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Series Compiled by: National Geographic, Mark Bauman, and Lori Dynan.

Selection Committee: Adam Beach , Actor; David Beal, Independent Film and Music Executive; Andrew Millington, Department of Radio, TV and Film, Howard University; Gotham Chopra, Anchor, Author, Producer and Lecturer; Francene Blythe, All Roads Film Project, Manager, Seed Grants, NG; Lori Dynan, Co-Director, All Roads Film Project; Mark Bauman, Director, All Roads Film Project.

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The All Roads Team is grateful and would like to thank the following individuals and organizations: Terry Snowball, Smithsonian Institution National Museum of the American Indian; Paul Miller, National Geographic Channel, David Evans, Spirit Creative, Benjamin J. Doherty and The Chicago

Palestine Film Festival; Brussels Avenue; Film Movement; Andy Patrick, FiftyCrows.



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<<< September 22 - 25, 2005 >>>

National Geographic All Roads Film Festival


This event is an Egyptian Theatre Exclusive


The All Roads Film Project is a National Geographic initiative supporting films by and about indigenous groups and under-represented minority-culture filmmakers. The All Roads Film Festival, presented with American Cinematheque, is a multi-media event comprised of cutting-edge films, videos, live music and art from cultures around the world. All Roads offers audience members an opportunity to immerse themselves in-cultural experiences that are both entertaining and deeply personal.

"The films we’ve brought together this year range from the ultra-hip and ultra-modern to traditional epics that have survived since the dawn of time. What these indigenous and minority culture storytellers have in common is that they present a fascinating and entertaining alternative perspective on the problems and challenges faced by all of us in the world today," said Mark Bauman, Director of All Roads Film Festival.

As an important complement to the films appearing in the festival, we present the All Roads Art Market in collaboration with the Autry National Center, and an exhibit from the All Roads Indigenous Photographers program in the Egyptian Theatre’s coourtyard. The Market features artists from around the world

who will sell work unique to their culture and communities. The Market will be open to the public on Saturday and Sunday, from 11 AM to 5 PM. You can also enjoy a tasty appetizer of cutting-edge world music videos, followed by the pulsating grooves of acclaimed Colombian musical sensation Sidestepper.

Several filmmakers will appear for post-screening discussions.


September 22 -- 25 - 11 AM - 10 PM

Photography Exhibit in Egyptian Courtyard -- FREE!

The All Roads Photographers Program seeks out and encourages a new generation of photographic storytellers, focusing on under-represented minority culture photographers who are documenting the morphing cultural and physical landscapes in their communities. The program’s goal is to provide a global audience with the opportunity to engage and experience, first hand, the unique and essential voices of these artists through grants, exhibitions, and live programming. Featured this year is work from Marcela Taboado: Women of Clay (Mexico); Sudharak Olwe: In Search of Dignity and Justice: The Untold Story of Mumbai’s Conservancy Workers (India); Neo Ntsoma South African Youth ID – Kwaito Culture (South Africa); and Andre Cypriano: Rocinha, An Orphan Town (Brazil).


Saturday, September 24 and 25 - 11 AM - 5 PM

Art Market - Presented in collaboration with the Autry National Center.

Join Native American artists throughout the day and discover how tradition continues to play a vital role in the creation of their art. Engage in a one-on-one conversations with these artists representing tribes from across the country whose fine arts includes jewelry, rugs, ledgerwork, beadwork and more. Then browse their work and shop for a one of kind piece to take home with you. Native artists include: Nathan Lefthand, Navajo silver jewelry; Rosemary Castillo, Native clothing and Chumash cultural items; Nadiya Littlewarrior, Potawatami painted gourds; Lola S. Cody, Navajo textiles; Macile and Steve Reevis, Traditional clothing; bead work, and bone carving; Lisa Chavez-Thomas, Pyro engraved gourds and woodwork; Sheridan MacKnight, Plains ledger art.


Thursday, September 22 – 7:30 PM

Opening Night:

LE GRAND VOYAGE, 2004, Morocco/France, 108 min. Dir. IsmaŽl Ferroukhi. A masterful story about the love and conflict between a father and son, who have very different visions of their road trip to Mecca. Screening with: "Planet of the Arabs," 2003, Palestine/USA, 9 min. Dir. Jacqueline Salloum.

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!



Friday, September 23 - 7:30 PM

KEKEXILI: MOUNTAIN PATROL, 2004, China/Tibet, 90 min. Dir. Lu Chuan. This lush and gorgeous film tells the heart breakingly true story of the Tibetan volunteers who faced death and starvation to save the Chiru antelope in the rugged and cold mountains of western China.

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!


Friday, September 23 - 9:45 PM

SIDESTEPPER -- Music Videos and Live Concert

Enjoy cutting-edge world music videos, then savor the pulsating grooves of acclaimed Colombian musical sensation Sidestepper, as they serve up a tasty stew of rap, reggae and salsa-spiced techno. Concert follows the music videos. Presented with LinkTV and Palm Pictures.

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!



