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Sneak Preview! Agnes Varda In Person with THE GLEANERS & I

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Tuesday, March 13 - 7:30 PM

Special Sneak Preview - Director Agnes Varda In Person!!

THE GLEANERS & I (LES GLANEURS ET LA GLANEUSE), 2001, Zeitgeist, 82 min. One of the pioneers of the French New Wave, director Agnes Varda returns with arguably her strongest work since VAGABOND, a marvelous "wandering road documentary" that focuses on the centuries-old tradition of "gleaning" in France - literally picking up the cast-offs of others. Varda follows rural scavengers who gather left-over vegetables after the harvest, and urban scavengers who collect discarded food and appliances from the streets of Paris - interwoven with these are Varda's own intimate thoughts on aging, humorous interviews with judges and attorneys who debate Monty Python-style the legality of gleaning while standing in potato fields, and a host of other spontaneous musings on French art and culture. Through it all, Varda's patient sense of social obligation shines through, as she asks again and again, "How can one live on the leftovers of others?" "I managed to approach [the gleaners], to bring them out of their anonymity. I discovered their generosity. There are many ways of being poor, having common sense, anger or humor." - Agnes Varda. Winner, Best Documentary - Chicago Film Festival, and People's Choice Award - Montreal Festival of New Cinema. [THE GLEANERS & I opens theatrically in L.A. on April 6th at Laemmle's Music Hall in Beverly Hills.] Discussion following with director Agnes Varda.

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