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Series Compiled by: Chris D.
Special Thanks to: Michael Schlesinger/SONY REPERTORY; Schawn Belston & Caitlin Robertson/20th CENTURY FOX.


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<<< November 30 - December 2, 2006 >>>

70 MM Nights


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This is an Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!


Like many of our American Cinematheque patrons, the spectacle of watching a 70mm film on the big, big screen is one of our very favorite things. There is something about the grandeur, the monumental sweep of events as they unfold with this larger gauge format that tends to enthrall even the most jaded audience member. Of course, there have been mediocre movies filmed and presented in 70mm. Consequently, we’re not just talking about any old motion picture - we’re talking about classics. If you are longing for that hypnotically fascinating sensation of being riveted to the silver screen, not just by the wonder of the presentation, but by the greatness of the film itself, please join us for three nights featuring three very different 70mm classics – LORD JIM, THE SOUND OF MUSIC and CLEOPATRA.



Thursday, November 30 – 7:30 PM

70mm Print!

LORD JIM, 1965, Sony Repertory, 154 min. This vast, atmospheric adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s classic novel was aimed at recapturing the magic of LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, pairing actor Peter O’Toole with a gifted director in Richard Brooks (IN COLD BLOOD) and prestigious literary material. O’Toole is perfectly cast as an idealistic sailor who is branded a coward for abandoning an apparently-sinking ship during a storm – then given a chance to redeem his conscience and his soul by aiding in a native revolution in the South Pacific jungle. Equally mesmerizing are Eli Wallach as a sadistic warlord, James Mason as an avaricious mercenary and Daliah Lavi as a courageous native girl. This superb restoration of the film by Columbia Pictures has resulted in one of the sharpest, most eye-popping 70 mm. prints we’ve seen. With Paul Lukas, Curt Jurgens.



Friday, December 1 – 7:30 PM

70mm Print!

THE SOUND OF MUSIC, 1965, 20th Century Fox, 174 min. For many, THE SOUND OF MUSIC is the ultimate 70 mm. experience, from the first silent, sweeping shots of the Austrian Alps, to Julie Andrews suddenly bursting into song like a force of nature. An Oscar-winner for Best Picture and Robert Wise’s flawless direction, this story of The Trapp Family Singers is a reason, a virtual commandment to go see movies on the Big Screen. Co-starring Christopher Plummer, Eleanor Parker, Anna Lee, Marni Nixon and Angela Cartwright, with a wonderful script by Ernest Lehman.



Saturday, December 2 – 7:30 PM

Brand New Restored 70mm Print!

CLEOPATRA, 1963, 20th Century Fox, 248 min. Cleopatra (Elizabeth Taylor) attempts to secure her power as Queen of Egypt by charming Julius Caesar (Rex Harrison) and her lover Mark Antony (Richard Burton). But despite her efforts, Egypt is ultimately integrated into the Roman Empire. Directed and co-written by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, this epic historical drama boasts spectacular sets and costumes that simply have to be seen in 70mm in this latest restoration from 20th Century Fox. Cleopatra's spectacular entry into Rome with her golden Sphinx pulled by thousands is a true cinematic moment!!