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Programmed by: Margot Gerber & Gwen Deglise. Some program notes by Margot Gerber.
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Sande Zeig/Artistic License Films; Jennifer Fox & Zohe Films.


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<<< September 27 - 29, 2007 >>>


A Film by Jennifer Fox

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This film will be presented in three installments at both the Aero & Egyptian Theatre.

"Jennifer Fox's "FLYING" should be required viewing for every woman!"

- Candace Bushnel, Writer/Creator, "Sex and the City"

"By turns playful, sexy, tragic and contemplative, 'Flying' is an addictive soap about sexuality and sisterhood."
- The New York Times

The American Cinematheque at the Aero & Egyptian Theatres and Artistic License Films presents a limited engagement of FLYING: CONFESSIONS OF A FREE WOMAN, September 5 - 29. This global, real-life "Sex In The City" is relevant to all women (and the men in their lives) -- married, single, divorced, with or without children, in or out of relationships! Never before in history have so many women had such autonomy to construct a life of their own creation. Yet 'choice' does not necessarily equal happiness, let alone freedom. Meanwhile, old models of femaleness still haunt women everywhere. In this six-hour tour de force, which began when independent woman and filmmaker Jennifer Fox was an unmarried, 42-year old New Yorker with a jet-setting career, a hip loft and a married lover in South Africa, Fox examines these topics over five years, in seventeen countries from South Africa to Russia, India and Pakistan, through intimate conversations with women of many ages, races, classes and cultural identities who 'pass' Jennifer's camera to examine everything from sex to cancer. The film is broken into six chapters which can be viewed separately. They will be presented several times so that it is possible to catch them all even if out of order. Jennifer Fox will be present for discussion at select screenings at the Aero Theatre.

Always feeling more akin to her father who seemed so "free" compared to her housewive mother in a suburban home, Fox decided to compare notes with her 21st century female compatriots around the world. To do so, Fox employs an ingenious new camera technique, called "passing the camera," creating a documentary language that mirrors the special way women communicate. Over intimate conversations around kitchen tables, she initiates a groundbreaking dialogue among over 100 women, illuminating universal concerns across race, class and nationality. The film creates a cross-cultural story about common experiences of modern female life on issues such as love, socialization, marriage, work, child-rearing, aging, violence, sexual abuse, spirituality, death, politics. Part delectable soap opera, sociopolitical inquiry, and narrative experiments, FLYING: sweeps us up into an addictive international adventure chronicled with sincerity, innovation and elegance.

This film is opening nationally. Artistic License is the distributor. For a release schedule please see:

Opening Night, September 5th Girls Night Out Reception Following at the Aero.


Thursday, September 27 - 7:30 PM

FLYING: CONFESSIONS OF A FREE WOMAN, (Artistic License, 2006), directed by Jennifer Fox. Chapter One: NO FEAR OF FLYING: Living the Free Life, 60 min. Shot in USA (NYC, Wyoming), Lapland, South Africa (Capetown). In this first chapter, filmmaker Jennifer Fox assesses her life as a modern woman, 42-year old woman with a secret married lover in South Africa and a Swiss boyfriend (who she is not initially attracted to), and peers into the lives of her girlfriends. L'Dawn, who battles a 7-year divorce while raising two teen daughters; Mindy, broken up with her rock-star boyfriend (but they still have sex); and Pat, a 50 year-old blues singer who is diagnosed with a brain tumor. Jen herself spends a lot of time traveling the world for work: she is free and "single" and struggling with "commitment phobia." What is this strange modern life all are living?

