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Series Compiled by: Kirsten Schaffer & Rex Rude.



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Outfest Wednesdays:


The American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theatre and Outfest collaborate to present gay and lesbian programming on Wednesdays at the Egyptian. Outfest Wednesdays is the only gay and lesbian-themed weekly screening series in the country. Founded in 1999, the programming features favorites from past festivals, Hollywood revivals, filmmaker retrospectives and sneak preview and word of mouth screenings of upcoming releases. For more information about Outfest see

Some evenings are in the 78 seat Steven Spielberg Theatre. Those films will screen twice the same night.

Discuss this series with other film fans on:




Wednesday January 4 – 7:30 PM

Outfest Wednesdays

CALL ME MALCOLM, 2004, 90 min. Director Joseph Parlagreco documents the processes of gender re-assignment through the story of Malcolm – a transgender male (FtM) seminary student who is transitioning into an uncertain future from a dreadfully confused past. Before graduating and becoming an ordained minister, he embarks on a spiritually and emotionally driven cross-country road trip where he encounters painful memories, inspiring people and new, if not sometimes unlikely, places of self-discovery. Imbued with graceful courage, humility, spiritual faith and candid conversations, CALL ME MALCOLM opens up the identity of "transgender" to encompass more than a label; it is a unique and affirming story that is expressed through one’s personal relationships, experiences and realizations. By the end of Malcolm’s road trip, he has covered far more than just miles. In Collaboration With: FtM Alliance.




Wednesday, January 11 – 7:30

Outfest Wednesdays

MR. LEATHER, 2005, 70 min. Director Jason Garrett's sexy and entertaining documentary follows nine contestants in their quest to capture the title at the largest leather event on the West Coast, Mr. L.A. Leather. Going behind the scenes of the popular contest, MR. LEATHER reveals the struggles and dreams of these hunky leathermen. They speak candidly about the rigorous physical and mental training for the show as well as their attraction to leather and kink. Occasionally the men display cattiness and competitiveness toward the other contestants, but overall there is love and dedication to this diverse, close-knit community. Whether you are into leather or not, you’ll be drawn into this engaging competition and the heartfelt stories of these enthusiastic contestants. In Collaboration With: Los Angeles Leather Coalition (LALC). Post-screening discussion with director Jason Garrett and the Mr. Leather contestants from the film followed by a reception for all ticket buyers, hosted by Absolut.




Wednesday, January 18 – 7:30 PM

Outfest Wednesdays

SWOON, 1992, Fine Line, 90 min. Based on the same murder case as Alfred Hitchcock’s ROPE, director Tom Kalin presents a radically stylized and blatantly gay account of the notorious 1924 Leopold and Loeb murder case. With the intoxicating look of a vintage Hollywood studio melodrama, SWOON tells the sensational story of two wealthy, young and brilliant Jewish lovers whose thrill-seeking crime spree culminates in the senseless killing of a Chicago schoolboy. Along with sly winks at the camera (anachronistic props, stock footage, allegorical sound affects) SWOON puts forth historical content that makes visible the homophobic exploitation of madness that asks the question, "If you can’t have a marriage ceremony to bind you, why not a murder?" SWOON is a foundational film among the oeuvre of the New Queer Cinema. Discussion following the screening with actor, Craig Chester.




Wednesday, January 25 – 7:30 PM

Outfest Wednesdays

Sneak Preview! IMAGINE ME AND YOU, 2005, Fox Searchlight, 93 min. Set in the quaint neighborhood of Knotting Hill, this soaring romantic comedy captures that undeniable moment of knowing that you’ve just met your ‘one and only.’ On the day of her wedding to long-time sweetheart Heck, Rachel (a stunning Piper Perabo) locks eyes with the sexy wedding florist and her heart flutters. She says "I Do" but can’t get the beautiful woman off her mind. They become friends and the attraction blossoms. Rachel is torn between a familiar, friendly love with her sweet husband and the electricity of her feelings for Luce. Director Ol Parker unspools the story subtly allowing the romance to build in a way that is fresh, powerful and full of humor. A pleasure to watch, from it’s gorgeous cinematography to its superb performances, this is the kind of optimistic, funny and poignant love story between two women that only comes around so often.





