket Video and Vidiots)

GOLDRUSH (Available at Jerry’s Video, Rocket Video and Vidiots)

IT (Available at Rocket Video and Vidiots)

SUNRISE: A SONG OF TWO HUMANS (Available at Cinefile, Jerry’s Video, Rocket Video and Vidiots)


Tuesday, October 23 – 7:00 PM


One of the most successful and respected producers in Hollywood, Irwin Winkler (ROCKY, THE RIGHT STUFF, GOODFELLAS) has also established himself as a highly-talented director with GUILTY BY SUSPICION, NIGHT AND THE CITY, THE NET, AT FIRST SIGHT and the upcoming release LIFE AS A HOUSE, starring Kevin Kline. Please join us for a One-Night Tribute to Irwin Winkler, featuring two of his finest films as producer and director:

Double Feature!

Brand-New 35 mm. Print! RAGING BULL, 1980, MGM/UA, 128 min. Widely regarded as one of the finest American movies of the past two decades, director Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece is a stunning b&w portrait of prizefighter Jake La Motta (Robert DeNiro) and his harrowing, destructive bouts in and out of the ring. Winner of Academy Awards for Best Actor (DeNiro) and Editing (Thelma Schoonmaker). With Cathy Moriarty, Joe Pesci.

GUILTY BY SUSPICION, 1991, Warner Classics, 105 min. Written and directed by Winkler, GUILTY BY SUSPICION is a gripping, beautifully-acted drama of the 1950’s Communist witch hunts in Hollywood, starring Robert DeNiro as a successful director facing the blacklist and Annette Bening as his ex-wife. With George Wendt, Patricia Wettig, Sam Wanamaker.

Discussion between films with Irwin Winkler.

PRESS KITS & PHOTOS: Information about these films is available on the Internet. Photos available from the Cinematheque.

TAPES: Available commercially at local video stores.

INTERVIEW REQUESTS: Requests to interview Mr. Winkler should be sent to Ronni Chasen, Chasen & Co. at (fax) 310.274.4467.


October 25 – 28, 2001

RESFEST: A Global Digital Festival Exploring the Dynamic Interplay of Film, Art, Music, Design and More.

2001 marks the 5th anniversary of RESFEST and, to celebrate, the annual touring film festival has expanded to include five distinct shorts programs, plus additional new programming. RESFEST is an annual traveling celebration of innovative digital entertainment that showcases the year’s best short films, feature films, music videos and animation in a multi-media environment. Visit for complete programming schedules and special events


Thursday October 25 -- 8:00 PM

RESFEST SHORTS #1: ALTERED STATES: (80 min.) This dynamic collection of shorts explores going to heaven, falling to earth or visiting otherworldly states in between. Program includes new work from RESFEST alums Rodney Ascher, Run Wrake, Bryan Boyce and Mark Osborne, as well as Virgil Widrich’s award-winning "Copy Shop" and the world premiere of Ajay Sahgal’s "It’s a Shame About Ray," featuring Robert Forster, Eric Stoltz and Garry Marshall. There will be an after party in the Egyptian courtyard. Tickets $10.

Friday October 26

5:00-6:30 PM: DV Filmmakers Editing Seminar (FREE) Presented by


This 90 minute session will explore the process of storytelling with a low cost, Final Cut Pro-based digital editing system from log & capture through advanced editing tools and techniques. Options for special effects and professional audio editing will also be covered.


6:30-8:00 PM DV Cinematographers Seminar (FREE)

Presented by and Canon

This 90 minute session will explore the art of shooting cinematic projects on DV. Camcorder operation and aesthetics, lighting, location audio, and using depth-of-field, filters and other accessories to achieve a cinematic look will be explored.



(77 min.) Strange neighbors, deception and unruly animals pervade this series of intelligent shorts laced with dark humor. Highlights include Dan Loflin’s "Delusions in Modern Primitivism" and the U.S. premieres of Toby Dye’s "I Hate My Neighbor and I Want Him to Die" and Suzie Templeton’s beautifully animated "Dog." Tickets $10.



(72 min.) Making a return appearance is our perennial sell-out program of innovative music videos, CINEMA ELECTRONICA. Among the featured artists are Gorillaz, Orbital, Amon Tobin and Radiohead, plus Traktor’s video for Fatboy Slim’s "Ya Mama," screened here for the first time in the U.S. There will be an after party at a different location. (repeated on 10/28 at noon). Tickets: $10.

