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Series compiled by:   Gwen Deglise with the assistance of Chris D.

Shorts compiled by Andrew P. Crane.

Special Thanks to: Florence Charmasson/ UNIFRANCE; Mohamed Bendjebbour, Lise de Sablet, Sebastien Connan/ FRENCH FILM & TV DEPARTMENT - CONSULATE GENERAL IN LOS ANGELES; Martine Boutrolle/MAE; Benjamin Trochu, Valerie Grandury/ODESSA FILMS; Antoine Cochet/PATHE INTERNATIONAL; John Kirk, Irene Ramos/MGM/UA; Joëlle Prigent/F.T.D.




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<<< October 7 & 15, 2003 >>>


Co-presented with Unifrance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the French Film & TV Department - Consulate General in Los Angeles

The American Cinematheque is thrilled to be part of On Set with French Cinema, a partnership between Unifrance and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs that brings some of the most exciting voices in contemporary French Cinema into American Universities for MFA seminars this Fall. The American Cinematheque couldn't pass up this opportunity to invite these same directors to share their films with our own audiences at the historic 1922 Egyptian Theatre, while they are visiting Los Angeles.

Join us for screenings and discussions with special guests including Regis Wargnier (I AM KING OF THE CASTLE, INDOCHINE, EAST/WEST); Patrice Leconte (THE MAN ON THE TRAIN, THE GIRL ON THE BRIDGE, RIDICULE, THE HAIR DRESSER’S HUSBAND, MONSIEUR HIRE) and the Cinematheque's good friend director Agnès Varda (THE GLEANERS AND I, JACQUOT, VAGABOND, CLEO FROM 5 TO 7).

Regis Wargnier worked as a second unit director with Michel Deville before making his directorial debut with LA FEMME DE MA VIE. He won international fame with INDOCHINE and EAST/WEST and has worked with many of France's best leading actresses, including Catherine Deneuve, Sandrine Bonnaire and Emmanuelle Beart.

Not easily categorized, the highly productive director, Patrice Leconte, has established himself as one of France's most respected directors. Leconte made his directorial debut with comedies like the cult LES BRONZES (THE SUNTANNED) and went on exploring other genres. Leconte received critical success with 1989's MONSIEUR HIRE, and 1990’s THE HAIRDRESSER'S HUSBAND (LE MARI DE LA COIFFEUSE) - but it was with his 1996 film RIDICULE, that Leconte won the admiration of an international audience while furthering his reputation as one of the French cinema's most treasured artists. His most recent films include THE GIRL ON THE BRIDGE, THE MAN ON THE TRAIN.

We’re thrilled to welcome the talented director Regis Wargnier in-person on October 7 for a screening of his second feature film, I AM KING OF THE CASTLE (JE SUIS LE SEIGNEUR DU CHATEAU) and Patrice Leconte In-Person on October 15 for a double feature of MONSIEUR HIRE and THE HAIRDRESSER’S HUSBAND!

To be continued on November 19 with Cinematheque’s good friend, director Agnès Varda In-Person at the Egyptian Theatre!

Tuesday October 7 - 8:00 PM

ON SET WITH FRENCH CINEMA: Director Regis Wargnier In Person!

I AM THE KING OF THE CASTLE (JE SUIS LE SEIGNEUR DU CHATEAU), 1988, Odessa Films, 88 min. With his second feature, director Regis Wargnier (INDOCHINE, EAST-WEST) explored the world of 12-year-old Thomas (Régis Arpin) who lives in a gorgeous mansion surrounded by woods in Brittany, France. After his mother’s death, Thomas’ world is even more disrupted by the arrival of Charles, the maid’s son. The boys become enemies at first sight. Thomas decides to turn Charles' life into hell, making clear to the "invader" just who is the king of the castle. A lyrical and visually stunning film with an amazing use of Prokofiev’s music. With Jean Rochefort and Dominique Blanc. Discussion following with director Regis Wargnier. (In French with English subtitles.)


Wednesday, October 15 - 7:30 PM

ON SET WITH FRENCH CINEMA: Director Patrice Leconte In-Person!

MONSIEUR HIRE, 1989, Pathe International, 81 min. Dir. Patrice Leconte. Night after night, Monsieur Hire (Michele Blanc) spies on his beautiful neighbor (Sandrine Bonnaire), who knows he’s watching her. When a young woman in the neighborhood is murdered, the police immediately suspect the lonely, middle-aged tailor. A dark, unforgettable study in obsession, desire, and deviant sexuality.

THE HAIRDRESSER’S HUSBAND (LE MARI DE LA COIFFEUSE), 1990, F.T.D., 82 min. Dir. Patrice Leconte. At the tender age of 12, Antoine’s sexual urges are awakened by the ample charms of a female hairdresser. As a middle-aged man, Antoine (Jean Rochefort) proposes to a beautiful barber during his first visit to her salon, fulfilling his childhood dream. A testament to one man's obsession (though it could well be the boy's fantasy or the grown man's boyish imaginings.) Another - but much lighter - study of obsession and desire from Patrice Leconte, here simply beautifully hedonistic. Discussion between films with director Patrice Leconte. (Both films in French with English subtitles.)