Jan. 9 & 10, 2002

American Cinematheque Presents...

Jean-Pierre Jeunet Tribute

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Wednesday, January 9 – 7:30 PM SOLD OUT

Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet In-Person!

AMELIE, 2001, Miramax, 120 min. Already acclaimed as one of the most original and inventive films of 2001, director Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s latest is a marvelous poetic fantasy about a wide-eyed young Parisian waitress (played by the sensational Audrey Tautou) who manages to influence the destinies of all who meet her. Noted filmmaker Mathieu Kassovitz (LA HAINE) co-stars as Amelie’s would-be boyfriend. Plus the ultra-rare short film, "Le Bunker De La Dernière Rafale" (The Bunker Of The Last Gunshots), 1981, 26 min. Dirs. Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro. Discussion following with director Jean-Pierre Jeunet.


Thursday, January 10 – 7:30 PM

SOLD OUT Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet In-Person! Double Feature:

DELICATESSEN, 1991, Miramax, 102 min. Dirs. Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro. Set in a surreal, post-apocalyptic world that’s equal parts Terry Gilliam, Jan Svankmajer and Bozo the Clown, DELICATESSEN stars Dominique Pinon as rubber-faced acrobat Louison and Marie-Laure Dougnac as his myopic sweetheart Julie, trying to find love while they evade the murderous meat-cleaver of her father (Jean-Claude Dreyfus) and a tenement filled with cannibalistic neighbors!

THE CITY OF LOST CHILDREN, 1995, Sony Classics, 112 min. Jeunet and Caro’s second feature is just as bizarre, sinister and wildly imaginative as DELICATESSEN, mixing elements of Dr. Caligari, Victor Hugo and Rube Goldberg into the story of a kind-hearted circus strongman (Ron Perlman) and his coquettish 7-year old side-kick (Judith Vittet) who attempt to stop a wicked scientist (Daniel Emilfork) from stealing the dreams of little children. Discussion between films with director Jean-Pierre Jeunet.