March 13-20, 2002

American Cinematheque Presents...

New Irish Cinema

Presented in association with Bord Scannán na hÉireann - The Irish Film Board and the Irish Screen; for additional info on the Irish Screen in Los Angeles:

Our special thanks to Rod Stoneman at the Irish Film Board for his tremendous assistance with this program. For more information about the Irish Film Board, check out their website at:

Series Compiled by Dennis Bartok and Paul Balbirnie, the Irish Screen.

Special Thanks to: Rod Stoneman and Lorraine Morgan/IRISH FILM BOARD

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Ireland has been seen through many filmmakers’ eyes over the years, from John Ford’s THE QUIET MAN to David Lean’s RYAN’S DAUGHTER. Recently, a new generation of Irish filmmakers, inspired by the success of homegrown directors such as Jim Sheridan and Neil Jordan, have begun telling their own stories of Ireland, ancient and modern, urban as well as rural, gay as well as straight, peaceful as well as bloody.

This short series features some of the most exciting new voices from Ireland. lncludeded is director Pat Murphy’s erotically-charged docudrama of the stormy relationship between writer James Joyce and his wife, NORA, starring Ewan McGregor, plus Kirsten Sheridan’s impressive first feature, DISCO PIGS, along with two music documentaries on Ireland’s beloved the Pogues and the Undertones, a special Animation and Shorts Program featuring two shorts nominated for Academy Awards in the Animated Short category, and a closing night St. Patrick's Day Party!

*Please note that the previously announced BLOODY SUNDAY will not be shown.


Wednesday, March 13 – 7:30 PM

Irish Shorts: Live Action & Animation. Integrated between the longer shorts, we have 10 "Short Shorts". Witty, unexpected & colorful. Really too short for a description, so we’ve just included the titles. "50% Grey" & "Give Up Yer Aul Sins" have been nominated in the Animated Short category for Academy Awards! Darragh O’ Connell"s "Racism" (3 min.) Chris Hurley’s "Agin The Wall" (3 min.) Alan Gilsenan’s "Zulu 9" (11 min.) A road-weary truck driver is given some bad breaks. "….powerful, heart-thumping drama" Michael Dwyer, The Irish Times. Ruairi Robinson’s "50% Grey" (3 min.) "Clare Langan’s "Storm" (3 min.) Brian Tucker’s "Collockland" ( 20 min.) A satire of film noir, Dubiln’s soaring real estate prices & celebrity obsession. "Conor Morrisey’s "You & Me Tide" (3 min.) Brian Kelly’s "The Box" (3 min.) Cathal Gaffney’s "Give Up Yer Aul Sins" (6 min.) Animated piece about children’s interpretations of stories from the bible. Emer Reynolds "Man" (3 min.) "Donald Clark’s "Pitch & Putt" (3 min.) "Guy’s Dog" (10 min.) Animated story of an alcoholic dog who dreams of becoming human. "Shimmy Marcus’s "Ivor the Insomniac" (3 min.) Barry Dignam’s "Chicken" (3 min.) Christopher Roche’s "Riblock Foundation" (3 min.) Paul Mercier’s "Tubberware" (18 min.) A provocative, funny take on language, identity and cultural attitudes. Set in the heart of a Gaelic-speaking area of Connemera.


* This screening is canceled. BLOODY SUNDAY WILL NOT BE SHOWN. Paramount Classics will release the film in the US this year. Friday, March 15 – 7:00 PM

Director Paul Greengrass In Person!

BLOODY SUNDAY, 2002, 100 min. Dir. Paul Greengrass. A shattering, documentary-style recreation of the 1972 Civil Rights march in Derry that ended in tragedy when British troops opened fire, leaving 13 civilians dead and forever changing the face of politics in Northern Ireland. James Nesbitt delivers a moving performance as Ivan Cooper, the beleagured organizer of the March, with Nicholas Farrell (CHARIOTS OF FIRE) as the British Brigadier unable to stop the unfolding tragedy. Like Ridley Scott’s BLACK HAWK DOWN or Gillo Pontecorvo’s BATTLE OF ALGIERS, BLOODY SUNDAY thrusts the viewer without warning into a chaotic, incredibly suspenseful and ultimately heartwrenching conflict. A selection of the 2002 Sundance Film Festival. Discussion following with director Paul Greengrass (schedule permitting).