Wednesday February 1 - 7:00 PM & 9:00 PM [Spielberg Theatre]

Outfest Wednesdays

THE SECOND SERVE, 1986, Warner Bros., 91 min. Dir. Anthony Page. Dr. Richard Radley, Yale grad, Navel officer, husband, father, brilliant surgeon and tennis champ, was born a biological man, but ever since childhood has felt like a woman. Based on a true story, Vanessa Redgrave - in an astounding and believable role - portrays the painfully physical and psychological, as well as the heart-wrenchingly emotional transformations of Richard Radley into Renee Richards. Following her sex-change operation in 1975, she faced discrimination on many fronts, including fierce opposition from the U.S. Tennis Association who not only refused Renee’s professional participation as a female, but also publicly "outed" her as transgender. SECOND SERVE is that rare made-for-TV-movie that resists the temptation to sensationalize this very personal human story, instead delivering a film that is honest, moving and ground-breaking for its time. With an outstanding teleplay by Gavin Lambert and Stephanie Liss.

This screening is part of LACMA’s tribute to late writer/director Gavin Lambert in collaboration with Outfest. LACMA membership prices will be extended to Outfest and American Cinematheque members who wish to see the rest of the series at LACMA.




Wednesday February 8 - 7:00 PM & 9:00 PM [Spielberg Theatre]

Outfest Wednesdays

MY BROTHER…NIKHIL, 2005, 120 min. Director Onir Anirban presents a powerfully poignant and unconventional narrative about Nikhil - a young gay man infected with AIDS in the 1980’s - and his subsequent fall, or rather, shove from grace. Nikhil - darling son, beloved brother, best friend and champion in grooming - has a nurturing and picturesque life full of endless possibilities in Goa, India, until he is diagnosed as HIV+. His world destroyed, he is left abandoned and ostracized, and eventually isolated, by the familial and social structures he has come to depend on. At the brink of utter despair Nikhil’s hope, perseverance and human dignity are reassured through the relentless determination and unfaltering love of his innermost circle, consisting of his sister Anamika, her fiancÚ Sam and Nikhil’s beautiful lover Nigel. In the bleak face of all odds they demonstrate incredible courage and the impenetrability of the human spirit. MY BROTHER…NIKHIL unfolds as an emotionally layered and highly sensitive cinematic triumph that terrifies and touches. IN COLLABORATION WITH: Satrang



Wednesday, February 15 - 7:30 PM

Outfest Wednesdays

SPONSORED BY: Colin Higgins Foundation

HAROLD AND MAUDE, 1971, Paramount, 91 min. Producer Robert Evans fought hard for non-conformist editor-turned-filmmaker Hal Ashby to be allowed to direct this wildly offbeat romance. The result is one of the most poignant and subversive films of the New Hollywood era, the impossibly beautiful love affair between suicidal youngster Bud Cort and eccentric, 80-year-old Ruth Gordon. Screenwriter Colin Higgins’ (Director of 9 TO 5) dark humor and morbidity underscores social and familial intolerance of HAROLD & MAUDE’S unconventional and non-normative relationship. Harold’s overbearing and socially prudent mother (Vivian Pickles) makes comical floundering attempts to reform her son by sending him to a painfully out-of-touch shrink, setting him up on mismatched blind dates and even attempts to enlist him in the Army. Resonating with the similar stories of forbidden love shared amongst many gays and lesbians, HAROLD AND MAUDE is a universal outcry to follow one’s heart.


Wednesday, February 22 - 7:30 PM

Outfest Wednesdays

A Black History Month Screening: FLAG WARS, 2003, 86 min. Dirs. Linda Goode Bryant & Laura Poitras. This remarkable documentary portrait of a community in the throes of change follows the gentrification by white gays and lesbians of a traditionally working class African-American neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio. The film paints a complex portrait of well-meaning gay renovators, seemingly oblivious to the concerns of aging black residents, some of whom hover just above poverty. The filmmakers achieved remarkable access to both communities and include scenes of Columbus’ black residents expressing a casual homophobia that is both startling and painfully familiar. Porch debates become courtroom proceedings and Black Liberation flags are flown to counter the rainbow flags that now dot the neighborhood. FLAG WARS demonstrates how the realities of class have pit two communities against each other that might otherwise share an alienation from the cultural mainstream. The film illustrates how money well spent can preserve essential pieces of America’s cultural heritage while trampling those who get in the way of other people’s "progress."




