April 6 & 7, 2001

American Cinematheque presents...

Silent Film Society 15th Anniversary Celebration! THE WEDDING MARCH Restored 35 mm Print!

Presented in conjunction with The Silent Society of Hollywood Heritage, Inc., in honor of its 15th Anniversary of presenting and preserving the unique art of silent film. Surprise guests to be announced!

Special Thanks to: Kevin Brownlow; Patrick Stanbury; The Walter Lantz Foundation; Robert S. Dickson; Randy Haberkamp; Jere Guldin.


Tickets available 30 days in advance.



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Friday, April 6 – 7:30 PM

Saturday, April 7 – 5:00 PM

Silent Film Society – 15th Anniversary Celebration! Restored 35 mm. Print!!

THE WEDDING MARCH, 1928, Paramount, approx. 113 min. Erich von Stroheim is renowned as one of the greatest directors of the silent era – and as the aggrieved auteur whose masterworks were surreptitiously removed from his control by studio heads. Nearly all of his silent pictures were severely cut without his consent. THE WEDDING MARCH was no exception – von Stroheim’s attempt to have his epic released in two parts was dismissed, along with his editorial responsibilities. Although Part Two was released in Europe as THE HONEYMOON (and was tragically lost in a fire at the Cinematheque Francaise days after von Stroheim’s death in 1957), THE WEDDING MARCH was released as a stand alone feature in the US. This print, newly restored by film historian and preservationist Kevin Brownlow, follows the instructions for editing that von Stroheim prepared for a 1954 version screened in Paris. It combines the best surviving original material from The Library of Congress with footage from prints from the Cinematheque Francaise, including a newly copied Technicolor sequence. A lavish, bawdy, "fragile play of love", THE WEDDING MARCH features von Stroheim and Fay Wray, in what was for her, a career-changing role. The restoration and new score are produced by Channel 4 Silents and Photoplay Productions.

The film will be presented with a newly commissioned, pre-recorded orchestral soundtrack, composed and conducted by Carl Davis.