Victorian Magic Lantern Show
















Thursday, June 22 -- 7:30 PM

The Victorian Big Screen Extravaganzas That Led To The Movies!

Transports You To Another Time And Place!

The theme of this authentic recreation of an 1890’s magic lantern show (the great grandfather of the movies) is Springtime. A charging goat, blooming flowers, a beautiful highland lass, leaping jesters and cats slugging it out in Italian are all part of a spectacular show featuring original, hand-painted, color slides projected on a full size movie screen with spectacular special effects. Each story is accompanied by dramatizations performed by a showman and singer, as well as audience participation to the tune of horn tooting and sing-a-longs. Presented by fifth generation lanternist Terry Borton. This event is being held concurrent with the annual Magic Lantern convention. For more information see

Special thanks to Terry Borton, The American Magic-Lantern Theater