Wednesday, March 1 – 7:30 PM



Murderous dykes, steamy Latino men, lesbian moms with gorgeously insane girlfriends and a married man with his eye on his brother-in-law take sex and drama to outrageous extremes. Viva Ruiz’s "Rosa Negra 2, Como Corre El Amor," 2004, 24 min. The second installment of the pansexual, multicultural telenovela spoof continues with its adventures of sexy butches, knife-wielding girlfriends and sexy Latinas in seedy back rooms. Robert Banks Ramirez’ "Saint Martin de 4th Street," 2004, 30 min. Martin, a 13-year-old boy living in 1980’s Montebello, can’t stand his mother’s new domineering vixen of a girlfriend. What’s a boy to do but seek solace and advice from his drag queen Nina and pray to Saint Martin de Porres in this battle between good and evil. Deondray Gossett and Quincy LeNear’s "The DL Chronicles," 2005, 30 min. Move over "Red Shoe Diaries"! When a respectable married man can’t resist the sweet temptations of his brother-in-law, keeping their desires on the down low becomes the new soapy, sexy playground for sexual ambiguity, denial and betrayal.



Wednesday, March 8 – 7:30 PM


DUCK SEASON, 2004, 87 min. Dir. Fernando Eimbcke. Set in an apartment in Mexico City, two 14-year-old friends (Moko and Flama) are left home alone with their teenage boy indulgences—pizza and video games; but Jarmuschian absurdity prevails and the flirtatious neighbor girl and the unpaid pizza delivery guy invade their solitary paradise. These distractions are frustrating, funny and seductive as the boredom and confusion of adolescence dances with their burgeoning sexualities. Amidst pot brownies, porno mags and the uninvited guests, Moko and Flama also experiment with their friendship and ultimately question its origin and future. Be sure to stick around for the end credits.



Wednesday, March 15 – 7:30 PM


FLOORED BY LOVE, 2005, 50 min. Dir. Desiree Lim. This touching family comedy sheds a whimsical light on the universal human needs of love, acceptance and the joy that comes from showing the world who you really are. Cara and Janet’s relationship is challenged by Cara’s fear of commitment and a surprising visit from her conservative Chinese parents. Cut to newly "out" teen heartthrob Jesse, whose world is turned upside down when his hip, trendy and now gay birth dad comes into the picture. Living in the same apartment complex, the lives of the two families are floored with a twist in this thoughtful double comedy that sports a frantic apartment de-dyking, a professional "Queer Eye"-style makeover and plenty of tofu.

Plus short: "Some Real Fangs" 2004, 34 min. Dir. Desiree Lim. A vampiric baby-dyke must put some fangs into her French kiss in order to inherit her matriarchal creature of the night legacy.

In collaboration with: Visual Communications




Wednesday, March 22 – 7:30 PM

OUTFEST WEDNESDAYS at the Aero Theatre with CABARET!



Wednesday, March 29 – 7:30 PM


BASIC INSTINCT, 1991, Sony Repertory, 127 min. Director Paul Verhoeven’s super-steamy erotic thriller pits embittered police detective Michael Douglas against the bisexual queen of femmes fatales, Sharon Stone, a twisted goddess and writer who may just be the ice-pick murderer the cops are searching for. Joe Esterhas’ screenplay is notoriously politically incorrect, and there are juicy bits of dialogue (none of them repeatable here) all through this extremely entertaining chess game of terminal seduction. With George Dzundza, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Dorothy Malone.




Wednesday, April 5 – 7:30 PM


WE ARE DAD, 2004, Indie-Pictures, 68 min. Dir. Michel Horvat. Nominated for Best Documentary, 2006 GLAAD Media Awards. Saints? Or sinners? Steven Lofton and Roger Croteau fell in love while working together in a pediatric AIDS ward in Florida in the early 1980’s. They bravely battled homophobia and racism when they became foster parents to an ever-growing number of "throwaway" babies who had been diagnosed HIV positive. When 13-year-old Bert tested negative for the virus, nothing could have prepared these two men for the heartache they faced when the state decided that Bert must be placed with "normal" parents. Amidst the timely and incendiary politics of gay adoption, director Horvat asks "What is a family?" as he documents this courageous, heartfelt look at the power of love in the face of adversity and the effort of two men fighting to keep their family together. Plus Short: "Flowers From The Heartland" Dir. Peter Daulton, 2004, USA, Video, 25 min. The moving story of Midwesterners’ blind acts of warmth and kindness toward San Francisco couples taking their marriage vows. In Collaboration With: GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), The Popluck Club & GLASS (Gay and Lesbian Adolescent Social Services).




