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HOLLYWOOD – The American Cinematheque’s THE ALTERNATIVE SCREEN: A FORUM FOR INDEPENDENT FILM EXHIBITION & BEYOND... presents the LA PREMIERES of four new independent feature films and six short films in March. On Thursday, March 9th at 7:30 pm is Dan McCormack’s OTHER VOICES (104 min.), an official selection, Dramatic Competition, Sundance Film Festival 2000. This end-of-the-millennium drama is a mystery about a relationship shrouded by the possibility of infidelity. The cast includes Stockard Channing, Peter Gallagher, Rob Morrow and Campbell Scott. The short animated film "Oil and Vinegar" (3 min.) will precede the feature. Directed by Mike Blum. The "Best of Slamdance Film Festival 2000" screenings are as follows. On Wednesday, March 22 at 7:15 PM is Stephen Kinsella’s DOUBLE PARKED (96 min., USA), winner of the Moviemaker Magazine Breakthrough Award. Preceding is Jose Javier Martinez’ short animated film "Luz" (8 min., USA/Spain), winner of the Best Production Value Award. At 9:30 PM is Farhad Yawari’ DOLPHINS (40 min., Germany), winner of the Audience Award for Best Feature; Robert Peter’s "Mutual Love Life" (11 min., USA), winner of the Audience Award for Best Short Film; "Great Falls" (22 min., Australia), winner of the Iford Black & White Award, directed by Yves Stening; "Harry Knuckles and the Treasure of the Aztec Mummy" (27 min., Canada). On Thursday, March 23rd at 7:15 PM is TUVALU (92 min., Germany), winner of the Kodak Vision Award for Best Cinematography, directed by Veit Helmer. At 9:30 PM is Chris Wilcha’s documentary THE TARGET SHOOTS FIRST (70 min.), winner of Best Documentary and Best Editing. Preceding the feature is Monika Mitchell’s "Night Deposit (8 min.), winner of Best "Anarchy" Online film. The Slamdance Film Festival takes place in Park City, Utah in January and debuts the work of first time filmmakers. For more information see Filmmakers are scheduled to appear in-person at their respective screenings subject to their availability. All screenings are at the Lloyd E. Rigler Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood (between Las Palmas Ave. & McCadden Place).


OTHER VOICES and "Oil & Vinegar": Thursday, March 9th at 7:30 PM

This end-of-the-millennium drama deals with the breakdown of communication, the loss of identity and the facelessness of corporate life. Phil (David Aaron Baker, "Law and Order," "Sex in the City") and Anna (Mary McCormack, PRIVATE PARTS, HARVEST, DEEP IMPACT) are a young married, New York couple whose belief in their commitment to each other is on extremely tenuous ground. Each suspects the other of infidelity; and even for this very modern thinking couple, this represents the worst kind of threat. But even as they feel each other slipping away, they are willing to do anything to save their relationship. Set in a highly stylized world in which no visual image, or character is random, Phil and Anna’s fractured world can’t help but implode. The cast includes Stockard Channing, Peter Gallagher, Rob Morrow and Campbell Scott. Director Dan McCormack is also the director of MINOTAUR, an official selection of the 1994 Sundance Film Festival. The film was produced by Ruth Charny (GRACE OF MY HEART, GRIEF, COLOR OF A BRISK AND LEAPING DAY) and Shelly Strong.

The short animated film "Oil and Vinegar" (3 min.) will precede the feature. Directed by Mike Blum, this is the story of a brief encounter between a bottle of oil and a bottle of vinegar. This tragic romance was created after hours at Disney Feature Animation with the support of Management. As technical lead for internal tool development, Mike Blum has worked on Disney’s THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME, HERCULES, MULAN, FANTASIA 2000 and the upcoming DINOSAUR.


The evening is co-presented with the IFP/West’s Festival Buzz series. Filmmakers Dan McCormack and Shelly Strong will appear for discussion following the screening. . OTHER VOICES is not available for press preview.

LA based filmmakers Dan McCormack and Mike Blum are available for interview. Screening cassettes of "Oil & Vinegar" are available for press preview.


DOUBLE PARKED (96 min.) and "Luz": Wenesday, March 22 at 7:15 PM

In this dramatic comedy Callie Thorne ("Homicide," NEXT STOP WONDERLAND) stars as a single mom struggling to earn a better life for herself and her asthmatic 13-year-old son (Rufus Read, SWEET AND LOWDOWN). She takes a job as a meter maid, reluctantly accepts a date with her son’s nerdy sience teacher (Bill Sage, AMERICAN PSYCHO) and won’t let anything break her spirit. But shielding her son from the terrible truth about his father may only result in tragedy. Unknowingly his father might be closer than either of them think. The cast also includes Noah Fleiss (JOE THE KING) as a wayward classmate who leads Read’s character astray. Jamie Allen with CNN wrote, "DOUBLE PARKED is an incredible film that really strikes a nerve." Directed by Stephen Kinsella. Cinematography by Jim Denault (BOYS DON’T CRY). This film is not available for review. For more information please call 212.258.2466.

Jose Javier Martinez’ animated short film "Luz" (8 min.) will precede the feature. Developing the idea of a puppet in a puppet theatre when desigining his little girl character, Martinez’ film features a little girl who wanders off her street and ends up in an unusual theatre where she is the main attraction.


