What you will see at the Erotic Museum

1.) Exhibition Fund Raiser

The evening is a fund-raiser for the Spencer

Tunick "Naked World" film. With support from the film fan community,

The Erotic Museum will continue to be able to bring quality motion

pictures to our exhibitions. Proceeds from the evening will go toward

screening fees, promotional expenses and other expenses associated

with securing this film for the August 4th exhibition. AC members who

attend the mixer on June 15 will be given free admission to the

Museum’s "Pretty Ugly" exhibition opening party on August 4th.


2.) The Hays Code Exhibit

The Motion Picture Production Code of 1930 became an ad hoc Ten

Commandments for our country defining morality and sexuality for

generations of Americans. See stills and film clips from some of the

movies that prompted the industry to rein in it’s lasciviousness and

the challenging films that came after it’s implementation that

ultimately lead to it’s demise.


3.) Special Screening June 15th - Films from the Bragonier Collection

The playful sexual exploration of the 1960’s spills into the 70’s in

these films from the Bragonier Collection, an multimedia assembly of

college-level educational materials. The aim of the producers of

these films was to provide an objective record of the kinds of

situations sex therapists would hear described by their patients. The

people portrayed in these films are not actors. They are not being

directed. They are engaging in sexual activity of their own accord,

behaving and responding to their partner naturally. The contrivances

common to pornographic material are absent in these documentary films

and the true behavior of the participants comes forth. Director Laird

Sutton’s dramatic editting techniques and sound design in Holding

raise the film above it’s more objective peers in the world of sex

education films.

Free 12:00

Holding 15:00

Fullness 12:00

Love Toad 2:30

4.) Meet the curator


The Erotic Museum curator Eric Singley will be on hand to answer

questions about the exhibitions, the Museum and sex. Singley has

appeared on a variety of national television and radio programs and

has consulted with other museums and institutions around the world on

all things sexual.


4.) Original Andy Warhol illustrations on display.