Wednesday, April 19 – 7:30 PM


Packing a programmatic punch, Outfest & the American Cinematheque proudly present the 6th year of QUEER SHORTS. This years’ all-star line-up runs the gamut from tasteless treasures to lesbian comedy to S & M gaymation to such great shorts. These comedic, heartfelt, sometimes intelligent and always entertaining shorts are not to be missed! In Collaboration With: IMRU? Southern California’s LGBT Radio KPFK 90.7 FM.

Michael Trull & Rick Ziegler’s "Small Talk at the Bathhouse" (USA, 4 min.) Two bitchy guys assess the scene at their local bathhouse; The Youth Director’s Guild presents "Gay or Not" (Hong Kong, 22 min.) Made by a group of high school students, this documentary explores "gay gossip" about two fellow classmates at a school in Hong Kong; Ashlee Page’s "Layover" (Australia, 7 min.) A woman and her flight attendant girlfriend discover it’s difficult to get down to business; Greg Lawson’s "Powerplay" (Netherlands, 4 min.) Two business-turned-leathermen have fun – safely; Barbara Green & Michelle Boyaner’s "Tina Paulina and Living on Hope Street" (USA, 10 min.) A documentary on Tina Paulina, an out lesbian who lives on the streets of downtown Los Angeles; Diego Postigo & Antonia San Juan’s "La China" (Spain, 18 min.) As they meander through the streets, these two heroin addicts manage to cobble together a very heated session of some deep truths; David Quantic & Abe Sylvia’s "Push It" (USA, 4 min.) Let’s revisit this R & B club anthem; Kurt Koehler’s "Taco Chick & Salsa Girl" (USA, 15 min.) In this very broad comedy, political correctness flies out the window as racial stereotypes are examined and thrown right back at us. Program compiled by Rex Rude & Andrew P. Crane. Discussion to follow screening with Michael Trull & Rick Ziegler (Small Talk at the Bathhouse), Barbara Green & Michelle Boyaner (Tina Paulina and Living on Hope Street), David Quantic (Push It) & Kurt Koehler (Taco Chick and Salsa Girl), then join us for a reception.




Wednesday, May 10 – 7:30 PM [Spielberg]


TOTALLY F***ED-UP, 1993, 78 min. Director Gregg Araki follows a group of gay and lesbian teenagers over a short period, witnessing the hopes, dreams, despair and angst of being, not just young and gay, but an outcast in general. Honest, funny and down-to-earth. With James Duval. Hosted by Alonso Duralde of The Advocate.




Wednesday, May 24 – 7:30 PM


PHAEDRA, 1962, Sony Repertory, 115 min. Director Jules Dassin’s dazzling update of the Greek tragedy by Euripedes focuses on Greek shipbuilding tycoon Raf Vallone’s marriage to the fiery Melina Mercouri and what happens when Vallone’s grown son, played by Anthony Perkins, enters the already volatile mix. Perkins and Mercouri begin a torrid affair that will potentially leave the family empire in ruins. Jacques Natteau’s starkly gorgeous black-and-white cinematography is a marvel to behold, enhancing the already mesmerizing, at times delirious, dramatic pyrotechinics on display. Discussion and booksigning following with Charles Winecoff, author of Anthony Perkins: Split Image (and senior writer on "E! True Hollywood Story").




Wednesday, June 7 – 7:30 PM


THAT MAN: PETER BERLIN, 2005, 80 min. With his trademark Dutchboy haircut, Tom of Finland physique and over-the-top-skin-tight fashions, Peter Berlin became the poster boy for hedonistic gay male sex iconography in the sexually liberated 1970’s. Director Jim Tushinski spent 18 months with Berlin, tracing his life over the past 40 years with interviews, astonishing archival footage and photos awash in eroticism, intrigue and insight that paints a touching portrait of the elusive subject. Discussion following with director, Jim Tushinski. In Collaboration With: The Tom of Finland Foundation




