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Series programmed by:  IMITATION OF LIFE: Dennis Bartok; TERENCE STAMP: Gwen Deglise; VELVET HAMMER: Andrew Crane

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Margot Gerber & Mary McIlwain. Special thanks to Slamdance

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Special Events & Limited Engagements in April



Wednesday, April 7 – 7:30 PM

Special 45th Anniversary Screening – Actresses Susan Kohner and Juanita Moore In Person!

IMITATION OF LIFE, 1959, Universal, 124 min. Dir. Douglas Sirk. Based on Fannie Hurst's best-selling novel, Douglas Sirk's IMITATION OF LIFE dramatizes two mother-daughter relationships, one white, the other black. Lora Meredith, an ambitious, spoiled, self-involved actress (Lana Turner in her greatest performance), clashes with her cheery, all-American daughter (Sandra Dee – who else?) over the same persistent beau, Steve Archer (the improbably good-looking John Gavin). Meanwhile, Lora's loyal servant Annie Johnson (Juanita Moore) faces heartache as her light-skinned daughter, Sarah Jane (Susan Kohner), struggles to pass as white. Dropping her movie-star mask in the shattering climax, Turner performs a scene that would have aroused the admiration and envy of Sarah Bernhardt; and the sublime, Oscar-nominated Juanita Moore and Susan Kohner offer one of the best-acted mother-daughter relationships in the history of American film. Under the supervision of master showman, producer Ross Hunter, IMITATION OF LIFE is a virtuoso display of late-era studio mannerism, from the alternately lustrous and moody cinematography of Russell Metty, to the lush and sometimes wrenching Frank Skinner score, to the cunning sets, filled with mirrors and looming stairs. The recent FAR FROM HEAVEN was an intelligent homage, but perhaps unavoidably an imitation: Sirk's version is the Source, the real thing, a delirious, monumental artifact that evokes genuine tears. This knockout melodrama that delivers the goods, to a degree no other film of its genre ever has, is a shrewd comment by Sirk (an acerbic emigre German director) about Hollywood melodrama, as well as about such crucial issues as race, gender, and materialism in l950s America. A feast to be savored again and again. Program Notes courtesy Foster Hirsch. Discussion following with lead actresses Susan Kohner and Juanita Moore and Ann Robinson and Peg Shirley, moderated by film historian & author Foster Hirsch.


Thursday, April 8 – 7:30 PM

Terence Stamp In-Person Tribute: With an Oscar-nominated debut in BILLY BUDD, internationally-acclaimed actor Terence Stamp went on to become an icon of 60s cinema, working with masters like Ken Loach, Federico Fellini, John Schlesinger, and Pier Paolo Pasolini. With each successive performance, his intense characters and commanding presence become increasingly more impressive and refined – including remarkable turns in later hits like WALL STREET, THE ADVENTURES OF PRISCILLA, QUEEN OF THE DESERT and THE LIMEY.

Double Feature:

THE COLLECTOR, 1965, Columbia Pictures, 119 min. Dir. William Wyler. In one of his earliest and most chilling roles, Stamp stars as Freddie Clegg, a low-life bank clerk with a penchant for collecting butterflies. Freddie’s hobby transforms into obsession and spirals out of control when his collections expands to include females… of the human species! Featuring Samantha Eggar in an outstanding performance. Based on John Fowles’ top-selling novel.

PRINCE OF SHADOWS (BELTENEBROS), 1992, Lolafilms, 109 min. In acclaimed Spanish director Pilar Miró’s moody political drama, Stamp plays communist and reluctant civil war hit-man Darman, sent from exile back to Spain where he is to knock off a communist traitor. As the trail to his victim shortens, his hesitation swells. Winner of 3 Spanish Goya Awards, including Best Cinematography. Discussion between films with actor Terence Stamp.


Tuesday, April 13 – 7:30 PM

Special Sneak Preview – Oscar Nominee For Best Foreign Film!

THE TWILIGHT SAMURAI (TASOGARE SEIBEI), 2003 , Empire Pictures, 129 min. Director Yoji Yamada (director of the famous, long-running TORA-SAN series) delivers a moving portrait of an impoverished samurai (Hiroyuki Sanada, star of the original RING trilogy) who becomes a single father to his two daughters after his wife dies of consumption during the turbulent Meiji Restoration. When a childhood sweetheart (Rie Miyazawa) parts from her violent samurai ex-husband, Sanada’s drawn into the fray and easily defeats the man. This sets off changed perceptions in Sanada’s colleagues who draft him into killing a famous, seemingly invincible swordsman from a rival clan, something that may not only disrupt his fragile family but also destroy his chances with long-lost love, Miyazawa. In addition to being an Oscar Nominee for Best Foreign Film for 2003, TWILIGHT SAMURAI is also winner of 12 Japanese Academy Awards, including Best Picture.


