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<<< October 22-24, 2004 >>>

National Geographic All Roads Film Festival

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National Geographic and the American Cinematheque are pleased to premiere the National Geographic All Roads Film Festival. All Roads is a dynamic multi-media event incorporating film, live music and an art market – enabling audience members to immerse themselves in an all-encompassing and deeply personal cultural experience. The films included in the festival come from Thailand, Turkey, Iran, New Zealand, Canada, Scotland, Israel, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, South Africa, Russia, USA (American Indian) and Canada. Works are divided into the following programs: "Spotlight on Islam," Spotlight on South Africa," "Indigenous Shorts from Latin America," a program of world music videos followed by a five music performance, a family-oriented animation program; "Spotlight on Australia" and a program examining the ancestors and elders of ancient cultures such as the Lakota Sioux and the Siberian Naukan people. Included are one World Premiere and nine Los Angeles Premieres!

"The films we’ve brought together this year range from the ultra-hip and ultra-modern to traditional epics that have survived since the dawn of time. What these indigenous and minority culture storytellers have in common is that they present a fascinating and entertaining alternative perspective on the problems and challenges faced by all of us in the world today," said Mark Bauman, director of All Roads Film Festival.

As an important complement to the films appearing in the festival, we present the All Roads Art Market and an exhibit from the All Roads Indigenous Photographers program at the Egyptian Theatre. The Market features artists from around the world who will sell work unique to their culture and communities. Some of the countries represented include Haiti, Egypt, New Zealand, Peru and the United States (American Indian).

The Art Market will be open to the public for the duration of the Festival, at 1 PM on Friday and at 10 AM on Saturday and Sunday. There will also be a live musical performance with the red-hot, flamenco/rumba/dub, Barcelona-based group Ojos de Brujo; and a special bonus performance by West African Rocker Baaba Maal, who will play old favorites as well as a new song composed by Baaba and other African musicians for the United Nations to encourage the world to focus on development issues in Africa.

Several filmmakers will appear for post-screening discussions. Please see for up-to-date information on panel participants.



Friday, October 22 – 7:00 PM

Spotlight on Islam:

L.A. Premiere! BAYTONG, 2004, Thailand, 103 min. Dir. Nonzee Nimbutr. A touching and sometimes humorous film about a monk from a Buddhist monastery who decides to leave his monastic lifestyle in order to care for his young niece after her mother is killed in a terrorist bombing.


Friday, October 22 – 9:15 PM

Spotlight on Islam:

Double Feature:

L.A. Premiere! THE LADIES ROOM, 2003, Women Make Movies, Iran, 55 min. Directed by well-known Iranian actress Mahnaz Afzali and set in a public women’s restroom, the film shatters preconceptions of Iranian women, as they remove their veils, smoke, and discuss everything from drugs to sex to religion.

FOTOGRAF, 2001, Turkey, 65 min. Dir. Kazim Oz. Two young men share a bus trip without knowing that they are traveling to join opposite sides of the same war. A poignant essay on the fragility of peace and friendship in a hostile environment.


Saturday, October 23 – 2:00 PM

Focus on Shorts:

Double Program:

A Short Trip Around The World (approx. 62 min.) World Premiere!! "Tama Tu" (2004, New Zealand, 17 min.) Directed by Taika Waititi (a National Geographic All Roads Seed Grantee), this film is set in WWII and follows a group of Maori soldiers as they wait in silence for night to fall. "From Cherry English" (2004, Canada, 10 min.) Director Jeff Barnaby presents a brutal poem turned to film about the loss of language when an urban Mi’kmaq loses his native tongue, literally. U.S. Premiere! "Piobairean Bhornais" ("Pipers of Bornish") (2003, Scotland, 10 min.) Director Catriona Black uses spectacular digital painting, an archive recording and a hypnotic bagpipe score to tell a traditional Gaelic story about a young boy who makes a pact with a sinister fairy. U.S. Premiere! "El-Zahme" (2003, Israel, 14 min.) First time director Mamdoon Adfile brings a tale of two brothers found in a moment of weakness, as Adnan decides to abandon his slightly mentally disabled older brother. "Two Cars, One Night" (2003, New Zealand, 11 min.) Dir. Taika Waititi. Two Maori children fall in love while watching cars in a parking lot. Witty, charming and visually stunning!

[Note: There will be a brief intermission between programs.]