Wednesday, June 28 – 7:30 PM


STRANGERS WITH CANDY, 2005, ThinkFilms, 97 min. Dir. Paul Dinello. A daring leap… backwards! A prequel to the critically acclaimed Comedy Central series of the same name, it is the story of Jerri Blank (Amy Sedaris), a 46 year old, one-time "loser, boozer and user" who returns to high school to start her life over and right her 32 years of debaucherous wrongs – only to find that the cool kids, teen adolescence and the State Science Fair prove to be the more dangerous terrain than her former life. Also starring Stephen Colbert and Paul Dinello. Post-Screening Reception Hosted By: ABSOLUT




Wednesday, August 23 – 7:30 PM


Best of the Fest: Favorites from Outfest 2006

Wednesday August 23 - 7:30 PM

BOYS’ SHORTS. Ready for some hilarious, sexy and bittersweet stories of secret boyfriends, sensitive bad boys and men meeting for the first time? Whether it’s that nagging crush on straight guys, chatting online, or really getting into that karaoke song, these are some of Outfest 2006 most entertaining shorts for, about, and by boys. Daniel Falcone's "Night Swimming" (2005, 19 min). The friendship between two teenage boys takes a turn when their car breaks down en route to a punk rock show. Ian W. Gouldstone's "Guy 101" (2005, 9 min.). Some of the most interesting tales are told via Internet chat. Aron Kantor's "DirtyGlitter 1: Damien" (2005, 13 min.).When a hustler finds photos of himself in a gallery, he sets out into a world of sex and drugs to find the artist responsible for the images. Juan Martin Simons' "K"(2005, 12 min.). K, a gorgeous hustler, is having a secret relationship with his neighbor. Dave O’Brien's "Straight Boys" (2006, 15 min.). College boy Ben is crushing out on his cute straight roommate, but how does his roommate feel about him? David Quantic's "Heart" (2006, 5 min.). Dave appropriates the classic Heart song, "All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You." David Dean Bottrell's "Available Men" (2005, 15 min.). The hilarious fine line between dating and business is exposed when four L.A. men meet in a bar. In Collaboration With: DIVA (Diverse and Inclusive Visionary Artists)




Wednesday, August 30 – 7:30 PM


Best of the Fest: Favorites from Outfest 2006

Wednesday August 30 - 7:30 PM

GIRLS’ SHORTS. Love and sex take center stage in these highly acclaimed dramatic and comedic shorts that tackle the always-timely topics of first love, sexual exploration, secret relationships and obsession. Get acquainted with the beautiful and uproariously funny and clever women in this collection of Outfest 2006 festival favorites. Madeleine Olnek's "Hold Up" (2005, 7 min.). A robber is after more than money during a convenience store hold-up. Joyce Dragonosky's "The Science Of Love" (2005, 14 min.). A professor and her department chair clash over whether love and attraction can be determined scientifically. Andrea Janakas' "Gypsies, Tramps And Thieves" (2005, 22 min.). Two teenage girls fight off the small town doldrums on a snowy night in 1979. Louise Runge's "The Uninvited" (2006, 12 min.). Bizarre adventures ensue when a woman snoops around in her neighbor’s apartment. Jenifer Malmqvist's "Peace Talk" (2005, 14 min.). Little Jonna and her friend Emelie play at being soldiers, but Jonna’s mother doesn’t approve of the course their game takes. Maya Kenig's "Top Of The World" (2005, 15 min.). Two women have been sharing an apartment in Jerusalem and when one decides to leave, the other can’t let go of what was or might have been. Aurora Guerrero's VIERNES GIRL (2005, 6 min.) Sibling rivalry takes a turn when Chila and her older brother Hugo discover they have more in common than they think. In Collaboration With: Women On A Roll





Wednesday September 6 - 7:30 PM


Winner: Outfest 2006 Audience Award, Outstanding Documentary Feature

CAMP OUT, 2006, 78 min. Dirs. Kirk Marcolina & Larry Grimaldi. This surprisingly riveting, highly polished documentary follows 10 engaging teenagers at the first overnight Bible camp for gay Christian youth. Ordinary, happy-go-lucky, music-loving kids narrate their personal journeys and bear witness to a new movement of courageous young people. Caught in the culture war of religion, politics and the queer community, these teens refuse to turn their backs on God. In Collaboration with: The Trevor Project



Wednesday, September 20 – 7:30 PM


Sneak Preview Screening

Winner: Outfest 2005, HBO First Feature & Outstanding Screenwriting Awards

RED DOORS, 2005, Polychrome Pictures, 92 min. Dir. Georgia Lee. Behind the red doors of the Wong family’s residence lie the complicated and endearingly impaired lives of three headstrong sisters and their increasingly entangled romantic situations. Each of their distinctly different lives is masterfully interwoven to reveal the glue that binds the Wong family, including its remarkable matter-of-fact lesbian love story. RED DOORS is a smart, whimsical and funny film that examines the roles family, love and memory play in our daily lives. In Collaboration with: Asian Pacific Islander Pride Council. Opening Theatrically September 2006!




