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Seriescompiled by: Jon M. Gibson, Dennis Bartok and Chris D with the special assistance of Victoria Bakshi Yudis.


Special Thanks to: Amy Lewin/ PARAMOUNT REPERTORY; John Kirk, Latanya Taylor and Irene Ramos/MGM-UA; Saul Zaentz and Nancy Eichler/THE SAUL ZAENTZ CO.; Mike Schlesinger/COLUMBIA PICTURES REPERTORY; Anne Goodman/CRITERION PICTURES; XENON FILMS; Office of Albert Ruddy.



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<<< April 29 - May 1, 2005 >>>

Animation A-Go-Go! An In-Person Tribute To Ralph Bakshi


Some of these films, are also playing at the Aero Theatre May 1, 2005.


Presented in conjunction with ASIFA-Hollywood (International Animated Film Society) and Golden Apple Comics.


Blasted into public consciousness — and controversy — by the first X-rated cartoon, FRITZ THE CAT, legendary writer/director/producer Ralph Bakshi’s career in animation spans an astounding 50 years. Highlights of the series THE LORD OF THE RINGS & WIZARDS are his own personal prints and are rarely seen. A selection of Bakshi rarities and a long-lost series of Coca-Cola commercials.

As part of our ongoing "Animation A-Go-Go!" Series, this three-night tribute celebrates the films that solidified Bakshi’s stake in animation history while digging up rarities from his personal collection that have rarely—if ever—been viewed publicly. Retailer Golden Apple Comics will be on-site at the Egyptian for this special Bakshi event. Details on the web

The series is highlighted by screenings of Bakshi’s personal prints of LORD OF THE RINGS (1978) and WIZARDS, which rarely, if ever screened; as well as a selection of rareties including the World Premiere of an unseen Bakshi short, plus a long-lost series of 1960s Coca-Cola commercials made by Bakshi and Peter Max.

He started as a cel polisher at Terrytoons Animation Studio, and rose to the rank of creative director by the age of 28. That led to headlining directorial gigs for decades to come: theatricals for Paramount; translating Spider-Man from comic book panels to the small screen; opening his own production house, Ralph’s Spot, for shorts and commercials; and eventually colliding head-on with the world of features. COONSKIN, HEAVY TRAFFIC, WIZARDS, THE LORD OF THE RINGS, AMERICAN POP, FIRE & ICE and a slew of others led up to his re-invention of Saturday morning cartoons with "The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse," a show that proved to be a precursor for irreverent fare like "The Ren & Stimpy Show." And after a fierce yet legendary career in animation, Bakshi has since found solace with his paintbrush. His work can be viewed at

As part of our ongoing "Animation A-Go-Go!" Series, this three-night tribute celebrates the films that solidified Bakshi’s stake in animation history while digging up rarities from his personal collection that have rarely—if ever—been viewed publicly. We’re thrilled to welcome Ralph Bakshi to the Egyptian and Aero Theatres for the first major Los Angeles retrospective of his work!!



Friday, April 29 – 7:30 PM

Double Feature:

FRITZ THE CAT, 1972, MGM/UA, 78 min. Dir. Ralph Bakshi. Slapped with the first X-rating for an animated feature, FRITZ charts the odyssey of a drop-out tom-cat through 60’s over-indulgence — humping, hash, hippies, and Hell’s Angels — as writer R. Crumb originally chronicled it in his comics.

HEAVY TRAFFIC, 1973, MGM/UA, 77 min. Dir. Ralph Bakshi. The roaring follow-up to FRITZ, HEAVY TRAFFIC offers up another highly personalized view of urban America, this time about Michael, a down-and-out cartoonist drowning in the sounds of the city around him — pimps, pushers, provocateurs, and all. Plus, a selection of Bakshi rarities, including the World Premiere of the unseen Bakshi short "The Cigarette & The Weed" (3 min.); the 1967 short "Marvin Digs" (Paramount, 8 min.); and a long-lost series of Coca-Cola commercials made in the 1960’s by Bakshi and Peter Max!! Discussion between films with director Ralph Bakshi, moderated by Jon M. Gibson.

>> FRITZ THE CAT also playing at the Aero on May 1.

>> HEAVY TRAFFIC An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!



Saturday, April 30 – 7:00 PM

Double Feature:

WIZARDS, 1977, 20th Century Fox/Criterion, 82 min. Dir. Ralph Bakshi. A post-apocalyptic vision like none before, where twin wizards — the wicked Blackwolf and the good-hearted Avatar — battle for rule over an epic, fantasy wasteland. This is rarely, if ever screened – we’ll be showing Bakshi’s personal print of the film, so don’t miss it!!

COONSKIN (a.k.a. STREETFIGHT), 1975, Xenon Films, 100 min. Dir. Ralph Bakshi. Bleak and brutal, this is the biting tale of Harlem street survival — an unforgiving war between gun-clad punks, prostitutes, and all the cool, cruel people that populate the rest of the sidewalk. Plus, "The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse: Night of the BatBat" (1987, Paramount, 30 min., Dir. Ralph Bakshi.) Bakshi completely reinvented the classic "Mighty Mouse" series with his frantic and subversive visual humor, paving the way for later shows like "Ren & Stimpy," "Dexter’s Laboratory" and more.

Discussion between films with director Ralph Bakshi, moderated by Jon M. Gibson.

>> WIZARDS also playing at the Aero on May 1.

>> COONSKIN An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!



Sunday, May 1 – 5:00 PM

Double Feature:

THE LORD OF THE RINGS, 1978, The Saul Zaentz Co., 132 min. Dir. Ralph Bakshi. Originally a topic of griping among hardcore Tolkien fans, Bakshi’s bold, hallucinogenic interpretation of hobbits and the journey they undertake to save Middle Earth was recently hailed by Peter Jackson as one of his inspirations for the live-action trilogy. Another film that is almost never revived on-screen – we’ll be showing Bakshi’s personal print, so catch it now or you may never see it again!!

AMERICAN POP, 1981, Columbia, 96 min. Dir. Ralph Bakshi. The bouncing and bruising story of four sets of fathers and sons, this is Bakshi’s musical cruise through rock ‘n’ roll history, fueled by classic tunes from Gershwin, Bob Dylan, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Seger, and dozens of others.

>> An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!