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Thursday, April 1, 1999

The American Cinematheque at the Egyptian, in our fourth annual collaboration with OUTFEST, the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, presents QUEER SHORTS, a one night showcase of Gay & Lesbian-themed short films on Thursday, April 1, 1999. The program begins at 8:00 PM in the Lloyd E. Rigler Theatre. Outrageously funny, charming, surreal and meditative, this selection of several recent shorts with a decidedly "queer" bent reflect the varied facets of the "queer" experience. Highlights of the program include the Los Angeles premiere of Paul Sbrizzi's "It Dwells In Mirrors" a surreal look at a man's desire for escape; 1999 Palm Springs Film Festival Audience Award winner, Kelli Simpson's "Two Girls And A Baby," PopcornQ producer Jenni Olsen's "Blue Diary," an experimental narrative about a young lesbian pining for a straight girl; and "Happy Birthday" (Parabens) a Portugese docu-style charmer about birthday surprises. Filmmakers are scheduled to appear for post screening discussions subject to their availability.   Films will not necessarily be screened in the order listed within each program. All screenings are held in the Lloyd E. Rigler Theatre at the Egyptian Theatre (6712 Hollywood Boulevard between McCadden and Las Palmas) in Hollywood.

Thursday, April 1, 1999

The program begins at 8:00 PM with Joao Pedro Rodrigues' "Happy Birthday" ("Parabens") (15 min.) a clever Portuguese film in which a very hung-over man discovers the meaning of a birthday surprise on the morning of his 30th birthday. Followed by: the Los Angeles premiere of Paul Sbrizzi's "It Dwells In Mirrors" (13 min.) a surreal and highly stylized look into a man's desire to escape his demons by venturing into the mystery, humiliation and humor of anonymous sexual encounters; 1999 Palm Springs Festival Audience Award Winner and 1999 Sundance Film Festival Official Selection, Kelli Simpson's "Two Girls And A Baby" (24 min.), a charming and funny look into the trials and tribulations of an Australian lesbian couple trying to have a baby through a sperm bank; Tom E. Brown's "Rubber Gloves" (6 min.), a short and screwy mock experimental film about the social,  physical, and mental consequences of living with AIDS (Brown is the director of "Run Johnny, Run" which played over 100 film festivals and can be seen on the Sundance and IFC Channels); "Unsung Cowboy" (27 min.), Jeremy Simmon's enlightening trip to Alberta, Canada to meet a cowboy who exists in a limbo between two very different worlds; Jenni Olsen's "Blue Diary" (6 min.), a meditative and melancholy look into a young lesbian's desire for a straight girl. Written and directed by PopcornQ (a massive lesbian and gay film website, producer and writer Jenni Olsen, the film also features voice over by San Francisco based musician Lynn Flipper (Tribal 8); and David Fourier's "Majorettes in Space" (6 min.), an inventive crowd-pleaser that hilariously looks at the commonality between the Pope Mobile and a condom! Filmmakers Paul Sbrizzi and Jeremy Simmons are scheduled to appear subject to their availability. Order of the films subject to change.

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