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January 10, 2000






SEX, DEATH AND EYELINER & short "Pig" (February 10)




HOLLYWOOD – The American Cinematheque’s THE ALTERNATIVE SCREEN: A FORUM FOR INDEPENDENT FILM EXHIBITION & BEYOND... presents the LA PREMIERES of two new independent feature films in February. On Thursday, February 10th at 7:30 pm is Keith Border’s SEX, DEATH AND EYELINER (60 min.), a documentary that explores the Gothic lifestyle in all of its doom-and-gloom, velvet cloaked glory. Border captures the scene in interviews with "Goth" artists, vampires, fang wearers and others who incorporate the poetry of death and decaying beauty into their daily lives. Preceding is Nico B & Rozz Williams’ short film "Pig" (23 min.), an intimate, poetic portrait of a killer’s relationship with his victim. This short film comes out of the Goth scene itself. The late Rozz Williams was well-known as a member of the rock band Christian Death. On Thursday, February 17th at 7:30 PM is the LA PREMIERE of Frank Novak’s GOOD HOUSEKEEPING (93 min.), a sensitive, humanizing portrait of the disintegration of a marriage that could be described as the events leading up to an appearance on "The Jerry Springer Show." Filmmakers are scheduled to appear in-person at their respective screenings subject to their availability. All screenings are at the Lloyd E. Rigler Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood (between Las Palmas Ave. & McCadden Place).

SEX, DEATH AND EYELINER & "Pig": Thursday, February 10th at 7:30 PM

Director Keith Border explores the Gothic scene, a culture that flourishes around such heroes as Dracula and other manifestations of the undead that appear in the literature of Anne Rice and other members of the gothic literati. Border begins with the elaborate, deathly pale make-up, the corsets, the capes, the coffins and even the fangs that "Goths" have capped onto their actual incisors – and then segues into the more estoteric depths of off-shoot subcultures involved in vampirism, blood play, bondage, sado-masochistic fetishism and even an interview with a woman who is a vampire. This beautifully lensed doc is a sort of Edward Gorey-style primer to the undead – from valuable 18th century make-up tips: "Not too pale or it will make your teeth appear yellow," to a Dracula convention, an all-Goth apartment building and even a mom who supports her teenage daughter selling her art on "Drac Pack" playing cards featuring everyone’s favorite Prince of Darkness. One insider sums up the scene, saying that it is, "An appreciation of things other people are too afraid to appreciate."

Writing about SEX, DEATH AND EYELINER, a critic for the SAN FRANCISCO BAY GUARDIAN wrote, "If you think Goths are inherently silly or buy into the post-Littleton notion that they’re "dangerous," this fast-paced, very entertaining documentary may foster some new respect for them as a valid subculture of open-minded non-confirmists." The SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER called the film, "…hilariously insightful…".

W.K. (Keith) Border has developed and produced well over a dozen features. His most recent producing credits include TREKKIES and SUCKERS as well as five HBO premieres that were part of the "American Yakuza" series. SEX, DEATH & EYELINER is his directorial debut.

"Pig," shot in a dreamlike black and white, depicts the relationship between a killer and his victim in which all the lines are crossed, blending fantasy with reality. The unconscious mind of a killer is transformed, manifesting itself into abstraction in this black and white film that served to "exorcise and transition" the personal demons of Rozz Williams who committed suicide at the age of 34. Dutch born director Nico B realized this vision in this film.

Directors Keith Border & Nico B will appear for a Q&A following the screening.

Please note that this evening’s program is not for the squeamish. Persons under 17 will not be admitted without an adult.

LA based filmmakers Keith Border (SEX, DEATH AND EYELINER) and Nico B ("Pig") are available for interview. Keith Border can be reached through Lauren at Neo at 323.653-6007. For press information about "Pig" please contact Bruce Dunlop at Triple X records at 323.221-2204. Screening cassettes are available for press preview. Also, black & white photos and press kits.

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING (93 min.): Thursday, February 17 at 7:30 PM

Shot in an almost voyeuristic style by cinematographer Alex Vendler (THE BIBLE & GUN CLUB, KURT & COURTNEY), Frank Novak’s sensitve, humanizing portrait of domestic life takes us play by play into the escalating drama surrounding the disintegration of Don (Bob Miller and Donatella’s (Petra Western) marriage. While loud-mouthed Don revels as the reigning, out-of-control king (and proud owner of "black tail turtle" – some rare collectable plush…), of his white trash circle of beer guzzling, action figure collecting buddies, Donatella goes through a subtle breakdown that escapes the understanding of her concerned new lover. The battle between husband and wife starts getting dangerous when a rocket launcher enters the equation and Don builds a wall down the middle of their house to separate them.

The Cinematheque presents the LA Premiere of director Frank Novak’s feature film debut, following two previous screenings (once through Alternative Screen and once in our Greatest Hits series) of his short film "Domestic Disturbance" (which inspired the feature). Following the World Premiere at the 2000 Slamdance Film Festival, GOOD HOUSEKEEPING comes to the Egyptian. Novak runs the LA-based, international furniture manufacturing and retail business Modernica which makes furniture in the style of Eames and other designers working in the ‘50s and early 60’s. Writer/Director Frank Novak and other cast & crew members will appear for discussion following the screening.

LA based filmmaker Frank Novak is available for interview Screening cassettes, press kits and photos are available. Please call 323.461.2020, ext. 115 or 116 for press materials.

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