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<<< November 16 - 18,  2007 >>>

New Argentine Cinema

Co-presented by the Consulate General and Promotion Center of the Argentine Republic in Los Angeles, the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship of Argentina.


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This Series is an Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!

We are proud to announce the sixth edition of the Argentina New Cinema series showcasing a line up of Los Angeles Premieres that include Pablo Trapero’s powerful and profound drama BORN AND BRED (NACIDO Y CRIADO); noir thriller THE SIGNAL (LA SEÑAL) starring Ricardo Darin, that also marks Darin’s directorial debut (co-helming with Martin Hodara); Hernán Gaffet’s fresh comedy CITY IN HEAT (CIUDAD EN CIELO); Marcos Carnevale’s delightful and timely film MAKE A WISH (TOCAR EL CIELO) with China Zorrilla (ELSA AND FRED) and Facundo Arana; a tribute to early silent films THE AERIAL (LA ANTENA) directed by Esteban Sapir; INCORREGIBLES, Rodoldo Ledo’s hilarious comedy; Teresa Constantini’s beautiful CITIES AND LOVE (EL AMOY Y LA CIUDAD); and the family-oriented animated feature THE ARK (EL ARCA) directed by Juan Pablo Buscarini. Opening night features this year’s official submission by Argentina to the Academy Awards, Lucia Puenzo’s XXY (with director in-person!) in a sharp look at the controversial reality of sexual ambiguity, with a reception to follow.



Friday, November 16 – 7:30 PM

US Premiere - Official Argentine Submission for the Academy Awards:

XXY, 2007, Pyramide International, 87 min. Dir. Lucia Puenzo. Alex (Ines Efron, in an astonishing performance), a 15-year-old teenager hides a secret deep within herself. As she matures, she finds herself on a journey to find her true identity while dealing with the challenges of a problematic existence that have plagued her since birth. Her physiological ambiguity makes loneliness an unavoidable torture. Ricardo Darín (NINE QUEENS) is her loving and fearlessly protective father, confused by a biological mystery that rarely occurs, but determined to do what is best for his child, no matter the opposition. A moving, matter-of-fact and brutally honest drama that explores what constitutes an individual’s sexuality. And there are no easy answers. With Valeria Bertuchelli, Martin Piroyanski."The psychological fallout from alternative sexualities is explored to subtle and penetrating effect in Lucia Puenzo's XXY, a study of teen angst that's grounded in more than simply nebulous emotion…its sensitive treatment of an equally sensitive theme elevates it into something memorable…exposure beckons for Puenzo's debut movie in which, unusually, accomplishment matches ambition." – Jonathan Holland, Variety In Spanish with English subtitles. Preceded by short: Los Angeles Premiere: "Lapsus" (2007, 3 min.), directed by Juan Pablo Zaramella. XXY director Lucia Puenzo will introduce the screening. Reception to follow screening.



Saturday, November 17

Egyptian Theatre Historic Tour & FOREVER HOLLYWOOD

10:30 AM Behind The Scenes Tour





Saturday, November 17 – 5:00 PM

Family Matinee:

THE ARK (EL ARCA), 2007, Patagonik, 87 min. This animated comedy recreates the misadventures of the passengers of Noah’s Ark. A new and amusing movie for the entire family, director Juan Pablo Buscarini, creator of the successful THE HAIRY TOOTH FAIRY, invites us aboard an action-packed, fun cruise ship in the company of thousands of animals. But living together does not seem to come easy for the passengers on board. In Spanish with English subtitles.



Saturday, November 17 – 7:00 PM

US Premiere:

THE SIGNAL (LA SEÑAL), 2007, Pampa Films/Fenix/Patagonik, 95 min. When the original writer/director Eduardo Mignogna passed away just before production started, acclaimed actor Ricardo Darin (NINE QUEENS) took over, making his directorial debut with this atmospheric noir thriller, working with co-helmer Martin Hodara. During the last days of Eva Peron, low-ranking detective Corvalon (Darín)is thrust into a case of corruption involving the Mafia. Hired by a beautiful woman for what seems like an ordinary job, Corvalán soon discovers that the supposed victim could ultimately become an executioner. A wrong decision may lead him to a tragic ending. With Diego Peretti, Julieta Diaz.