Chapter Two: TEST PILOTING: TICK TOCK The Biological Clock, The Single Woman, 60 min. Shot in USA (NYC, Wyoming, Philadelphia), Britain (London), France (Paris), South Africa (Johannesburg, Capetown). Jennifer's biological clock rings an alarm. Jennifer fought for sexual freedom her whole life in lieu of family and security, but now wonders if she missed some essential female experience? No matter how free she thinks she is, she can't shake the message she was raised with: that women need a husband to have children. Jen takes off around the globe to see how women from other cultures are dealing with the issue. She decides enough is enough. She will stop using birth control with her two men and let fate decide. She stops in Wyoming to spend time with L'Dawn who is of native American descent and who has been living near her childhood home with her daughters since her divorce financially forced her out of NYC.



Friday, September 28 - 7:30 PM

FLYING: CONFESSIONS OF A FREE WOMAN, (Artistic License,2006), directed by Jennifer Fox. Chapter Three: EXPERIENCING TURBULANCE: The Price of Sexual Freedom, 60 min. Shot in USA (NYC, Massachusetts, San Francisco, Philadelphia), India (Bombay, Calcutta, Nagpur). Jennifer returns home to a shocking answering machine message: her lover's wife has discovered the affair. Her friends weigh in on the morality of relationships with married men. Meanwhile, Jen must pull herself together: Patrick is arriving from Switzerland for a vacation. Later in New York, she meets Paromita, a community organizer from India, who invites her to visit. She flies to India, where Paromita leads Jen on a surprising, sometime hilarious, exploration of sexual rules in Indian culture, making Jen reflect on her own "free" values. She is surprised to learn that there is no word in this culture's language for female masturbation and the women in the village where Paromita works cannot fathom how it would be done! Many of them are very young widows since the tradition is for men to marry women considerably younger than them. Even the free-thinking Paromita gets the giggles over the thought of masturbation.

Chapter Four: CRASH AND BURN: The Things All Women Share, 60 min. Shot in USA (NYC), Russia (Moscow & suburbs), Britain (London); Cambodia (Phnom Pen and Poi Pet). Jen discovers she is pregnant, but miscarries. Heartbroken, she heads for Russia where she meets Svetlana, whom she confides in about some unresolved sexual secrets from her past. Sveta convinces Jen she must fly to Zurich to see Patrick, but can they see eye to eye about the miscarriage? Afterwards, she flies to Cambodia to meet Chanthol, who runs a shelter for trafficked women. There, Jen is pained to discover that women who are tricked into sex before marriage have little other choice than to become prostitutes.



Saturday, September 29 - 7:30 PM

FLYING: CONFESSIONS OF A FREE WOMAN, (Artistic License, 2006), directed by Jennifer Fox. Chapter Five: WALKING AWAY FROM THE WRECK, The Secret of Male Power, 60 min. Shot in South Africa (Johannesburg, Capetown), Pakistan (Islamabad & Afghanistan Border), Somali Exiles in England (Manchester & Sheffield). Arriving in South Africa to teach, Jen finds her Lover separated from his wife. Can Jennifer and her Lover finally be together? She leaves briefly for Pakistan to meet women struggling against their society's male domination. Returning to Africa to teach again, Jen visits her girlfriend Theresa and they dig deep about the repercussions of childhood sexual abuse. Again, Jen must fly to England to meet Amina, a Somali fighting Female Genital Mutilation. When she returns to Africa, she discovers something about her lover she never saw before.

Chapter Six: BREAKING THE SOUND BARRIER, Female Life Backwards: New Technology for the "New Woman," 60 min. Shot in USA (NYC, Massachusetts, Philadelphia, Wyoming, Florida). Despite the fact that they still live in different countries, though Patrick passes through NYC for work periodically, Patrick and Jen renew their relationship and they realize that time is running out to have a child. They decide to try IVF -- In Vitro Fertilization. With Patrick in Zurich, Jen rushes into IVF in New York with the help of her close girlfriends. Finally, Patrick arrives for the big day of retrieval and implantation. But suddenly Jen's Gram is hospitalized. She and her mother and aunt gather around her dying grandmother. Jen begins to see the three women who raised her differently and begins to feel like less of an outsider amongst this group of closely bonded women.