Friday, March 15 – 9:30 PM

Double Feature:

Directors In Person

TEENAGE KICKS – THE UNDERTONES, 2001, 72 min. Dir. Tom Collins. Creators of snarling, aggro-fueled punk anthems like "My Perfect Cousin," and "Teenage Kicks," the Undertones (Feargal Sharkey, brothers Damian and John O’Neill, Michael Bradley and Billy Doherty) were one of Ireland’s greatest rock groups, and certainly the finest to emerge from the dead-end streets of Derry in the mid-1970’s. Mixing interviews with the band members and rare concert footage of the Undertones at their peak, this is a raucous portrait of "a band that sounded beautiful, coming from an ugly place" (music journalist Eamonn McCann). A selection of the 2001 London Film Festival. Discussion following with director Tom Collins.

IF I SHOULD FALL FROM GRACE – The Shane McGowan Story, 2001, 93 min. Dir. Sarah Share. Renowned for his astonishing songwriting and storytelling gifts, as well as his enormous penchant for self-destruction, Shane McGowan led the Pogues to glory in the early 1980’s by combining traditional Irish instruments with blistering lyrics on albums like "Rum Sodomy & The Lash" and "If I Should Fall From Grace With God." Featuring candid interviews with a barely-coherent (but still mesmerizing) McGowan, along with friends, family and admirers like Nick Cave, this is an unflinching and unapologetic portrait of one of Ireland’s most controversial musicians. Discussion following with Director Sarah Share.


Saturday, March 16 – 5:00 PM

NORA, 2000, Andora Pictures, 96 min. Dir. Pat Murphy. Ewan McGregor (MOULIN ROUGE) delivers a soul- and flesh-baring performance in this beautifully atmospheric and graphically sexual portait of the stormy relationship between legendary writer James Joyce and his wife Nora (an exquisite Susan Lynch), through their first meeting in Dublin, Joyce’s brooding fits of temperament, the couple’s extended stay in Italy, and the publication of his masterworks Ulysses and Finnegan’s Wake.


Saturday, March 16 – 7:00 PM

HOW HARRY BECAME A TREE, 2001, 90 min. A raucous comedy from director Goran Paskaljevic (CABARET BALKAN), HOW HARRY BECAME A TREE stars the wonderful Colm Meaney (THE SNAPPER) as spite-filled Harry, whose one desire in life is to destroy George Flaherty, owner of the local pub and the richest man in town. Co-starring Cillian Murphy, Kerry Condon and Adrian Dunbar.


Saturday, March 16 – 9:30 PM

H3, 2001, 90 min. Dir. Les Blair. In 1981 in Belfast’s infamous Maze prison, a group of IRA members denied status as political prisoners launched a hunger strike that galvanized Ireland. Based on a script by Laurence McKeown (who took part in the hunger strike) and Brian Campbell, and directed by Les Blair, H3 is a somber, beautifully-acted docudrama focusing on the young IRA protesters as they find ways to band together behind bars, learning "Jailic" (prison Gaelic), sharing songs and scraps of information from the outside world, and trying to endure crushing physical and emotional isolation. Starring Brendan Mackey, Dean Lennox Kelly, Tony Devlin, Kevin Ellio and Mark O’Halloran.


Sunday, March 17 – 5:00 PM

TRAVELLER, 2001, 84 min. Dirs. John T. Davis & Alen MacWeeney. In 1965, photographer Alen MacWeeney embarked on a two-year project of photographing and recording the gypsy travellers of Dublin and Galway. Nearly 35 years leater, having carved out a successful career in commercial and fashion photography in New York, he returns to Ireland to finds the travellers again in this haunting and poetic documentary, with his earlier archive providing the sounds and images of that faraway time, juxtaposed with the people of the present day. [in the Spielberg Theatre]


Sunday, March 17 – 7:00 PM

DISCO PIGS, 2001, 90 min. An impressive first feature from director Kirsten Sheridan (daughter of MY LEFT FOOT helmer Jim Sheridan), DISCO PIGS is a kaleidoscopic romance revolving around the relationship between two neighboring teenagers, Runt (Elaine Cassidy) and Pig (Cillian Murphy), who hold hands each night through a hole in the wall, and view the outside world as a threat to their unique and overpowering Love. When Runt is sent away to boarding school by her concerned parents, the fragile hold Pig has on sanity finally snaps, and he sets out on a mission to find her at all costs. Discussion following with actor Cillian Murphy.


Wednesday, March 20 – 7:30 PM

ON THE NOSE, 2001, 104 min. A cheerfully deranged comedy in the vein of WAKING NED DEVINE, ON THE NOSE stars Robbie Coltrane (HARRY POTTER & THE SORCERER’S STONE) as Delaney, a gambling-obsessed custodian at a prestigious medical college in charge of a large collection of anatomical specimens – including a 200 year-old Aboriginal head with an amazing gift for picking winners at the track! Brenda Blethyn co-stars as Coltrane’s long-suffering wife, with Dan Akroyd as the amiable, adulterious head of the medical school. The latest from the director of DIVORCING JACK, David Caffrey.