July 14 – 16, 2000

Japanese Science-Fiction & Monster Film Weekend

Presented in association with G-FEST 2000

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Our series coincides with the annual G-FEST Convention for Godzilla and Japanese monster fans, which features seminars, special guest appearances, dealers’ rooms and more. G-FEST 2000 will be held this year at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. For more information call: (614) 470-0108, e-mail to g-fest@neptune-media.com, or check out the website at www.g-fan.com. Please note that G-FEST attendees receive a $2.00/per ticket discount for screenings during this series (limit one ticket per screening.) You must present your G-FEST badge at the Egyptian box office when you purchase tickets - !

Series Compiled by Bill Ferguson, Dennis Bartok and Chris D.


Special Thanks to: Masaharu Ina/TOHO CO.; Mike Schlesinger/COLUMBIA PICTURES REPERTORY; Masaki Koga/SHOCHIKU CO.; Brad Warner/TSUBURAYA PROD.; Christine Iso/PACIFICA INT’L FILM & TV CORP.; Mark Ordesky/FINE LINE; Haruyo Moriyoshi/DAIEI-TOKUMA.

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Beware, Los Angeles -- your sunny hills and stripmalls are about to be invaded by hordes of gigantic, radioactive lizards, 3-headed dragons and space moths … ! For three days, the Egyptian plays host to some of the most famous monsters in Japanese cinema – including Godzilla (and son), Ultraman, Mothra, and King Ghidorah --, along with rare U.S. appearances by some of the main creative talents behind these legendary creatures, including director Keita Amemiya (MAKARAGA: MOON OVER TAO), actress Megumi Odaka (GODZILLA VS. DESTOROYAH), producer Kiyoshi Suzuki (ULTRAMAN TIGA: THE FINAL ODYSSEY), suitmation actor Haruo Nakajima (GODZILLA), and visual effects directors Sadamasa Arikawa (GODZILLA) and Koichi Kawakita (GODZILLA VS. DESTOROYAH).


Friday, July 14 – 7:00 PM

Original Japanese Version – New 35 mm. Print!!

GODZILLA (GOJIRA), 1954, Toho, 98 min. With Takashi Shimura, Momoko Kochi, Akira Takarada. The film that started it all. Japan’s most famous monster rose from the literal ashes of the atomic bomb, to wreak havoc on 1950’s Tokyo. Brilliantly directed by the late Ishiro Honda, GODZILLA was both thrilling entertainment and a devastating parable on the dangers of nuclear armament (witness the slow, haunting shots of the scorched victims of Godzilla’s rampage.) Released in the U.S. in a radically-altered version that featured scenes with actor Raymond Burr, GODZILLA is finally seen here in its original Japanese version with English subtitles, featuring almost 20 minutes of footage missing from the U.S. release!! Discussion following with visual effects director Sadamasa Arikawa and suitmation actor Haruo Nakajima.


Friday, July 14 – 9:30 PM

U.S. Premiere! Director Keita Amemiya In Person!

MAKARAGA: MOON OVER TAO, 1997, Shochiku, 96 min. Gorgeous aliens, telepathic villains and heroic young swordsmen battle in 16th century Japan for the control of the "Makaraga," a weapon of awesome destructive power. Director Keita Amemiya (ZEIRAM, CYBER NINJA) skillfully blends elements of samurai movies, science fiction and good old-fashioned monster action in this wildly enjoyable film. Co-starring the lovely Yuko Moriyama (also from ZEIRAM), Toshiyuki Nagashima, Hiroshi Abe and Yoshino Sayaka. Discussion following with director Keita Amemiya.


Saturday, July 15 – 5:00 PM

SON OF GODZILLA (GOJIRA NO MUSUKO), 1967, Toho, 86 min. Dir. Jun Fukuda. Dismissed by some as just a "kiddie movie," SON OF GODZILLA is actually one of the best of the mid-60’s Godzilla films. Weather experiments on a remote island cause plants and animals to grow to massive size – including Minya, the smoke ring-blowing, fun-loving offspring of Godzilla. Together, father and son battle the giant spider Spigon, and bond in their own special, radioactive lizard way. Discussion following with visual effects director Sadamasa Arikawa and suitmation actor Haruo Nakajima.


Saturday, July 15 – 7:30 PM

GODZILLA VS. DESTOROYAH, 1995, Toho/Columbia, 103 min. Dir. Takao Okawara. With Yoko Ishino, Takuro Tatsumi. Absolutely thundersome, city-crunching Godzilla action, as the Big G discovers he has heart problems (turns out his ticker is a thermonuclear reactor, set to explode), and goes head-to-head with Destoroyah, a nasty, fang-covered sea beast created by the oxygen-destroyer device that killed the "original" Godzilla back in 1954. The phenomenal Megumi Odaka appears once again as psychic "Miki Saegusa" – a role she’s played in six (!!) Godzilla features, more than any other performer.

Discussion following with actress Megumi Odaka, visual F/X director Koichi Kawakita, & Godzilla suitmation actor Kenpachiro Satsuma.


 Saturday, July 15 – 10:15 PM

U.S. Premiere! Producer Kiyoshi Suzuki In Person!

ULTRAMAN TIGA: THE FINAL ODYSSEY, 2000, Tsuburaya Prod., 90 min. Following a titanic battle with the octopoid monster Gatanozoigar, our hero Daigo finds he’s lost the power to transform into the amazing "Ultraman Tiga." Two years later, a team researching mysterious ruins on a South Seas island uncovers a trio of enormous supervillains, Hyudora, Dahram and the golden goddess Kamiila. When Daigo investigates, he discovers an ancient secret that links him to the supervillains, and transforms him into the sinister "Ultraman Tiga Dark" …

Discussion following with producer Kiyoshi Suzuki.


Sunday, July 16 – 5:00 PM

U.S. Premiere!

RING, 1998, Pacifica Int’l/Fine Line, 96 min. Dir. Hideo Nakata. With Matsushima Nanako, Nakatani Miki. A phenomenal, runaway hit in Japan (where it’s already spawned manga comic books, a tv series and a sequel), RING also happens to be the most haunting and exquisite horror film to hit these shores since THE SIXTH SENSE. A female reporter, Reiko, investigates a series of inexplicable deaths – the only link is that all the victims watched the same videotape. With the help of her ex-husband, a parapsychologist, Reiko is slowly drawn into a chilling web that blends rumor, folklore and modern technology, inching ever closer to the horrific spirit that inhabits the videotape.


Sunday, July 16 – 7:15 PM

U.S. Premiere!

REBIRTH OF MOTHRA 3 (MOSURA 3), 1998, Toho/Columbia, 90 min. Dir. Okihiro Yoneda. With Megumi Kobayashi. Everyone’s favorite space moth returns in this spectacular, monster-packed fantasy film, as she tackles the new, redesigned King Ghidorah, encounters long-lost Jurassic dinosaurs, and transforms into the slicing-dicing Metal Mothra (!!)