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The Film Programs of the American Cinematheque are presented at the newly re-opened and renovated Aero Theatre at 1328 Montana Avenue in Santa Monica and at the magnificently renovated, historic 1922 Grauman's Hollywood Egyptian Theatre. Located at 6712 Hollywood Boulevard.
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<<< July 21 - 29, 2005 >>>

Can't Stop the Musicals: More Musicals the 1970's and 80's!


This series is exclusively at the Aero.


Pull on your tights, strap on a guitar and a glitter wig, or just bring your enthusiastic voice and energy as we explore the musicals of the 1970’s and 1980’s in all their big screen glory!!

In the wake of MOULIN ROUGE and CHICAGO, two blockbusters that served to re-ignite audience interest in movie musicals, and following in the path of the series that we presented at the Egyptian theatre the past two years, let’s look at an era not normally thought of as rich territory for filmed musicals: the 1970’s and 1980’s. While some of these musicals came straight from the Broadway stage like CABARET and 1776, others were highly original. Don’t miss GREASE, an irresistible teen-dream musical with a soundtrack of wall-to-wall hits; the rock musical, PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE and Alan Parker's intense interpretation of Pink Floyd's classic album THE WALL -- all on the big screen where they were meant to be seen!!




Thursday, July 21 – 7:30 PM

PINK FLOYD – THE WALL, 1982, Warner Bros., 99 min. Dir. Alan Parker. Director Alan Parker's vivid film interpretation of the British rock combo's classic album THE WALL fuses curious fantasy with dark, tragic drama on an epic scale. The film makes innovative use of sets, costumes, and special effects, imbuing the movie with a bizarre surrealism worthy of Luis Bu˝uel and Salvador Dali. Both disturbing and bedazzling, PINK FLOYD: THE WALL is a must-see film for any music lover. An Aero Theatre Exclusive!


Friday, July 22 – 7:30 PM

GREASE, 1978, Paramount, 110 min. Pompadored tough-guy John Travolta learns the meaning of true love, 1950’s style, from summertime sweetheart Olivia Newton-John, with help from a fantastic supporting cast including Stockard Channing, Jeff Conaway, Eve Arden andgreasefairweb.jpg (19309 bytes) Frankie Avalon. A soundtrack of wall-to-wall hits ("You’re The One That I Want," "Hopelessly Devoted To You," "Look At Me, I’m Sandra Dee") in director Randal Kleiser’s irresistible teen-dream of a movie musical. An Aero Theatre Exclusive!



Saturday, July 23 – 7:30 PM

CABARET, 1972, Warner Bros. 123 min. Director/choreographer Bob Fosse’s mad, desperate, thoroughly outrageous adaptation of Kander & Ebb’s Broadway musical stars Liza Minnelli in an Oscar-winning performance as cheerfully depraved sprite Sally Bowles, falling in love with na´ve writer Michael York in 1930’s Berlin, while the shadow of Nazism spreads across Europe. Co-starring Joel Grey as the devilish host of the sinful Kit Kat Klub. Winner of eight Academy Awards, including Best Director, Cinematography (Geoffrey Unsworth) and Supporting Actor (Grey). An Aero Theatre Exclusive!



Sunday, July 24 – 5:00 PM

Restored Definitive Director's Cut! 1776, 1972, Columbia, 169 min. Dir. Peter H. Hunt. Inspired, faithful adaptation of the 1969 Broadway musical. Who would have thought the story of the signing of the Declaration of Independence could be so fascinating as a movie and a musical? John Adams (William Daniels), Benjamin Franklin (Howard Da Silva) and Thomas Jefferson (Ken Howard) try to woo the rest of the ten colonies towards independence from mother country England. Many of the actors here were in the original Broadway production and their ease in the roles shows on the screen. We’re thrilled to be screening a beautifully restored print of the complete, uncut version of the film, courtesy of Columbia Pictures! Discussion following with director Peter H. Hunt, Bill Daniels, Ken Howard.

An Aero Theatre Exclusive!


Thursday, July 28 – 7:30 PM

PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE, 1974, 20th Century Fox, 92 min. Dir. Brian De Palma’s vivid re–imagining of The Phantom of the Opera is at once camp, surreal, dazzling and heartbreaking. Cutthroat record producer Swann (Paul Williams, who also wrote the fine score) steals both the music and the girl from composer Winslow Leech (William Finely). Horribly disfigured in an attempt to reclaim his artistic credit, Leech becomes The Phantom at Swan’s new rock palace, The Paradise. Jessica Harper, contributing her creamy alto, plays Leech’s love interest, and Gerrit Graham is hysterical as glitter-rock star "Beef." De Palma turns what could have been a lightweight indulgence into clever pop-culture commentary. Paul Williams will appear for discussion following the film.  An Aero Theatre Exclusive!



Friday, July 29 – 7:30 PM

SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER, 1977, Paramount, 119 min. Plucked from the cast of the ensemble high-school sitcom, Welcome Back Kotter for his first-starring film role, this is the movie that made John Travolta a movie star. And confirmed the fact that the man can DANCE! Director John Badham captures the connection between great dance music and the body. Not the usual fare from this director, more known for action and war-themed films. The story of a Brooklyn youth who is stuck in a working-class job and finds that being king of the dance floor during the disco craze of the late 70’s might be his ticket to bigger things. SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER has it all. Big hair, white polyester suits and the quintessential Bee Gees soundtrack. Points and maybe prizes for those who dare to come as Tony (Travolta). An Aero Theatre Exclusive!