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The Film Programs of the American Cinematheque are presented at the newly re-opened and renovated Aero Theatre at 1328 Montana Avenue in Santa Monica and at the magnificently renovated, historic 1922 Grauman's Hollywood Egyptian Theatre. Located at 6712 Hollywood Boulevard.
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Special Events in April:

Some events will repeat at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.




Wednesday, April 12 – 7:30 PM
(MASJÄVLAR), 2005, 98 min. Winner of Best Film, Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actress at the Swedish Film Awards and Sweden’s 2005 box office success story. Director Maria Blom’s film is a comedy about small-town bickering as well as a powerful family drama. Mia, the youngest of the family, returns home to Dalecarlians province to join the celebration of her father’s 70th birthday, only to find that she doesn't have much in common with her two older sisters – Eivor, as 'perfect' and unpleasant as usual, and recently divorced, but still happy Gunilla... As the party progresses, old family intrigues and local conflicts come back to life, presenting Mia with many unpleasant moments. Presented in association with the Consulate General of Sweden’s "Beyond Blonde" festival.



Kevin Thomas

Filmmakers in the indie, experimental, foreign, avant-garde or,until very recently, documentary fields desperately need critics. Lacking money for a promotional campaign and forced to rely on word-of-mouth, these filmmakers have found no better friend over the past 40-plus years than Kevin Thomas of the Los Angeles Times.

Hard to believe there once was a time in antediluvian Los Angeles when major critics shunned anything with subtitles. And drive-in movies were certainly beyond the pale. So it fell to Kevin to alert Angelenos to the French New Wave and to such giants as Akira Kurosawa, Ingmar Bergman, Federico Fellini, Luchino Visconti and Andrei Tarkovsky. He also discovered talented newcomers doing interesting work in films from Roger Corman and American International Pictures. Indeed, he was the first journalist to interview a young actor named Jack Nicholson.

His love of avant-garde and experimental films led him to be the only Los Angeles Times critic to review films by Kenneth Anger and Andy Warhol. Since 1984 his "Special Screenings" column in the Los Angeles Times has been the lifeblood for venues that exhibit films for brief runs or even one night. In short, no one in the Los Angeles critical establishment has done more to create an awareness and appreciation of film culture than Kevin Thomas.

-- Kirk Honeycutt, Los Angeles Film Critics Association

Wednesday, April 19 – 7:30 PM

Film Critic Kevin Thomas’ Favorites:

Kevin Thomas has picked his ten favorite films to be screened at the Aero – don’t miss this monthly occasion to revisit these classics, including SUNSET BOULEVARD, LOLA MONTES, A STAR IS BORN and many other wonderful movies.

Homage to Shelley Winters

THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER, 1955, Sony Repertory, 93 min. Actor Charles Laughton’s one excursion behind the camera gave birth to this pantheon movie marvel, Laughton’s simultaneous debut and swan song as a film director. Robert Mitchum is astonishing as a wandering sociopathic preacher who uses his fire-and-brimstone fundamentalism to mask his schemes to bilk money from gullible yokels, and when that doesn’t work, to blithely rob and murder. Puritanical Shelley Winters, left alone with her son and daughter after husband Peter Graves is sent to jail for robbery, is a perfect target for smooth-talking Mitchum who has gotten wind of the hidden loot. Lillian Gish is rock-solid as the elderly matron who shelters the children when they flee with homicidal Mitchum in pursuit. A genuine work of cinematic poetry and a trenchant allegory on the hypocrisy and evil waiting just below the surface in seemingly harmonious communities. Introduction to film by Shelley Winters’ friend, Kevin Thomas.



