JUNE 20 – 21, 2000

Down Under Wonders: Films from Australia & New Zealand




Series compiled by Andrew P. Crane.

Special thanks to: RPM International; Gordon Durich/SAGA Productions; Tonia Epstein/SHOWFILM; Karen Kushel/SOUTHCORP WINES; Christine Roden/AUSTRALIAN PRODUCTS; Marisa Keselica/COWBOY BOOKING; Augustus Delgaro/TOTAL FILM & TELEVISION







Expanding from last years enormously successful "Down Under Shorts," this year’s selection includes two nights of L.A. Premieres – showcasing some of the best new short films to come out of Australia and New Zealand recently, plus two unseen feature films: Megan Simpson Huberman’s sweet romantic comedy DATING THE ENEMY (a big hit in Australia) starring Guy Pearce (PRISCILLA:QUEEN OF THE DESERT, L.A.CONFIDENTIAL, RULES OF ENGAGEMENT) and Ann Turner’s breathtaking, period drama, HAMMERS OVER THE ANVIL starring Russell Crowe (ROMPER STOMPER, L.A. CONFIDENTIAL, THE INSIDER, GLADIATOR) and Charlotte Rampling (NIGHT PORTER, WINGS OF THE DOVE). Several of the filmmakers will be in attendance. Enjoy a reception with Australian food and beverages after watching the best selection of new short films from "Down Under."


TUESDAY, JUNE 20 – 7:30 pm


All LA Premieres!

Brad McGann’s "It Never Rains" (12 min.) Award-winning director of last years "Possum" returns with an earlier film detailing a wayward boy’s meeting with an adult who, though "having it all, has lost "everything". Amanda Brochie’s "Break & Enter"(9 min.)Both the victim and perpetrator get so much more than they bargained for in this funny, unexpected film. Delia Churchill’s "Little White Lies"(9 min.) A woman who does NOT have it all together tries to keep those scales balanced! Maciek Wszelaki’s "Fresh"(3 min.) An astute satire on those archetypal saccharine commercials from our glorious past. Jamie Browne’s "Industrial Relations"(14 min.) Disastrous results can happen when management and the workers that toil below them do not see eye to eye. Kieran Darcy-Smith’s "The Island"(4 min.) From the co-director of last years "Loaded" a little boy gets a wet surprise in this gorgeous gem. Jo Kennedy’s "Lost"(13 min.)The police are mystified when three children, refusing to give their names, are found wandering on the beach. Jo directed last years quirky "Quill". Adam Elliot’s "Cousin"(5 min.) This multi, award-winning animated short will break your heart as it brings a smile to your face. Really! Mimi Ivey’s "War Story"(14 min.) A beautiful, dreamlike film from a girls point of view, as her family and possibly her country goes to war! Christopher Stollery’s "Fine"(7 min.) A quick, sharp take on meter maids or ‘warriors" we love to hate. Angeleno drivers take notes! Matt Seville's "Franz & Kafka" (5 min.) A beautiful, nightmarish look at the mind of a literary genius. Peter & Michael Spierig's "Sunday Morning" A modern tale of "love," in which no one wants to be the player. Robin Feiner & Jessee Gibson's "Old Man" A crafty older gent keeps on driving in this funny film. Q & A afterwards with

Discussion following with Mimi Ivey ("War Story"), Brad McGann ("It Never Rains"), Jo Kennedy ("Lost"), Jamie Browne ("Industrial Relations") and Maciek Wszelaki ("Fresh"). and a reception with Australian food & drink.




DATING THE ENEMY 1996, Total, 97 min. Dir. Megan Simpson Huberman. Guy Pearce (PRISCILLA, QUEEN OF THE DESERT, LA CONFIDENTIAL, RULES OF ENGAGEMENT) stars as Brett; a confident, somewhat arrogant "pretty-boy," host of a music show who falls in love with science writer, Tasha, played by Claudia Karven. A twist ensues when the two switch genders during a full moon. These accomplished actors then have their work cut out for them. A hit in Australia, this fast, funny look at relationships in the 90’s is another chance to see the range and craft of Mr. Pearce. Note! For Aussie television fans, Matt Day also has a role here!




HAMMERS OVER THE ANVIL, 1991, Beyond, 101 min. Dir. Ann Turner ("Celia"). Russell Crowe (ROMPER STOMPER, LA CONFIDENTIAL, THE INSIDER, GLADIATOR) in the outback is only one of the pleasures of this exquisitely shot award-winning film set in a rural Australian town at the turn of the last century. Crowe is East; a horse trainer who is pursued by all the eligible females of the town. Charlotte Rampling is the wealthy, married woman who arrives in town to break the hopes and hearts of many a lass who had her heart set on East. A crime this never got US distribution, with the rise of Russell Crowe’s star, now is your chance to chart his evolution as an actor. Based on a much-loved children’s book, director Ann Turner has turned Hammers Over The Anvil into a very adult, steamy love story. Note: An outstanding soundtrack includes tracks by the critically acclaimed "Not Drowning, Waving".