Saturday, November 17 – 7:00 PM [Spielberg Theatre]

Los Angeles Premiere:

CITY IN HEAT (CIUDAD EN CELO), 2007, Latido Films, 104 min. Dir. Hernan Gaffet. A comedy-drama about "friendships" between men and women. A small group of friends in their early forties gather daily in a coffee shop in Buenos Aires, all single with no stable relationships. When they hear that one of their estranged comrades has committed suicide, they become more acutely aware of the need to share their lives with someone. But they procrastinate as they are forced to start paying attention to their feelings. With Daniel Kuzniecka, Adrien Navarro, Dolores Sola, Nuria Gago, Claudio Rissi. In Spanish with English subtitles.



Saturday, November 17 – 9:30 PM

Double Feature:

Los Angeles Premiere:

BORN AND BRED (NACIDO Y CRIADO), 2006, Films Distribution, 100 min. Dir. Pablo Trapero. Santiago (Guillermo Pfening) is quite well-off with Milli (Martina Gusman), his wife and their small child, Josefina. They make up a happy family enjoying life, with no unpleasant surprises. But a sudden accident on the road triggers a tragedy and a violent shift in Santiago’s existence. He reappears in the frozen landscape of Patagonia, lost, and seemingly at the end of the world. One step ahead of insanity, Santiago must struggle to take control of his fate and the closing of his painful past. "…displaying an immense sense of empathy toward its central character -- with immense landscapes to match…an emotionally stunning journey of a father's return to his senses after a horrible accident." – Robert Koehler, Variety In Spanish with English subtitles.

THE AERIAL (LA ANTENA), 2007, Pachamama Cine, 90 min. Director Esteban Sapir draws on numerous influences, from early 20th Century Fritz Lang to latter-day mavericks such as Guy Maddin, Terry Gilliam and Jean-Pierre Jeunet, in this tribute to early silent black-and-white films. An entire city has lost its voice, as part of a sinister, secret plan to subject all of the inhabitants to the will of the despotic ruler, Mr. TV. With Rafael Ferro, Florencia Raggi, Alejandro Urdapilleta, Julieta Cardinali, Valeria Bertuccelli. In Spanish with English subtitles.



Sunday, November 18

Egyptian Theatre Historic Tour & FOREVER HOLLYWOOD

10:30 AM Behind The Scenes Tour




Sunday, November 18 – 4:00 PM

Los Angeles Premiere:

INCORREGIBLES, 2007, Argentina Sono Film, 85 min. Director Rodolfo Ledo’s hilarious comedy in which an incompetent bank robber takes a hostage only to discover that the man's millionaire father-in-law won't pay the ransom. With Guillermo Francella, Dady Brieva, Gisela Van Lacke, Jorge Rivera Lopez. Please Note: This film will be presented IN SPANISH ONLY; NO ENGLISH SUBTITLES.



Sunday, November 18 – 6:00 PM

Double Feature:

Los Angeles Premiere:

CITIES AND LOVE (EL AMOR Y LA CIUDAD), 2006, Primer Piano Film Group S.A., 102 min. Dir. Maria Teresa Constantini. A story about loneliness, misunderstandings, silence, fear of abandonment and the anguish in finding closure. Juana, Sebastian and Elisa live in the same apartment building in an imaginary and deserted Buenos Aires. Someone calls from Paris, and Elisa departs without leaving any trace. Love, time and individual circumstances will soon change the lives of these lonely people. With Patrick Bachau, Vera Carnevale, Maria Teresa Constantini. In Spanish with English subtitles.

US Premiere: MAKE A WISH (TOCAR EL CIELO), 2007, Sogepaq, 109 min. From Marcos Carnevale, the director of ELSA AND FRED, comes a story about love, friendship and dreams. We follow the ups and downs in the lives of a group of relatives and friends, some living in Spain and the others in Buenos Aires. They all are in search of happiness, and when they finally gather together, old loves and lost memories arise. With China Zorrilla, Betiana Blum and Facundo Arana. In Spanish with English subtitles.