Wednesday, October 4 – 7:30 PM


SHORTBUS, 2006, THINKFilm, 102 min. Written and directed by John Cameron Mitchell (who starred in and directed HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH), SHORTBUS presents sex and sexuality as never before seen in mainstream media. Male and female, straight and gay, the characters find one another – and eventually find themselves – when they all converge at a weekly underground salon called "Shortbus," a mad nexus of art, music, politics and polysexual carnality set in present-day New York.  Q Rating: Explicit Sex. IN COLLABORATION WITH: Babeland.




Monday, October 23 – 7:30 PM


Winner: Kodak’s Outstanding Emerging Talent, Outfest 2006

FAT GIRLS, 2006, 82 min. Dir. Ash Christian. Armed with biting humor, FAT GIRLS follows would-be-Broadway-legend Rodney and his Rubenesque friend Sabrina as they suffer through the indignity known as high school. Channeling his inner "fat girl," Rodney befriends the hot new British boy in school, confronts his own fears and hilariously reaches for his true potential. With this auspicious debut, filmmaker Ash Christian announces his arrival as a major new talent. IN COLLABORATION WITH: UCLA LGBT Campus Resource Center




Wednesday, November 1 – 7:30 PM


COFFEE DATE, 2006, 94 min. Dir. Stewart Wade. In this delightful comedy of errors, a practical joke sends straight man, Todd on a blind date with gay man, Kelly. The two strike up an unexpected friendship, and Todd’s life soon spins out of control. Everyone believes he’s gay and nothing he says or does can convince them otherwise. Even Todd begins questioning his sexuality. Performances by Sally Kirkland, Wilson Cruz, Jonathan Silverman, Deborah Gibson, Jason Stuart and Jonathan Bray makes COFFEE DATE the perfect date film. Discussion following with cast members Wilson Cruz, Jonathan Bray, Jonathan Silverman, Sally Kirkland, Jason Stuart & director Stewart Wade. Followed by a post-screening reception.



Wednesday, November 29 – 7:30 PM


Winner: Outstanding American Narrative Feature & HBO First Narrative Feature, Outfest 2006

THE GYMNAST, 2006, 96 min. Dir. Ned Farr. Dazzling and sexy, this high-flying drama chronicles two women on a journey toward growth and newfound strength. Jane is an unhappily married masseuse who was once an Olympic gymnast. She is drawn back to the gym where she meets gorgeous dancer Sabrina and sparks fly. Their electrifying attraction to each other forces them both to make choices that shake up their lives. IN COLLABORATION WITH: POWER UP





Sunday, December 3 – 12 NOON – 11:00 PM

OUTFEST FUSION Outfest presents Fusion, the Los Angeles LGBT People of Color Film Festival. For the complete schedule visit Purchase tickets in advance at or by calling 213-480-7088. [Not an American Cinematheque event]




Wednesday, December 6 – 8:00 PM


AUNTIE MAME, 1958, Warner Bros., 143 min. Dir. Morton DaCosta. We’re thrilled to ring out yet another year with an Outfest holiday tradition, the AUNTIE MAME extravaganza! Beloved comedienne and camp icon Rosalind Russell (GYPSY) commands center stage as eccentric socialite Mame Dennis, who throws the best parties and throws back the stiffest martinis you’ve ever seen. America’s favorite rich and eccentric relative, acting as a protector to a lonely young nephew, bravely faces the ravages of poverty, snobby stuffed shirts and romantic rivalry to emerge like a phoenix from her own ashes. Join a high-spirited audience of Mame-lovers as we celebrate the glory of Rosalind Russell and a magnificent supporting cast in this raucous, riotous, interactive screening of a movie masterpiece. This evergreen portrait of fabulousness is a queer classic to end all queer classics! Reception and party preceding the screening at 6:00 PM.