Both directors are scheduled to appear for discussion following the screening.


DOLPHINS (40 min.); "Mutual Love Life (11 min.); "Great Falls (22 min.) and "Harry Knuckles and the Treasure of the Aztec Mummy" (27 min.):

Wenesday, March 22 at 9:30 PM

In DOLPHINS, director Farhad Yawari tells a captivating, wordless, modern fairy tale about a young girl (Julia Stendler, MOONDANCE) who escapes the harsh reality of a mental institution through a dream world inspired by her goldfish bowl, her love of dolphins and the magic of the sea. Writing for TNT, David Poland remarked, "…the best director ever to come out of Park City." Iranian director Yawari emigrated to Germany in the late 80’s. In "Mutual Love Life," director Robert Peters plays an insurance salesman who approaches Don (Matt McCoy) in a restaurant when his date Sarah (Kathy Christopherson) excuses herself to go to the restroom. The salesman challenges the security of Don’s relationship and offers him a policy too good to be true – sort of a "love insurance policy." In director Yves Stening’s "Great Falls," the secure life of a 13-year-old Australian back-country boy is threatened when his parents suddenly split up. The film focuses on this pivotal moment when his life will change forever, and the immediate aftermath. Set in the early 1960s, the film is an adaptation of a story by Richard Ford. Shot in gorgeous black and white Cinemascope in the southwest of NSW. Ottawan filmmaker Lee Demarbre’s "Harry Knuckles and the Treasure of the Aztec Mummy" is a two-fisted archeological adventure that pulls no punches. In the course of his quest to unearth an unholy treasure and to save his daughter’s life, Harry (aka Special Agent Spanish Fly, played by Phil Caracas) goes mano a mano with everything from Beatnik bank robbers to the insidious hordes of the undead. Inspired by everything from Hong Kong cinema to Mexican Wrestling. Demarbre describes it as "…a kind of Jackie Chan meets the Three Stooges in the shopping mall from DAWN OF THE DEAD." The films in this program will not necessarily screen in the order listed here. All films in this program are available for review. Call Margot Gerber at ext. 115 or x-116 to request screening cassettes. Directors Lee Demarbre ("Harry Knuckles"), Robert Peters ("Mutual Love Life") and Yves Stening ("Great Falls") will appear for a discussion following the screening.

The filmmakers in this program are all available for interview Screening cassettes, press kits and photos are available. Please call 323.461.2020, ext. 115 or 116 for press materials.

TUVALU (92 min., Bavaria Films International): Thursday, March 23 at 7:15 PM

This modern day fairytale is set at a dilapadated and largely deserted swimming pool owned by a blind man. His son (Denis Lavant, LES AMANTS DU PONT NEUF) tries to preserve the illusion that business is thriving. In this offbeat comedy (and love story), the rag tag band of characters that frequent the pool keep their spirits up by dreaming of escaping to an island called Tuvalu. Shot in black and white Cinemascope and then colorized, TUVALU is Veit Helmer’s feature film directorial debut. He also wrote the screenplay. The highly stylized look of the film has been compared to the elaborate production design in DELICATESSAN. Helmer’s previous shorts, "Tour Eiffel" and "Surprise" were tremensous hits on the international festival circuit.

THE TARGET SHOOTS FIRST (70 min.) & "Night Deposit" (8 min.):

Thursday, March 23 at 9:30 PM

Chris Wilcha’s documentary THE TARGET SHOOTS FIRST is a chronicle of his first job out of college in 1993. He landed a job in the marketing department of Columbia House (as in 12 CD’s for $1) because his corporate bosses were looking for insight into the exploding alternative music scene. Wilcha brought his video camera to work each day and surprisingly, was able to freely document everything from marketing meetings, to cubicle gossip and even a trip to the distribution plant. What results is an amazing time capsule of the music scene in the early ‘90s and a keen and witty look at marketing manipulation of the consumer. Preceding the feature is the live action short "Night Deposit" from director Monika Mitchell. This film (as well as 21 others) ran in the online portion of the Slamdance Film Festival this year. This was the audience favorite, based on a computerized voting system on the Internet. In a twist on the world’s oldest profession, Clare (Christy Scott Cashman) serially seduces men to support her Black Market sperm bank. She is sort of a Robin Hood of sperm, selling it to women who can’t afford the expense of artificial insemination. Monika Mitchell will appear for discussion following the screening.

Both of the above films are available for review. Call for press kits, photos and screening cassettes.

Ticket giveaways are available to all broadcast programs in the LA area or through websites. Please call for details.

For more information about the Slamdance Film Festival and for complete contact information for these filmmakers, please see the Slamdance website at

Coming in April: EVERYTHING PUT TOGETHER (Official Selection, Sundance Film Festival) directed by Mark Forster (LOUNGERS). Starring Radha Mitchell.

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The Alternative Screen takes on-going submissions for consideration of fiercely independent work in all genres. Please send a 1/2" tape to: Margot Gerber, The Alternative Screen, c/o American Cinematheque, 1800 N. Highland Avenue, Suite 717, Hollywood, CA., 90028. Include a SASE if you would like your tape returned. Inquiries should be directed to 323.461.2020, ext. 115. Short films should be sent to the attention of Andrew Crane.

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