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June 30, 2000

AND POST CONCUSSION and short “Graveyard Jamboree” (July 20)

HOLLYWOOD – The American Cinematheque’s THE ALTERNATIVE SCREEN: INDEPENDENT FILM SHOWCASE. presents the a tribute to the late actor/writer/director Paul Bartel with a revival screening of his outrageous black comedy EATING RAOUL (1982, 20th Century Fox, 90 min.), plus surprise Bartel rareties on Thursday, July 13th at 7:30 PM. Mary Woronov and Bartel star as a straight-laced couple who start murdering obnoxious sexual swingers to realize their dream of opening a restaurant. Robert Beltran stars as a burglar who throws a hook in their well-laid plains. Actors Robert Beltran & Richard Blackburn will appear for a discussion following the film. Special guests will also include set decorator Bob Schulenberg and Paul Bartel's sisters and brother. Cast and crew have been invited to speak following the screening. Check the website for updates or call 323.466.FILM. On Thursday, July 20th at 7:30 pm is Daniel Yoon’s off-beat comedy POST CONCUSSION (82 min.), the story of a high-powered Korean-American management consultant whose life takes an unexpected turn when he suffers a concussion after being hit by a car. The animated short film “Graveyard Jamboree with Mysterious Mose” (5 min.) will precede the feature. Co-directors Mark Caballero and Seamus Walsh used good old fashioned methods (fur, sticks, glue and painted scenery) to make this tuneful “puppet monster,” musical treat set to a 1930’s song. Filmmakers are scheduled to appear in person at their respective screenings subject to their availability. All screenings are at the Lloyd E. Rigler Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood (between Las Palmas Ave. & McCadden Place).

Paul Bartel Tribute / EATING RAOUL (90 min.):  Thursday, July 13th at 7:30 PM

Writer/actor/director Paul Bartel, who passed away in May, was a filmmaker who truly loved movies. He was a member of the Cinematheque since its inception and a frequent patron of the Egyptian Theatre. He took an interest in the work of emerging filmmakers, as well as the obvious masters, and over the past five years he would pop in for an Alternative Screen presentation now and then. "I can’t believe Paul Bartel came to see my film," a filmmaker would whisper. And he wasn’t there because the filmmaker knew him or had sent him an "industry invitation." Paul didn’t need an invitation to ferret out an interesting film.

Considered by many to be Paul Bartel’s signature film for its full exposition of his flair for black humor, outrageous satire and sophisticated dry wit, Bartel made EATING RAOUL independently after making a name for himself with New World Pictures’ films DEATHRACE 2000 and CANNONBALL. He shot it in 21 days… over a year, in a friend’s apartment (which was slated for demolition during the course of that year). Bartel and Richard Blackburn III (who also plays James, a friend from the Valley) co-scripted this "Sweeney Todd" meets HONEYMOON KILLERS tale about a straight-laced, financially pinched, Los Angeles couple, Paul (Bartel) and Mary Bland (Mary Woronov), who long to open a restaurant. When the pair discovers a convenient and profitable way of ridding the world of unsavory "sexual swingers," the cozy dream of Paul and Mary’s Country Kitchen looms closer on the horizon… until one night, when a burglar named Raoul (Robert Beltran) breaks in and cuts himself in on a piece of their action. "…a sharp satiric edge, a wicked subtextual undertow, lots of laughs, and a generous overlay of Bartel’s unfailing charm." – Michael Goodwin, The Village Voice Eating Raoul was also the surprise hit of Filmex and the Cannes Film Festival when it made its debut on the festival circuit. Cast and Crew members have been invited for a post-screening discussion. Confirmations will appear on our website and at 323.466.FILM. EATING RAOUL is available on tape commercially.

POST CONCUSSION (82 min.) w/ “Graveyard Jamboree”: Thursday, July 20  at 7:30 PM
The evening is co-presented with the IFP/West’s Festival Buzz series.
The Winner of the Taos Land Grant Award for Best Feature Film.
"We humans are dorks. Our function in life is to mill about, and then something brutal happens" quips a cynical and hilariously droll Matthew Kang (Daniel Yoon), summing up what he learned from the educational films he saw in his youth. Matthew is a brusque, self-absorbed young MBA/workaholic management consultant (read, he saves companies from bankruptcy by figuring out how many employees they can axe) at a Fortune 1000 company where the motto is "We are Masters of Our Own Destiny." His best friend Andrew (Don Chen) (who works for an environmental agency in Washington DC) is his reality check – calling him to remind him he is a "corporate tool." Then there is Matthew’s "big league, leftist, Bohemian girlfriend" (Niloufar Talebi) who milks him for thousands of dollars so she can finish her mid-wife training... and his worrisome, Korean immigrant mom who calls him a little too often... Suddenly Matthew’s life as he knows it churns to a halt when he is struck by a car and finds himself flat on his back in his Berkeley apartment recovering from a serious head injury. Between TV induced hallucinations and fragmented memories of educational films, Matthew winds down an unexpected path of healing, populated by New Age eccentrics and a romance with his East German neighbor (Jennifer Welch), a grad student in Physics, whom he initially blew off, telling her: "I’m a capitalist."
"Formally inventive, continually irreverent and astonishingly well-scripted, the film captures the banalities of cultural lingo from the boardroom to the yoga mat in this astounding debut." – Jason Saunders, Pacific Film Archive.
“…a charming and disarming winner…” – Merle Bertrand, Film Threat.
Yoon’s directorial debut is semi-autobiographical. He truly was a management consultant before suffering a concussion. He took a look at the experience with a sense of humor and decided to pick up a camera and share his story. During production he was still suffering from the after effects of his serious head injury.
Preceding the feature is “Graveyard Jamboree with Mysterious Mose.” Delightful animated puppets cavort through graveyards and the high seas to a tune recorded in the 1930’s, that the filmmakers discovered on a thrift store record. Filmmakers Mark Caballero & Seamus Walsh and “Mysterious Mose” will appear in person.
 Discussion following with writer/actor/director/producer Daniel Yoon. A reception will follow the discussion. For more information please see Toronto based writer/director/actor Daniel Yoon is available for interview. Press kits and color photos as well as ” screening cassettes are available. Call Publicist Margot Gerber for press materials at 323.461.2020, ext.
115 or Publicity Assistant Jasmine Ong at x-116.
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