Una Poca de Gracia Indigena / Indigenous Films From Latin America (approx. 76 min.) "Estos Delores Somos" (2002, Mexico, 2 min.) Director Roberto Olivares crafted this moving, poetic message of hope to pay tribute to the 2001 Zapatista caravan, in its fight towards the recognition of the autonomy of the indigenous towns of Mexico. "Los Zapatos de Zapata" (2000, Mexico, 15 min.) A fresh, vigorous and innovative look at the life of Emiliano Zapata. Director Luciano Larobina explores the role that myth plays in the creation of national identity. L.A. Premiere! "Solo Un Cargador" (2003, Peru, 20 min.) Through beautiful footage and a ghostly narration, director Juan Ramirez portrays the difficult life of a porter who observes his lowly place in a stratified society. L.A. Premiere! "Marangmotxingmo Mirang: From the Ikpeng Children to the World" (2001, Brazil, 35 min.) Ikpeng directors Kumare Txico, Karane Txico and Natuyu Yuwipo Txico follow children from their village as they joyfully describe their way of life to children in Cuba. Discussion following each program with producers Cliff Curtis and Ainsley Gardiner, filmmaker Taika Waititi ("Tama Tu" & "Two Cars, One Night"), filmmaker Roberto Olivares ("Estos Delores Somos"), & producer Vincent Carelli and filmmaker Kumare Txico ("Marangmotxingmo Mirang").

For Mature audiences.


Saturday, October 23 – 6:00 PM

Spotlight On South Africa:

BEING PAVAROTTI, 2004, 52 min. Director Odette Geldenhuys follows a talented young boy from a shantytown whose dream is to sing like Luciano Pavarotti, despite the harsh realities of poverty and societal pressures, in this excellent documentary.

SOLDIERS OF THE ROCK, 2003, 98 min. Dir. Norman Maake. A South African gold mining crew struggles with cultural pride, violent feuds and constant danger in this bracing, suspenseful docu-drama. Discussion following with filmmaker Norman Maake (SOLDIERS OF THE ROCK).


Saturday, October 23 – 9:45 PM

World Music Videos and Live Concert With Ojos de Brujo:

(approx. 50 min.) Music holds the power to rock you, roll you, soothe you and move you – and these excellent videos by some of the best-known world groups are certainly no exception.

Followed by: Live Music with Ojos de Brujo in the courtyard! Join us for a live performance with the red-hot sounds of Spanish group Ojos de Brujo, who combine flamenco and hip-hop into an irresistible musical style that commands you to dance! Produced in association with LinkTV. [Note: Concert will be open to ticket holders from this screening only.]


Sunday, October 24 – 2:00 PM

Animated Shorts from Around the World (approx 60 min.) This special treat features animated films for the entire family. After the screening, join us for a special workshop with AnimAction in the Spielberg Theatre for the thrill of creating your own animation! (Limited space available.) Produced in association with Sesame Workshop. [Free Event]


Sunday, October 24 – 3:30 PM

Ancestors, Elders and Land (approx 128 min.) L.A. Premiere! "The Birds of Naukan" (1996, Russia, 23 min.) This visually spectacular film by Siberian Yupik director Aleksei V. Vakhrushev tells the story of the village of Naukan and the people who, once forced from their lands, struggle to preserve their cultural identity. L.A. Premiere! "The Ghost Riders" (2003, United States, 58 min.) Director Vincent Blackhawk Aamodt and narrator Benjamin Bratt follow several youth from the Lakota Nation as they honor their ancestors – over 300 Lakota Sioux who were massacred at Wounded Knee – with a physically and emotionally taxing journey that will begin to mend the sacred hoop. L.A. Premiere! "Athlii Gwaii: The Line at Lyell" (2003, British Columbia, 47 min.) Director Marianne Jones and producer Jeff Bear tell the inspiring story of Haida elders who, in 1985, blocked a logging road on Athlii Gwai (Lyell Island) to prevent the destruction of their ancestral forests. Discussion following with filmmakers Aleksei V. Vakhrushev ("The Birds of Naukan"), Vincent Blackhawk Aamodt ("The Ghost Riders"), & Marianne Jones and Jeff Bear ("Athlii Gwaii").


Sunday, October 24 – 6:30 PM

Spotlight On Australia: (approx 135 min.) L.A. Premiere! "One Night the Moon" (2001, 54 min.) Director Rachel Perkins combines extraordinary cinematography with an unusual musical theme to tell a story of racial prejudice and how it hampers the search for a farmer’s lost daughter. L.A. Premiere! "Dust" (1999, 25 min.) Director Ivan Sen brings five angry people together on a dusty, desolate cotton field as racial tensions are ignited. "Gulpilil: One Red Blood" (2002, 56 min.) Renowned actor David Gulpilil (WALKABOUT, THE LAST WAVE) closes the gap between his public life as an actor and his private life in aboriginal culture. Filmmaker Darlene Johnson traces his 30-year career that encapsulates the changing status of Koori culture in Australia.