Saturday October 27
Future of Filmmaking panel
Sponsored by Panasonic

Back again this year is the celebrated Future of Filmmaking Panel Series, bringing together top figures from the worlds of film, broadcast design, visual effects, Internet cinema and computer animation. Adamantly rejecting the corporate-oriented, yawn-inducing pontificating heard at trade shows, the RESFEST Panel Series brings together artists showcased in the festival to trade ideas, share tips and compare notes. The emphasis is always on getting down to the nuts-and-bolts information that will inspire other artists. Tickets $10.

Saturday October 27: 5:00 PM RESFEST SHORTS #2: HUMAN NATURE

(78 min.) Friendship, loss and love are explored in this riveting program of story-driven shorts in which people discover unique relationships, some close — with the neighborhood gardener, for example — and others stretched across remote regions. Program includes new work from RESFEST alum Joan Raspo, as well as Ari Gold’s Student Oscar-winning "Helicopter" and David Kartch’s farcical "Zen and the Art of Landscaping." Tickets $10.



(87 min.) The members in this select group of music video directors have developed highly personal styles in their innumerable videos, commercials and forthcoming feature films. With this program, RESFEST offers viewers a chance to see rarely screened short films by artists such as Michel Gondry, Floria Sigismondi, Tomato, Hammer & Tongs and Mike Mills. Tickets $10.


(84 min.) Doug Pray’s exhilarating film, "SCRATCH," traces the exciting creation of turntablism through interviews and performances by the DJs that gave birth to this hip-hop movement and who continue to reinvent the format. A few of the charismatic figures featured include Q-Bert, DJ Shadow, MixMaster Mike, Cut Chemist, among a host of others. Elvis Mitchell of The New York Times called the film "Vibrant...hilarious and compelling." "SCRATCH" premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. A party will follow at a different location. Tickets $10.

Sunday October 28:


(90 min.) OPENERS 01 is an all new program celebrating the best title sequences of 2000 and 2001. As the first event devoted to contemporary titles and their creators, OPENERS 01 showcases international achievements in concept, editing, typography, sound design and technical innovation. Produced and curated by David Peters, Ken Coupland and Dav Rauch of DesignFilms, San Francisco. Projected in their original digital video format, the titles will be presented without commentary. Tickets $10.

5:00 PM CINEMA ELECTRONICA: (72 min.) Repeated from 10/26. See above for description.


6:30 PM RESFEST SHORTS #4: BY DESIGN: (77 min.) Cross graphic design with filmmaking and, if you’re lucky, the result will resemble the stunning shorts in this program, which includes new work from Johnny Hardstaff, Trollbäck & Company and Richard Fenwick, as well as the collaborative Infinity Project co-produced by Belief and RES. Tickets $10.



(53 min.) Japan’s first fully-digital-animated-feature film, Manga Entertainment’s "BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE" was created by acclaimed anime genius Mamoru Oshii, known for the all-time classic "Ghost in the Shell." This fast-paced, frightening tale of a young vampire slayer is composed of images that are extraordinarily lifelike. The New York Times calls "BLOOD" "a movie that seems destined for cult status." "Hauntingly beautiful," raves TV Guide. Tickets $10


PRESS KITS & PHOTOS: Photos can be e-mailed to you upon request. Press kits are available through RES Fest’s publicist (see below).

TAPES & INTERVIEW REQUESTS WITH FESTIVAL ORGANIZERS OR FILMMAKERS: Contact: Sommer Hixson, Public Relations Director, sputnik7: chronic online entertainment

P: (212) 320-3632; F: (212) 937-7134 ; Efax: (646) 349-2812 ; ;


Monday, October 29 – 7:30 PM

Special Sneak Preview – New from the Coen Bros.!!

THE MAN WHO WASN’T THERE, 2001, USA Films, 116 min. The latest film from Joel and Ethan Coen (FARGO, O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU?), THE MAN WHO WASN’T THERE is a haunting tale of passion, crime and punishment, all presented in glorious black-and-white. Billy Bob Thornton stars as Ed Crane, a barber in a small northern California town in 1949 who is dissatisfied with his life – until his wife Doris’ (Frances McDormand) infidelity presents Ed with an opportunity for blackmail that he thinks will help him to change it. However, Ed’s scheme soon unravels and lays bare even darker secrets before leading to murder ... Co-starring Michael Badalucco, James Gandolfini, Jon Polito. [THE MAN WHO WASN’T THERE will be released theatrically by USA Films on November 2nd.]


THIS FILM IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW IN CONNECTION WITH OUR SCREENING. Contact the publicity department at USA Films or Chris Libby at Michele Robertson Company (323.651.3682 | for further information and/or materials.


Wednesday, October 31 – 7:30 PM

Halloween Horror Night -- Restored 35 mm. Print!!

