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Series programmed by:  SHANE: Dennis Bartok.FLICKER FEST coordinated by Andrew Crane. Alternative Screen Programmed by Mark Benefeild; Carl Dubliclay, Margot Gerber, David Groth, Mary McIlwain, Sean Smith ordinated by Dennis Bartok.

Alternative Screen Coordinated by:
Margot Gerber & Mary McIlwain. Special thanks to David Shultz.

Special Thanks to:

Larry Greenberg/Showtime.




Tickets available 30 days in advance. Tickets are $9 general admission unless noted otherwise.
Sold out programs will be indicated here if sold out 24 hours in advance of screening date.
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The Film Programs of the American Cinematheque are presented at the magnificently renovated, historic 1922 Grauman's Hollywood Egyptian Theatre. Located at 6712 Hollywood Boulevard.
Photo Credit: Randall Michelson. Detail of Egyptian Theatre Ceiling.

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Special Events & Limited Engagements in October

Wednesday, October 8 – 7:30 PM

50th Anniversary Screening:

SHANE, 1953, Paramount, 118 min. We’re proud to present this new 35mm. print of director, George Steven’s classic western on its 50th Anniversary! The archetypal tale of a rootless lone gunman, Shane (Alan Ladd) who finds brief respite on the Starrett family’s (Van Heflin, Jean Arthur and Brandon de Wilde) farm -- only to be sucked into a range war led by malevolent hired killer Jack (Jack Palance.) Discussion following with George Stevens Jr., son of director George Stevens (schedule permitting.)


Thursday, October 9 - 7:30 PM Alternative Screen Independent Film Showcase

Skizz Cyzyk's "Damn you Mr. Bush" (2002, 1:42 min.), a humorously shot protest song written in October 2002 as the U.S. headed towards war with Iraq. (

Following is Jacob Bricca's "Homeland" (2003, 5.5 min., USA) an examination of the mythology of the contemporary "good life" fed to us by corporate America through commercials. This provocative mix of images drawn from found footage sources is set to a hypnotic, moody score by the band Seaworthy. Bricca is the editor of the feature films LOST IN LA MANCHA and JIMMY SCOTT: IF YOU ONLY KNEW.

Following the short films is WE INTERRUPT THIS EMPIRE (2003, 55 min., USA) which looks at San Francisco's activist network and their efforts to make a statement about their opposition to the War in Iraq by shutting down the city's financial district through human barricades, riding bicycles onto the freeway and other acts. Protest footage from the "eye of the storm" (including a choice political pie in the face shot enacted on a female newscaster), contrasts with corporate media coverage in this look at radical resistance and alternate views on the US's current imperialist drive. The filmmakers will appear for discussion following the screening. (

The program concludes with BECOME THE SKY (2002, 53 min., USA) A combination road movie, political expose and poetic meditation on planet earth. This beautiful, often abstractly lensed film crisscrosses Texas to look at the devastating effects of petrochemical, nuclear and electric industries on land, air and water. Filmmaker Laura Dunn examines the way that political and financial interests of powerful Texans Lyndon Johnson, Dick Cheney and the Bush family have shaped the economy of the world. The film maps an ecology of power spanning 4,000 miles across Texas and weaves a web of energy and politics in the context of war and capitalism. Laura Dunn is about to begin work on a documentary project with Terrence Malick. (



Saturday, October 18

Egyptian Theatre Historic Tours & New Slide Show With FOREVER HOLLYWOOD

10:30 AM Behind the Scenes Tour

11:35 AM, 2:00 PM & 3:30 PM FOREVER HOLLYWOOD


Saturday, October 18 – 7:30 PM


Join us as we invoke the spirit of the year 1922 and the Egyptian Theatre’s legendary founder, Sid Grauman. Our not to be missed anniversary party features cake and exotic ice creams, magic (from the Travelling Wonder Show), period newsreels & films, plus, a talk on Sid Grauman by Mark Simon (one of our fabulous docents) and a

sidgraumanweb.jpg (19298 bytes) SANCE – to contact Sid Grauman and many other spirits lurking in the theatre. .