Thursday, April 20 – 7:30 PM

BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE (L’UCCELLO DALLE PIUME DI CRISTALLO), 1970, UMC, 96 min. Director Dario Argento’s debut feature film was a huge success all over the world and served to codify the classic giallo thriller formula like no picture before or since. Visiting American writer, Sam Dalmas (Tony Musante) witnesses an attempted murder when he becomes trapped in the foyer of a small art gallery. Although our hero has failed to glimpse the assailant’s face, the black-clad killer nevertheless starts dogging his trail when not busy dispatching beautiful, young women. Suzy Kendall, as Musante’s girl, is stupendous as always, and a great catalogue of character actors join in the fun, including disturbed gallery owner Eva Renzi, hitman Reggie Nalder and itinerant, cat-loving painter Mario Adorf. A pure giallo lover’s delight from beginning to end, with perhaps Ennio Morricone’s all-time greatest giallo score. Additional Italian Giallo thrillers will screen at the Egyptian Theatre.


Friday, April 21 – 7:30 PM

Ronald Neame’s In Person Birthday Celebration with Actress Stella Stevens In Person:

Ronald Neame has certainly had one of the most amazing careers in moviedom, with credits that run the gamut from producing David Lean’s GREAT EXPECTATIONS and OLIVER TWIST to directing Alec Guinness in two of the actor’s finest, THE HORSE’S MOUTH and TUNES OF GLORY. Please join us for this birthday celebration of a great showman.

THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE, 1972, 20th Century Fox, 117 min. Director Ronald Neame and producer Irwin Allen’s literally titanic disaster epic features a Who’s Who of acting talent – Gene Hackman, Ernest Borgnine, Red Buttons, Carol Lynley, Jack Albertson, Roddy McDowall, Stella Stevens and more -- all doing their best to stay alive in the hellish inferno of capsized ocean liner, the S.S. Poseidon. Special kudos to Shelley Winters for her unforgettably ballsy performance, and to special effects expert L.B. Abbott and stunt coordinator Paul Stader for some of the most spectacular disaster scenes in movie history, including the famous upside-down Ballroom. Birthday cake at 6:30 pm and discussion following film with director Ronald Neame. Actress Stella Stevens will appear for a post screening discussion.



Saturday, April 22 – 7:30 PM

Homage to Chris Penn - Double Feature:

Chris Penn, brother to Sean and a Los Angeles homeboy, was a consummately professional actor, constantly working in his chosen profession, always delivering spot-on performances and enhancing everything he appeared in. He will be sorely missed.

RESERVOIR DOGS, 1992, Miramax, 99 min. Director Quentin Tarantino’s self-assured feature debut pits five criminals of different temperament, strangers to each other, brought together by an elderly mastermind (perfectly cast Lawrence Tierney) against an undercover cop who sabotages their jewelry store heist. A riveting saga told in disjointed time with bravura characterizations, spotlighted in the fraternal bonding of Mr. White (Harvey Keitel) and Mr. Orange (Tim Roth), the sadistic antics of psychotic Mr. Blonde (Michael Madsen), the foul-mouthed comments of Mr. Pink (Steve Buscemi) and last, but not least, the versatile Chris Penn as Nice Guy Eddie Cabot, Tierney’s faithful son.

THE FUNERAL, 1996, Focus Features, 99 min. One of the all-time greatest, most underrated efforts by director Abel Ferrara (BAD LIEUTENANT). Elder Christopher Walken and seething Chris Penn are gangster brothers lamenting the death of their youngest sibling, Johnny (Vincent Gallo) and trying to figure out just who will pay for his untimely demise. A real tour de force in every respect, especially in its relentless, probing focus on characters, with a cumulative effect at the climax that is awe-inspiring. An ensemble piece, finely written by Ferrara and Nicholas St. John, and performed faultlessly by a fine cast, including Annabella Sciorra as Jean, the rational conscience of the family, Isabella Rossellini, Benicio Del Toro, Gretechen Moll. Arguably Chris Penn’s most nuanced and emotionally-wrenching performance.


Sunday, April 23 – 6:30 PM

Ray Bradbury and Ray Harryhausen in person!

