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<<< November 19-21, 2004 >>>

Argentina: New Cinema III


Presented in association with the Consulate General & Promotion Center of the Argentine Republic and INCAA (Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales).

With the collaboration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship.

After the success of the last two years' New Argentine Cinema Series, we’re thrilled to be back with an impressive line-up of LA Premieres including the official Argentine submission for this year’s Academy Awards, Daniel Burman’s fresh and funny EL ABRAZO PARTIDO. Alejandro Agresti (VALENTIN) is back with a look at the traumatic effect of the past dictatorship, UN MUNDO MENOS PEOR; and Hector Olivera presents a portrait of Evita Peron’s brother Juan Duarte, a man of sexual and political intrigue in AY, JUANCITO. Other premieres include this year's animated box office hit, PATUROZITO, and a look at the first two episodes of a great new thriller for Argentine television, "EPITAFIOS." Plus festival crowd-pleaser, Santiago Carlos Oves’ tender CONVERSASIONES CON MAMÁ and Raul R. Peila’s huge Argentine box-office hit, PELIGROSA OBSESION.

Argentine Cinema is enjoying one of its finest moments in history now, with the nation's films making a strong impact on the international festival circuit. Starting with Martin Rejtman’s RAPADO (1991), a young generation of directors have emerged from the new cinema schools founded in the early 1990’s. More government funding in the mid-1990’s led to such arthouse successes as NINE QUEENS and THE SON OF THE BRIDE. The latest prime example, Pablo Trapero (WORLD’S CRANE, EL BONAERENSE), one of the pillars of Argentina’s New Wave, is back with his third feature FAMILIA RODANTE featured in this year's AFI festival.

We’re extremely happy to be welcoming directors Hector Olivera, José Luis Massa and Daniel Burman and actress Leticia Brédice to the Lloyd E. Rigler Theatre at the Egyptian.

All films are in Spanish with English subtitles.



Friday, November 19 - 7:00 PM

U.S. Premiere!!

AY, JUANCITO, 2004, Aries Cinematografica, 115 min. Dir. Hector Olivera. The true story of the rise and fall of Juan Ramón Duarte (Adrián Navarro), Evita’s only brother, a charming social climber whose days of glory and crisis run side by side with the rise and fall of Juan Domingo Peron. Ex-traveling salesman, Juan becomes extremely influential as Peron’s personal secretary and the "most sought-after bachelor in the country." Using his influence and false promises to seduce women, Juancito’ intense love life alternates between the understanding blonde, the jealous redhead, ambitious starlet and businesswoman alike. A story of love, politics and history. With Norma Leandro, Leticia Brédice. For Mature Audiences only. Discussion following director Hector Olivera and actress Leticia Brédice.


Friday, November 19 - 9:45 PM

CONVERSACIONES CON MAMÁ (TALKING WITH MUM), 2004, Primer Plano, 90 min. Dir. Santiago Carlos Oves. Pressured by his wife, unemployed middle aged Jaime (Eduardo Blanco) needs to sell his Buenos Aires apartment, but his aging, strong-willed mother (China Zorilla) is living in it. A series of bittersweet conversations between mother and son follow over the kitchen table. With Ulises Dumont. Winner of Best Latin-American Film at the Montreal Film Festival this year.


Saturday, November 20 & Sunday, November 21

Egyptian Theatre Historic Tours & FOREVER HOLLYWOOD

10:30 AM Behind The Scenes Tour



Saturday, November 20 - 5:00 PM

U.S. Premiere!!

PATORUZITO, 2004, Patagonik, 75 min. Dir. José Luis Massa Since the mid-1940’s, the comic book exploits of the diminutive, ever-smiling Indian Patoruzito have delighted Argentine audiences. Finally adapted into a feature-length film, PATORUZITO has turned out to be a huge box office success with both parents and children. Witness our irrepressible little hero defeats the forces of evil once more to save his ancient, sacred city! Discussion following with director José Luis Massa.


Saturday, November 20 - 7:00 PM

U.S. Premieres!!

UN MUNDO MENOS PEOR (A WORLD LESS BAD), 2004, Patagonik, 92 min. The latest film by director Alejandro Agresti (VALENTIN) once more explores the effect of past dictatorship on Argentine society. Seriously ill, Isabel (Monica Galan) moves, with her two daughters, to a seaside town trying to reunite with her re-discovered "lost" husband who she thought had died in jail during the military rule. The family and the community struggle with the past, slowly healing. Music by Philippe Sarde. With Julieta Cardinali.

WHISKEY, ROMEO, ZULU, 2004, Aquafilms, 105 min. First time filmmaker Enrique Pineyro directs and stars in this fact-based thriller about a conscientious pilot for a low-fare airline struggling to keep his flights safe when maintenance and safety standards are ignored in favor of the bottom line. When he refuses to fly one particular flight because of violations, he’s suspended by the company. His subsequent decision to blow the whistle to a government commission causes a frantic scrambling of spin doctors to cover the company’s tracks and label him mentally disturbed. An unflinching, fascinating look at endemic, institutionalized corruption. With Alejandro Awada, Mercedes Morán.


Saturday, November 20 - 8:00 PM- Spielberg Theatre.

U.S. Premiere!!

"EPITAFIOS" (EPITAPH), 2004, HBO LatinAmerica, 100 min. Dirs. Alberto Lecchi, Jorge Nisco. Episode 1 & 2. Responsible for the death of four school children in a hostage situation and ravaged by guilt, Renzo Marquez leaves the police force. Five years later, a mutilated dead body reunites the team who handled the case: Renzo the policeman, Benitez the commissioner and Laura Santini the therapist. Everything leads to a dramatic climax -- a killer on-the-loose has set a well-planned revenge. With each new dead body an epitaph is found attached. The first installments of a 13 episode suspense thriller - an example of the best of Argentine TV. With Julio Chávez, Paola Krum‚ Antonio Birabent‚ Cecilia Roth.


Saturday, November 20 – 11:00 PM

U.S. Premiere!!

PELIGROSA OBSESION (DANGEROUS OBSESSION), 2004, Patagonik Film Group, 126 min. Dir. Raul R. Peila. A colossal box-office success in Argentina, this narco-thriller tracks unsuspecting Javier (Pablo Echarri) running a gauntlet of killers and dubious allies after he suddenly discovers his father's company is a front for drug smugglers. Unfortunately our hero keeps having the rug pulled out from under him as the DEA, corrupt cops, a sexy Brazilian journalist and his own flesh-and blood yank him in as many different directions. A tough, fast moving action film that draws the audience in with each step Javier makes. With Mariano Martinez, Carol Castro.


Sunday, November 21 - 5:00 PM

L.A. Premiere!!

EL ABRAZO PARTIDO (LOST EMBRACE), 2003, New Yorker Films, 99 min. Dir. Daniel Burman. Handsome, 20-year old Jewish Ariel Makaroff is working with his mother, in a women's lingerie shop in the fabric district of Buenos Aires, while fantasizing about women and seeking the salvation of a European passport. With his self-deprecating sense of humor and a style reminiscent of Woody Allen, Ariel reflects on his life - a well-observed comedy with a documentary feel Buenos Aires life as viewed through a decaying, multi-ethnic mall. EL ABRAZO PARTIDO is the official Argentine submission for the upcoming Academy Awards. "Telling its big story through small details, Daniel Burman's distinctive, subtly effective fourth feature feature paints an unusually affirmative picture of multicultural existence."-- Variety. Discussion following with director Daniel Burman.