Film shorts included in the program: "Mickey's Gala Premiere" (featuring Sid Grauman) from Disney; "The Thomas Ince Studio Tour" a reel of rareities from Sabucat featuring Grauman premieres and hand and footprint ceremonies and much more!

Special Ticket price: $20 Members; $25 General; $10 Balcony seating and a limited number of $50 seats will be sold for a place at the sance table. (For $50 tickets only fax orders to 323.461.9737. Deadline for faxes is Oct. 17 at 11 AM. After that tickets must be purchased at the door.

Reception 7:30 - 8:30 PM in the courtyard.


Sunday, October 19

Egyptian Theatre Historic Tours & New Slide Show With FOREVER HOLLYWOOD

10:30 AM Behind the Scenes Tour

11:35 AM, 2:00 PM & 3:30 PM FOREVER HOLLYWOOD


Tuesday, October 21 – 7:30 PM


The same exciting concept as last year’s popular program: twenty-five new and established filmmakers brave the unknown, each shooting one roll of Super 8mm film, handing it over to Flicker for processing and holding their collective breath until they finally get to see their film along with everyone else – the night of the screening! All editing is done "in camera" and sound is created without seeing the film. The filmmakers will be there to introduce what they hope is a masterpiece. Last year we had established feature film directors such as Peyton Reed (DOWN WITH LOVE) as well as neophytes -- and it was an exciting and illuminating evening as twenty-five 3 minute shorts rolled out before a nearly packed house to a very enthusiastic audience Truly "New" filmmaking at its most exciting. Most of the filmmakers will appear in person.

Special thanks to Kodak, Yale Film and Video and Dwayne’s Photo.


Wednesday, October 22 – 7:30 PM

THE HIRED HAND, 1971, Sundance Channel, 90 min. This quietly unassuming but powerful western languished for decades in obscurity -- until it was recently restored in a beautiful new print through the efforts of director and star Peter Fonda, editor Frank Mazzola and the Sundance Channel. After many years away, worldweary Harry (Peter Fonda) returns to the family farm with easygoing pal Arch (the superb Warren Oates), only to be greeted by bitter wife Hannah (Verna Bloom). Determined to settle down, Harry’s healing relationship with Hannah is imperiled when grudgeholders from the past threaten him. The stunning, near hallucinatory cinematography by Vilmos Zsigmond looks even better today than it did in 1971. Not to be missed! Discussion following with director/actor Peter Fonda, actress Verna Bloom and editor Frank Mazzola (schedules permitting.)


Thursday, October 23 - 7:30 PM Alternative Screen Independent Film Showcase

Vikram Jayanti's JAMES ELLROY'S FEAST OF DEATH (2003, 90 min., USA/UK, Showtime), a profile of hard-boiled crime fiction writer James Ellroy (LA CONFIDENTIAL) against a gruesome backdrop of intertwined tales of unsolved murders - the infamously dismembered "The Black Dahlia" and Ellroy's own mother.

The film looks at Ellroy post-My Dark Places (a book about his mother's unsolved murder - which occurred when he was 10-years old). Ellroy, who charms his audiences in person as aptly as he entertains them in prose is an entertaining presence throughout the film. His life long obsession with his mother's murder and that of the infamous "Black Dahlia" intersect as Jayanti explores Ellroy's fascination with the Dahlia as a means of understanding the horrible, unsolved murder that effected his own life. Detectives on the case, experts and Ellroy pal Nick Nolte, among others, appear in the film which also offers a critique of "Dahlia" murder case solutions as well as some pondering on his mother's case. Discussion following with director Vikram Jayanti and author James Ellroy.

Preceding the feature is animator Rachel Max's animated short film "Dead Kitty" (2003, 3.5 min., USA). (

Rachel Max's animated short film "Dead Kitty" (2003, 3.5 min., USA) will precede the feature.