Wednesday, April 14 – 7:30 PM

Special Basque Film Evening – Los Angeles Premiere:

ERE ERERA BALEIBU ICIK SUBUA ARUAREN, 1968-1970, 75 min, silent. Dir. José Antonio Sistiaga. The French/Spanish Basque painter Jose Antonio Sistiaga, founder of the GAUR group and strongly influenced by the work of Kandinsky and De Stael, made this mind-blowing abstract feature film between 1968 and 1970, an explosion of colors that explores lights, movement and rhythm to create rare and powerful poetry. Using his own homemade inks, Jose Antonio Sistiaga painted directly on the print and divided it into 67 variations, including one in black & white. It caused a scandal when it was originally shown in the 1970s in Europe where it was compared to an LSD experience. Projected silent, without a soundtrack, the symphony of lights and shadows ultimately transforms the film into a profoundly musical experience.


Thursday, April 15 – 7:30 PM

Alternative Screen

DEAR PILLOW, 2004, 84 min. In director Bryan Poyser’s directorial debut, it’s summertime and 17-year-old Wesley (Rusty Kelley) is stuck with his neanderthal father in a boring apartment complex. Eager for his first sexual encounter and starved for companionship in general, Wesley reluctantly forms a friendship with Dusty (Gary Chason), an older gay man who writes erotic letters for "Dear Pillow" magazine. Dusty brings Lorna (Viviana Vives), the lusty apartment complex manager, into their inner circle, and suddenly Wesley enters adult situations where he must choose between the safety of sexual fantasies and reality. "…a striking debut for Austin filmmakers Bryan Poyser and Jacob Vaughn. Pic plays in the same uncomfortable, intersecting zone of adult and teen sex as the work of Larry Clark and Todd Solondz…" – Robert Koehler, Variety Discussion following with the cast & crew.


Saturday, April 17 – 2:00 PM

Special Children’s Matinee – Los Angeles Premiere!

Paul McCartney – The Music & Animation Collection

A special program of three award-winning animated short films written, produced, voiced and scored by Paul McCartney: "Tropic Island Hum," "Tuesday" and "Rupert And The Frog Song" (approx. 45 min. total running time.) Featuring two songs and an orchestral suite never released on disc in the USA!  The program also includes two mini-documentaries showing Paul McCartney and his team of artisans creating these animations by the traditional hand-crafted method (24 min. total). And an interview in which Paul speaks of his passion for animation and the early Disney films that inspire him (15 min.). Suitable for children age 6 and older (all the way up to 100!). Program courtesy of MPL and Miramax Home Entertainment – celebrating the DVD release of "Paul McCartney – The Music & Animation Collection." Children 12 and under $6.


Tuesday, April 20 – 7:30 PM

Rare Revival Screening – Early Ken Loach Masterpiece!

KES, 1969, MGM/UA, 110 min. Ranked #7 on the British Film Institute’s list of the 100 Best British Films Ever Made (in between KIND HEARTS & CORONETS and DON’T LOOK NOW), Ken Loach’s remarkable KES is one of the least-known and least-screened Great Movies of the past four decades – an oversight we hope to correct with this rare revival showing. Adapted from Barry Hines’s novel A Kestrel For A Knave, the film is a wholly unsentimental but overwhelmingly moving portrait of an working class boy who finds relief from his colorless, poverty-stricken world by training a small falcon. KES is not available in the U.S. on video, so don’t miss this rare opportunity to see a truly overlooked masterpiece. With David Bradley, Lynne, Perrie, Colin Wellan, Freddie Fletcher, Brian Glover.


Wednesday, April 21 – 7:30 PM

VELVET HAMMER Documentary and Live Burlesque Performance!!! Post-noir fever!

THE VELVET HAMMER BURLESQUE, 2003, 94 min. Dir. Augusta. Founded in 1995 by Michelle Carr, the Velvet Hammer wrote the neo-burlesque bible. Augusta followed the troupe for three years, from New York to New Orleans and back to Los Angeles, where the troupe is based, documenting auditions, rehearsals and sold-out performances. Gorgeously shot live footage and candid interviews with the cast are punctuated with sublime and often hilarious surreal vignettes, this film literally undresses a unique cultural phenomenon, the American folk art known as Burlesque. There are beautiful women of all shapes and sizes, glittering costumes, raunchy music, elaborate stage sets, magic, comedy & unadulterated glamour. Discussion following with director Augusta.

Enjoy lively refreshments in the lobby then join us for BROAD DAYLIGHT, 59 min. Dir. John Michael McCarthy. Retro-style stag loops featuring today’s modern burlesque stars with a garage-rock soundtrack. Starring Kitten de Ville, the Fishnet Floozies and Candy Whiplash. Join us as a dancer from each of the movies will perform live, capped off with an audience-pleasing performance by the legendary Kitten de Ville.