Double Feature:

THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS, 1953, Warner Bros., 80 min. Dir. Eugene Lourie. A giant prehistoric creature called a rhedosaurus is awakened from his icy slumber by nuclear testing and travels to New York City, where he takes his bad temper out on the stunned population. Based on a short story by longtime Ray Harryhausen pal Ray Bradbury (they met years earlier as members of the Los Angeles Science Fiction Society, along with Forrest Ackerman!) Starring Paul Christian, Paula Raymond, Kenneth Tobey, Steve Brodie.

SHE, 1935, Warner Bros., 95 min. Dirs. Lansing C. Holden and Irvin Pichel. "I am Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow." Producer Merian C. Cooper (KING KONG) tries his hand at the oft-adapted adventure fantasy classic by H. Rider Haggard and comes up with what remains, to this day, the most entertaining, eye-popping version. Unlike the enjoyable mid-1960’s Hammer studios take on SHE starring Ursula Andress, which recast its tale in the African desert, this mesmerizing escapist fare is set in the Arctic, with intrepid explorer, Randolph Scott encountering man-eating cannibals before coming up against the even more formidable She Who Must Be Obeyed. Helen Gahagan is the imperious, goddess-like ruler of the lost kingdom of Kor, a woman haunted by her immortality after bathing in the flame of eternal life and waiting eons for the man of her dreams – Scott! With Nigel Bruce, Helen Mack. Introduction by legendary writer, Ray Bradbury and special effects wizard, Ray Harryhausen.

At 3 PM at Every Picture Tells A Story (1311-C Montana Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90403 - (310) 451-2700), lifelong friends RAY BRADBURY and RAY HARRYHAUSEN debut their latest projects! RAY HARRYHAUSEN returns to sign his brand new book, The Art of Ray Harryhausen and new limited edition Harryhausen giclee prints. RAY BRADBURY joins us to introduce a new limited edition, signed and numbered giclee print of his original painting, The Halloween Tree -- and to sign his many classic books.




Wednesday, April 26 – 7:30 PM


The second installment in a monthly series featuring screenings and conversations with moviemakers, featuring the human, real-life stories of people who make movies. This time out, actor/comedian Kevin Pollak joins host Ed Crasnick.

Kevin Pollak in Person!

THE USUAL SUSPECTS, 1995, Sony Repertory, 106 min. What began as a movie poster idea with five men in a police lineup, became director Bryan Singer and writer Christopher McQuarrie's highly stylized, snakelike pilgrimage into one of the most thickly plotted thrillers of the last two decades. Five criminals, mysteriously hauled in for questioning then released by the New York cops, try to discover who exactly has fingered them. But, unbeknownst to them, someone unseen is pulling all their strings. The ensemble cast includes Kevin Spacey in an Oscar winning role and smashing turns by Gabriel Byrne, Benicio Del Toro, Pete Postlethwaite, Stephen Baldwin and Kevin Pollak as ill- tempered thug, Todd Hockney. Singer manipulates his characters and the film's multiple twists with deceptive ease, combining elements of film noir, humor, and conspiracy theory. What makes the film so extraordinary is that fact and fiction never emerge as concrete entities, piling enigmas on top of enigmas to perplex the viewer. In the end, Mr. Pollak’s character is the only person alive that can answer the seemingly unanswerable question "Who is Keyser Soze?" Discussion following the film with actor, Kevin Pollak.



Thursday, April 27 - 7:30 PM

This screening is free for American Cinematheque Members. Show your membership card at the box office!

STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS, 2004, 90 min. Two American soldiers (Scott MacDonald & Ryan Francis) desert, flinging themselves into unknown geographical and emotional territory in rural WW II France. Director Jeff Burr captures the surrealism of war and the contrast between identity in peacetime and who we become in war, with this hard-hitting drama about survival and the fleeting beauty and innocence of life. With David Warner (CROSS OF IRON). Discussion following with director Jeff Burr, actors Scott MacDonald and Ryan Francis, producers Chuck Williams and Will Huston.

"Strikingly original and eerily compelling" LA Times

"A heady brew of redemptive themes...from the playbooks of Orson Welles and Sam Peckinpah..." Variety

"A descent into madness worthy of Goya" -- Kansas City Star.