Saturday, September 24 – 11:00 AM

Artists Panel - 'Tempered Voices: Melding Contemporary and Traditional, in Search of the Personal'

Four distinguished American Indian artists discuss how they incorporate both contemporary and traditional themes in their work and comment on the state of Native arts today. Participating artists include carver/jeweler/photographer David Neel (Kwagiutl); actor, silversmith and ledger artist Michael Horse; bead artist and clothing designer Macile Reevis; and master basket weaver Justin Farmer. This program is presented with the Autry National Center.

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!


Saturday, September 24 - 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Panel Discussion: "Camera and Culture: The Myth of Objective Documentation"

Does first-person documentation have intrinsic value? Is documentary photography inherently objectifying? Can comprehensive documentation be done through non-native eyes? Is there an unspoken universal morality in documentary work? Please join us for a candid and interactive panel discussion moderated by John Echave, Senior Illustrations Editor for National Geographic magazine, Reza, National Geographic contributing photographer, Jane Doe, photographer and Ahikam Seri and Tenzin Dorjeee, All Roads Photographers Program 2005 Awardees. This program and the All Roads Photographic exhibit is brought to you with the generous support of Manfrotto.

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!



Saturday, September 24 - 4:30 PM

"Women Hold Up Half The Sky" - Short Films by Women Directors (98 min. total) World Premiere: Emma Kaye & Eric Oldrin’s "Beyond Freedom" (2005, South Africa, 10 min.) A short tapestry of live-action and animated films reveals the fears and dreams of a new South Africa. Jacqueline Salloum’s "Planet of the Arabs" (2003, Palestine/USA, 9 min.) A witty, rapid-fire look at Hollywood stereotypes of Arabs. Jacqueline Salloum’s "Arabs a-go-go" (Palestine/USA, 2 min.) Arabs as Arabs, in short clips direct from Middle Eastern cinema. Beck Colle’s "Plains Empty" (2005, Australia, 28 min.) A young woman deals with past and present in the lonely Australian outback.

Larilyn Sanchez & Riza Manalo’s "Balikbayan- Homebound" (2003, Philippines/USA, 4 min.) A migrant worker sends her mother back home with a taste of the "better life."; Michal Pfeffer & Uri Kranot’s "God On Our Side" (2005, Israel, 7 min.) A stunning hand-drawn animation comments on loss in war-torn Israel. Lisa Jackson’s "Suckerfish" (2004, Canada, 8 min.) A moving look at the director’s relationship to her mother and indigenous identity. Tsitsi Dangarembga’s "Kare Kare Zvako: Mother’s Day" (2004, Zimbabwe, 30 min.) An unexpected and entertaining twist to an old Shona folk tale.

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!


Saturday, September 24 - 7:00 PM

THE HUNTER, 2004, Kazakhstan, 93 min. Dir. Serik Aprymov. In the breathtaking mountains of Kazakhstan, a young village boy is befriended by the hunter he stole from, and learns to overcome his coldness by understanding the laws of nature, women and death.

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!



Saturday, September 24 -- 9:30 PM

5TH WORLD, 2004, USA, 75 min. Dir. Blackhorse Lowe. A beautiful and poetic film in which two Navajo students talk movies, romance and culture, and face an interesting fate buried within their history. Screened with: "Goodnight Irene," 2004, USA, 10 min. Dirs. Sterlin Harjo & Chad Burris.

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!



Sunday, September 25 – 4:00 PM

A Short Trip Around the World - Short Film Program (104 min. total) Howard Duy Vu’s "Running in Tall Grasses (2004, Vietnam/USA, 15 min.) A seven year-old boy deals with the injustice of his father’s absence while incarcerated in a post-WWII reeducation camp. Kaliko Palmeira’s "Steve Ma'i'I" (2004, USA, 15 min.) A sweet and engaging documentary about local Hawaiian music legend Steve Ma’i‘I. Sterlin Harjo & Chad Burris’ "Goodnight Irene" (2004, USA, 10 min.) Old and young Seminole talk to and pass each other in the waiting room of an Indian Health Service clinic. Tony Burt’s "Passion and Conflict - Te Aurere me te Papaa" (2004, New Zealand, 5 min.) A passionate short documentary of Maori protesting the removal of their land ownership rights. Katie Jennings & Tracy Rector’s "Teachings of the Tree People" (2004, USA, 19 min.) A beautiful and poignant visual tribute to a Skokomish master cedar bark weaver. Warwick Thornton’s "Green Bush" (2005, Australia, 27 min.) A community radio station becomes a refuge from casual violence in an Aboriginal community. Michael Bennett’s "Kerosene Creek" (2005, New Zealand,13 min.) Two Maori youth balance precariously between innocence and tragedy at a local water hole.

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!



Sunday, September 25 - 6:30 PM

WETBACK - THE UNDOCUMENTED DOCUMENTARY, 2004, Mexico/Canada, 90 min. Dirs. Arturo Perez Torres & Heather Haynes. This feature-length documentary presents a powerfully human and rarely-seen perspective from Central American emigrants on the dangerous journey through Mexico to the US and Canada.

An Egyptian Theatre Exclusive!