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<<< September 17 - 18, 2005 >>>

Roman Polanski: New and Classic Films


The Polanski Series will also run at the Aero Theatre September 17 – 24.


Coming off the Oscar-winning achievement of THE PIANIST, and with his upcoming Charles Dickens adaptation OLIVER TWIST (TriStar Pictures) due in theatres in late September, director Roman Polanski is hotter than he’s been at any time since his glory years of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, when he turned out a seemingly unstoppable series of brilliantly paranoid dramas, thrillers and black comedies, including ROSEMARY’S BABY, CUL-DE-SAC, REPULSION, THE TENANT, A KNIFE IN THE WATER and arguably his greatest masterpiece, the epochal Los Angeles noir CHINATOWN. But has he ever really disappeared? Despite a much-publicized absence from the U.S. due to ongoing legal issues and the career ups and downs of any major director, Polanski has managed to weather the tastes of a changing public with surprising grace and nimble intelligence. Now more than ever, he’s poised to reclaim his position as one of the great post-modern directors along with Kubrick, Godard, Bergman, Fassbinder and precious few others. To celebrate the release of OLIVER TWIST, we’re bringing back a short series of some of Polanski’s greatest films (CHINATOWN, ROSEMARY’S BABY), along with a handful of his most rarely-screened gems (CUL-DE-SAC, THE TENANT, A KNIFE IN THE WATER).


Saturday, September 17 – 6:00 PM

Roman Polanski’s Latest – Sneak Preview:

OLIVER TWIST, 2005, TriStar Pictures, 135 min. Following their Academy-AwardŽ winning film THE PIANIST, director Roman Polanski and writer Ronald Harwood re-imagine Charles Dickens’ classic story of a young boy who gets involved with a gang of pickpockets in 19th Century London. Orphaned at an early age, Oliver Twist (Barney Clark) is forced to live in a workhouse lorded over by the awful Mr. Bumble, who cheats the boys of their meager rations. Desperate yet determined, Oliver makes his escape to the streets of London. Penniless and alone, he is lured into a world of crime by the sinister Fagin (Academy-AwardŽ winner Sir Ben Kingsley) -- the mastermind of a gang of pint-sized pickpockets. Oliver's rescue by the kindly Mr. Brownlow is only the beginning of a series of adventures that lead him to the promise of a better life.

>> Also playing at the Aero on September 18.


Saturday, September 17 – 9:00 PM

Polanski Retrospective:

CHINATOWN, 1974, Paramount, 131 min. Dir. Roman Polanski. Jack Nicholson gives his greatest performance as 1930’s private eye J.J. Gittes, maneuvering through a nightmarish L.A. netherworld of cheating husbands, stolen water rights, incest and murder, as he desperately tries to save beautiful Faye Dunaway from her raptor-like father John Huston. Writer Robert Towne’s magnificent, labyrinthine portrait of Los Angeles has been widely hailed as the best script of its era.

>> Also playing at the Aero on September 22.


Sunday, September 18 – 6:30 PM

Polanski Double Feature:

CUL-DE-SAC, 1966, U.A. (Sony), 111 min. One of director Roman Polanski’s most fascinating and criminally underrated movies of the 1960’s, CUL-DE-SAC is by turns a surreal black comedy, existential arthouse drama and twisted thriller set in an isolated mansion cut off from the mainland, where a henpecked husband (Donald Pleasence) and his domineering French wife (the lovely, ill-fated Francoise Dorleac) are surprised by two fleeing criminals (Lionel Stander and Jack Macgowran).

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!

New 35 mm. Print! THE TENANT, 1976, Paramount, 125 min. Polanski at his best, and strangest. Here, the director stars in his own film as a mild-mannered tenant, Trelkovsky, who moves into an apartment where the last inhabitant committed suicide. He soon comes to suspect that his neighbors -- including Isabelle Adjani, Melvyn Douglas and Jo Van Fleet -- have a similar end in mind for him …

>> Also showing at the Aero Theatre on September 24.