THE EVIL DEAD, 1983, Anchor Bay Entertainment, 85 min. Join us Halloween Night for a screening of a newly restored print of director Sam (SPIDERMAN, DARKMAN) Raimi’s breakthrough 1983 occult thriller THE EVIL DEAD, about a group of five college students trapped in a demon-infested mountain cabin!! This print has been struck off the original negative, and remixed in 5.1 Stereo sound by Anchor Bay Entertainment (who will release THE EVIL DEAD on DVD in early 2002). We are hoping that cast and crewmembers of THE EVIL DEAD will join us in-person for the screening.

TAPES: Available commerically at Vidiots and local video stores.


Nov. 1 – 11: AFI Film Festival | 866.AFI FEST

(This is not a program of the American Cinematheque. We are not handling press for this festival.) The American Cinematheque will resume programming on Nov. 15, 2001.

INDEPENDENT VIDEO STORES (Where some of the films may be available on video)

Eddie Brandt’s Saturday Matinee (Burbank) Walk in only no phone.

VideoActive (2522 Hyperion, SilverLake – 323-669-8544)

Jerry’s Video (1904 Hillhurst, Los Feliz - 323.666.7471)

Rocket Video (726 N. La Brea - 323.965.1100)

Cinefile (11280 Santa Monica Blvd. - Corner of Sawtelle Ave. - 310.312.8836)

Vidiots (302 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica - 310/392-8508)

Press must send a written request to cover a screening. Fax to Margot Gerber at 323.461.9737.


Coming Soon to the American Cinematheque:



The following films are released through the American Cinematheque’s distribution label "Vitagraph/American Cinematheque Presents…


A film by Takashi Miike


SYNOPSIS: AUDITION (1999, Cinematheque Presents/Vitagraph Films,115 min.) has proven to be a box office and critical success in New York, the first US city where it has opened. The New York Times just called it one of the best films of the year. The story concerns a lonely, middle-aged widower (Ryo Ishibashi) who lost his wife to cancer seven years prior. A friend convinces him to use his video production company to hold mock auditions for a nonexistent film project in an effort to meet women. The decent Aoyoma is initially reluctant to engage in such a deception, but finally he agrees and subsequently, meets a beautiful former ballerina (Eihi Shiina) with a mysterious past. The two begin a romance. While on the surface, Asami seems like an innocent and submissive woman, her nature changes when Aoyoma mentions his deceased wife. In the blink of an eye, a tender romance morphs into a shocking, gothic psycho-thriller. In Japanese with English subtitles.



"UNFORGETTABLE! A GREAT, sick rush with a kicker on the level of THE VANISHING!" -- Elvis Mitchell, NY Times

"The kinkiest, creepiest, most pungently sexual horror film in recent memory!" -- The Guardian (London)

"Japan’s hottest director!" -- A. Musetto, NY Post


"ONE OF THE YEAR’S BEST FILMS! Dazzling. razor-sharp wit....what it must have been like to see PSYCHO’s shower scene back in 1960. BRILLIANT, UNFORGETTABLE!" -- Mike D’Angelo, Time Out New York


AUDITION is currently being booked at theatres nationwide. To date, bookings include:

NEW YORK: (Village East – thru 9/12)


N. CALIFORNIA: (9/14) San Jose (Cinema 3); Berkeley (ACT); The Castro (San Francisco)

WASHINGTON: Seattle (10/5)

TEXAS: Dallas & Houston (Oct. 19 - Angelica Theatres). Austin (Jan. 2002)

PENN.: Philadelphia (Nov. 2)

S. CALIFORNIA: LOS ANGELES: LA Premiere at American Cinematheque at the Egyptian as part of the Japanese Outlaw Masters series (Nov.); NuART (11/16)

ILLINOIS: Chicago (11/30 -- Century 5)

OREGON: Portland (10/26 – Cinema 21)

MASS.: Cambridge (Oct. – The Brattle)

Screeners, photos (b/w & color) and press kits for AUDITION are available upon request. The film is in Japanese w/ English subtitles. A theatrical press screening may be set up. Let us know if you wish to be alerted to a screening date and time.



American Cinematheque, 1800 N. Highland Avenue, Suite 717, Los Angeles, CA 90028

323.466.FILM (tel) | 323.461.9737 (fax)


A film by Marc Forester (87 min., 2000, USA)


"…one of the most visually accomplished and emotionally provocative films in the dramatic competition at Sundance…" Duane Byrge, Hollywood Reporter.


