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Series programmed by: Fernando Brun, Fernanda Baserga and Chris D.
Special Thanks to: Patagonik Film Group/Filmsharks; Telefé Contenidos; Pampas Films; Matanza Cine/Fine Cut; El Dorado Contenidos.



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<<< November 21 - 23, 2008 >>>

New Argentine Cinema 2008


This Series is an Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!

Presented by the Consulate General and Promotion Center of the Argentine Republic in Los Angeles, in association with the American Cinematheque


Argentine cinema’s long-lasting comeback continues in 2008, with its films having a strong impact in international film festivals. With the success of the Argentina New Cinema series for six years in a row, we're thrilled to be back with another impressive lineup of films, including Pablo Trapero’s profound drama LION’S DEN (LEONERA) considered to be this director’s pinnacle film so far, highlight by lead actress Martina Gusmán’s extraordinarily fiery performance; this year’s blockbuster A BOYFRIEND FOR MY WIFE (UN NOVIO PARA MI MUJER), a clever dark comedy directed by Juan Taratuto and starring Adrián Suar, Valeria Bertuccelli and Gabriel Goity; Alex Tossenberger’s GIANTS OF VALDES (GIGANTES DE VALDÉS), a moving story of self-discovery shot in the immensity of the Argentine Patagonia coast; and RAIN (LLUVIA), Paula Hernandez’s narrative fiction of a man and a woman whose sudden encounter will change the direction of their lives. Finally, this year’s most recent release and already a blockbuster, THE LEGEND (LA LEYENDA), directed by Sebastián Pivotti and starring Pablo Rago, Leonora Balcarce and Benjamín Rojas, exploring the adrenaline and unlimited speed of car racing, a race between two contenders that goes beyond the finish line. Plus don’t miss our Saturday afternoon screening of the historic drama MISSING IDENTITY (CINE POR LA IDENTIDAD) produced by Telefé Contenidos on the disappearances during the military regime in Argentina (1976-1983), illustrating the painstaking reality of the deprivation of identity of those born within illegal detention centers at that time.




Friday, November 21 – 7:30 PM

A BOYFRIEND FOR MY WIFE (UN NOVIO PARA MI MUJER), 2008, Patagonik Film Group/Filmsharks, 96 min. Dir. Juan Taratuto. "The Tense One" (Adrián Suar) is the typical middle-class Argentine guy who enjoys hanging out and spending time with his pals, dreaming that his wife, Tana (Valeria Bertuccelli) will wake up one day smiling and leaving behind her frustration and permanent pessimism, which has drained their marriage. "The Tense One" wants to break up, but he doesn’t know how. He shares his drama with his friends, who advise him to get his wife to split by hiring "The Crow" (Gabriel Goity), a guy with a reputation for being an irresistible seducer, the only one in town who could make her fall in love and leave. A crowd-pleaser on the misadventures of an unusual couple and the constant need for renewing relationships.



Saturday, November 22 – 5:00 PM

MISSING IDENTITY (CINE POR LA IDENTIDAD), 2008, Telefé Contenidos, 90 min. Dir. Miguel Colom. What if you were not who you think you are? During the late 1970s, a military dictatorship ruled Argentina with an iron fist. No political rights were granted to the general public, and the government implemented a plan to exterminate all opposition. Left-leaning citizens were detained and tortured in illegal detention centers with no official acknowledgement that these operations were being held. Between 1976 and 1983, the military regime was responsible for 30,000 disappeared persons. An estimate of 500 children were born in captivity and given illegally to adoptive parents, in many cases linked to the perpetrators of their parents’ murder. Although the children were not aware of their identity, their relatives were, especially their biological grandparents, who never gave up looking for them. This docudrama, adapted from a popular Argentine mini-series, explores these stories.


Saturday, November 22 - 7:00 PM

THE LEGEND (LA LEYENDA), 2008, Pampas Films, 90 min. Dir. Sebastián Pivotto. Lucas Vallejos (Pablo Rago) and Juan Manuel Migliardi (Benjamín Rojas) explore the adrenaline and unlimited speed of car racing as they compete for a place on the race team. Beatriz "Bea" Ulloa (Leonora Balcarce) is an engineer responsible for picking the best among the contenders. A huge box office smash in Argentina and an action movie that shows how Juan Manuel and Lucas get prepared for a race that goes beyond the finish line for Bea’s love.



Saturday, November 22 - 9:00 PM

LION’S DEN (LEONERA), 2008, Matanza Cine/Fine Cut, 113 min. Dir. Pablo Trapero. The odyssey of Julia (masterfully played by Martina Gusmán), a young pregnant university student who is sent to prison after a crime of passion. Desperate Julia tries to put her pregnancy to an end without success. She is transferred to a prison unit that houses single mothers with children, mothers who would do anything for their children’s welfare, even when confinement conspires against that elementary right. Julia understands that there is no life for her beyond that of her child. We follow her during the four years that she’s allowed to keep and raise her son, Tomás, facing obstacles and difficulties of daily prison life, opening a space for debate and reflection on motherhood, solitude, love, confinement and hope. A Cannes 2008 official selection and the official Argentine submission for the Academy Awards. Trailer | Review




Sunday, November 23 - 6:00 PM

Double Feature:

GIANTS OF VALDES (GIGANTES DE VALDES), 2008, El Dorado Contenidos, 100 min. Dir. Alex Tossenberg. Thomas Bullrich (Federico D’Elía) works for a multinational company headquartered in Buenos Aires hoping to develop tourism opportunities in Patagonia. He arrives in the region’s remote Peninsula Valdés under false pretenses, scheming to get the townspeople’s agreement to the construction of a five-star resort, not caring about the impact such a huge settlement would have on the ecology and marine life. When the locals catch on, Thomas is desperate -- until he meets Joseph, an illiterate local fisherman whose wisdom will transform him forever. Trailer

RAIN (LLUVIA), 2008, Patagonik Films/Shark Films, 110 min. Dir. Paula Hernandez. As rain falls on Buenos Aires, Alma (Valeria Bertuccelli) and Roberto (Ernesto Alterio) live solitary lives. A few days previous, Alma left the man she had lived with for nine years, making her car a temporary home. Roberto has come back to his country after almost 30 years abroad, to find his father in a coma and an apartment to close up. In the middle of an endless traffic jam, Alma’s car door opens unexpectedly, Roberto gets in and Alma, not knowing exactly why, lets him. They are totally unaware that this sudden encounter will alter the direction of their lives. A story of a man and a woman on their way to somewhere, halfway from who they are to who they will become.