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Series Programmed by: Jinhee Kim, Reuel Kim, Dennis Bartok.
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<<< September 16 - 18, 2005 >>>

The Los Angeles Korean International Film Festival


For the second year, the American Cinematheque is pleased to partner with the Los Angeles Korean International Film Festival (LA-KIFF), one of the largest events dedicated to Korean and Korean-American cinema in North America, to bring a greater knowledge and appreciation of the cultural richness and artistic diversity of the Korean and Korean-American experience to L.A. audiences. LA-KIFF emphasizes individual creativity, cultural exchange and global communication during its multi-part Festival events. [For more information on the other LA-KIFF screenings, please check]



Friday, September 16 – 7:30 PM

Los Angeles Korean International Film Festival:

NOKSAEK UIJA (GREEN CHAIR), 2005, Mirovision, 109 min. Maverick Korean director Cheol-su Park (301 302) returns with his most controversial film yet, a tender and frank drama about the illicit affair between a 32-year old woman (Seo Jeong, from THE ISLE and SPIDER FOREST) and her 19-year old lover (newcomer Shim Ji-ho). Seo’s beautiful performance as the dissatisfied housewife, struggling with her own suppressed erotic desires as well as her awareness of the societal (and legal) repercussions of her affair, marks her as arguably the best actress working in Korean cinema today. A selection of the Sundance Film Festival and the Berlin Film Festival. Discussion following with director Cheol-su Park.

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!



Saturday, September 17 – 6:00 PM [Spielberg Theatre]

Los Angeles Korean International Film Festival:

THE GRACE LEE PROJECT, 2005, USA, 68 min. Dir. Grace Lee. A humorous personal essay that contrasts the world of stereotypes with the real life experiences of several Grace Lees, a very common Asian American surname. 2005 Los Angeles Film Festival Official Selection. Plus the short film "Snapdragon", 2005, USA, 26 min. dir. Sun Tae Hwang. A young Korean struggling to live the American Dream is caught up in a web of love and betrayal.

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!



Saturday, September 17 – 8:00 PM [Spielberg Theatre]

Los Angeles Korean International Film Festival:

Short Film Program

"Miracle Mile", 2004, USA, 19 min., dir. Dong Hyeuk Hwang. When James happens to meet Jiyoung at the airport, she enlists his help to find her brother, who was sent to American 20 years earlier for adoption. As they search, James remembers his own childhood as an adopted child. "Journey", 2004, USA, 18 min., dir. Christine Shin. Jill, a blind woman who is a few months away from getting married, was adopted when she was very young. She believes her birth mother abandoned her due to her blindness. Despite her anger, however, she feels a strong desire to locate her birth mother before creating her own family. 2004 MiniDV Festival, Best Actress Award. "Cost Of Paradise", 2004, Canada, 20 min., dir. Silver Kim. To earn his way out of his gang-infested neighborhood, Paul borrows money from a local crime boss to pay for his hefty law school bills. Unable to pay back the loan, Paul is given two choices: get the money or execute a hit on a small time thug, Nicco, who happens to be one of Paul’s childhood friends. With an obvious nod to Chris Marker’s French New Wave classic LA JETEE, "Cost Of Paradise" is the ultimate do-over, a stylish crime thriller with a heart. "Hot Lead", 2005, USA, 11 min., dir. Peter Kim. World Premiere! A digitally animated film noir shoot ‘em up action thriller, filled with guns, dames and lots of lead! "Bunny & Clydo", 2005, USA, 19 min., dir. Rocky Jo. World Premiere! An Asian twist on the American classic BONNIE & CLYDE. Bunny and Clydo are an utterly wild and distinctly Asian couple who find themselves in the greatest fight of their lives, when a jealous rookie detective is bent on destroying their love. "Donnie’s Tree", 2004, USA, 23 min., dir. Insung Hwang. Donald’s only solace from his overbearing wife, Carmen, is tending his garden. When she orders him to replace his favorite tree with a kumquat tree, Donald finally stands up to her – unfortunately, his will is no match for Carmen, who decides to replace the tree herself. So Donald takes revenge, with surprising results …



Sunday, September 18 – 4:00 PM [Spielberg Theatre]

Los Angeles Korean International Film Festival:

Los Angeles Premiere: CONVENTIONEERS, 2005, USA, 98 min. Dir. Mora Mi-Ok Stephens. America’s current division into Red States and Blue States is given a romantic twist in the ironic, Romeo & Juliet-esque CONVENTIONEERS. Set against the 2004 Republican National Convention, it explores the complicated, bitter love affair between a Republican delegate and a Democrat protesting the RNC. Plus the short film "A Day In The City", 2005, USA, 5 min., dir. Paul Wie. Los Angeles Premiere. A story about being in love, without the romance, without the boys-meets-girl plot, without the cynicism, but with innocence and hope …

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!