"The power and intelligence of EVERYTHING PUT TOGETHER is of such quality and intensity that it is impossible not to be overwhelmed by the movie." Rebecca Yeldham (Sundance Film Festival)

"Radha Mitchell, who’s rapidly maturing into a terrifically accomplished actress, renders a staggering performance…" Emanuel Levy, Daily Variety

Synopsis: When a woman looses her baby to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), she finds herself in uncharted territory – and must find a way to grieve or descend into madness. This film was an official selection of the 2000 Sundance Film Festival.

Angie (Australian actress RADHA MITCHELL (HIGH ART, PITCH BLACK) in an unflinchingly honest performance) and Russ (JUSTIN LOUIS), a young, well-off, loving, suburban couple, eagerly await the birth of their first child. Angie’s friends (Catherine Lloyd Burns of "Malcolm in the Middle" and Megan Mullally of "Will and Grace") are also pregnant and together their worlds revolve around babies, husbands and the rituals of family life. When an unexpected tragedy befalls Angie and Russ, the community that they were once integrally involved in begins to disappear. Their fair-weather friends, unable to find a way to console, or share the couple’s grief, simply withdraw. As Angie’s grief begins to drive her to act out in strange and frightening ways, the film echoes the terror of Polanski’s ROSEMARY’S BABY. It is also reminiscent of Todd Haynes’ SAFE in its depiction of an alienated woman adrift in a hostile, suffocating suburban environment, that once offered a bounty of security and comfort. "Roberto Schaefer’s cinematography is a masterwork of telling compositions: His framings, some askew and some straight on, point us to the fullest story dimensions and character depths." (Hollywood Reporter) This amazing, complex film is packed with human emotion – something so absent in films today. Shot on Digital Video, the film will be projected in a 35mm print. Produced by Sean Furst. Written by Adam Forgash, Catherine Lloyd Burns and Mark Forster. Director/Co-Writer Mark Forster Forester (LOUNGERS, Winner of the Audience Award at the 1996 Slamdance Film Festival).

EVERYTHING PUT TOGETHER has been lauded by every critic who has ever reviewed the film. In March 2001 director Marc Forester won the prestigious Independent Spirit Award for "New Director to Watch," not to mention the Sony/AFI DV-Cam award for best fiction feature.

EVERYTHING PUT TOGETHER's unique look takes the concept of digital video photography to a whole new perspective on what digital photography can be. It has been hailed as the first American film to rival Dogma 95, putting it in league with the highly praised and celebrated work of Danish master directors Lars Von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg. Interview magazine's Graham Fuller put EVERYTHING PUT TOGETHER on his list of the ten best unreleased films.

EVERYTHING PUT TOGETHER will be the first new American independent feature film distributed theatrically in the US by American Cinematheque Presents and Vitagraph Films. This film was selected to debut this new distribution entity, for its innovative story and cinematography and incredible critical acclaim.

Director Mark Forester’s latest film, MONSTERS BALL, starring Billy Bob Thornton, Wes Bentley and Halle Berry, is slated for release by Lion’s Gate in December 2001. Actress Radha Mitchell will be seen in Joel Shumacher's PHONE BOOTH starring opposite Collin Ferrell, also due to be released late this year.

RELEASE SCHEDULE: EVERYTHING PUT TOGETHER is currently being booked at theatres nationwide. More dates to be announced as they are confirmed. To date, bookings include: Los Angeles (11/2); NYC Cinema Village (10/26); Portland, OR (11/30); Seattle Grand Illusion; Boston/Cambridge (mid-Nov.); San Francisco (Dec. 14).



Actors, director & producer are available for interview. Call Margot Gerber at 323.461.2020, ext. 115 to schedule.



To date, Vitagraph Films has acquired rights to four Japanese genre films that were well received at American Cinematheque screenings in its popular Japanese Outlaw Masters series. Although made some 30 years ago, none of these films had ever been released in the US, nor had they been available on video. Partnering with Image Entertainment, Vitagraph distributed these four titles (a fifth is on its way this year) on DVD and home video in 2000 and booked the films theatrically in New York, San Francisco & Boston.

Theatrically Vitagraph/American Cinematheque Presents… has re-released the legendary, but virtually unseen in the US, psychedelic, 60's relic, WONDERWALL (directed by THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME director Joe Massot) featuring a re-mastered, original score by then Beatle George Harrison as well as the John Carpenter cult horror favorite HALLOWEEN. In Summer 2001 Vitagraph re-released QUADROPHENIA based on the WHO’s classic album, in connection with Rhino Entertainment. AUDITION, WISCONSIN DEATH TRIP and EVERYTHING PUT TOGETHER are being booked theatrically in theatres for Fall 2001 and Winter 2002.


For further information about Vitagraph Films please contact President, David Shultz at 323.461.2020, ext. 123.


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