January 17 – 31, 2001




Presented in association with the Office of Culture of Marseille and the French Film & TV Office in Los Angeles.

We're very pleased to welcome director Kamel Saleh to the Egyptian Theatre for the L.A. Premiere of THE MAGNET.

For more information on the celebration of "Provence in Los Angeles," call the French TV & Film Office at 310/235-3287.

Series compiled by Gwen Deglise.


Special Thanks to: Christiane Laugier, France Irmann, Florence Martin, Office de la Culture de Marseille; Mohamed Bendjebbour, French Film & TV Office in Los Angeles, Consulate General of France.


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At 2600 years old, Marseille is the oldest city in France, with its port facing the famous Chateau d'If where the Man in the Iron Mask and the Count of Monte Cristo were imprisoned. Marseille has been the background for many filmmakers, from the Bros. Lumiere, Louis Feuillade and Jean-Pierre Melville to William Friedkin and John Frankenheimer.

As part of the "Provence in Los Angeles" celebrations, please join us for a visit to the old neighborhood of Marseille, Le Panier, with the urban tale THE MAGNET, the first feature directed by rap group leader Akhenaton and friend Kamel Saleh. Then, rediscover Provence, the land of Marcel Pagnol (JEAN DE FLORETTE and MANON OF THE SPRING), with Pagnol's adaptation of THE BAKER'S WIFE, followed by director Yves Robert's adaptation of Pagnol's autobiographical stories of his childhood in the hills of Provence, MY MOTHER’S CASTLE and MY FATHER'S GLORY.


Wednesday, January 17 - 8:00 PM

West Coast Premiere! Director Kamel Saleh in-person!!

THE MAGNET (COMME UN AIMANT), 2000, Mars Films, 100 min. A Spike Lee-like urban tale of eight friends in their early 30’s. Set in the old Marseille neighborhood of Le Panier, THE MAGNET was directed by local rap group leader Akhenaton and Kamel Saleh (who also appears in the film). The neighborhood itself is the magnet here, a force that traps the eight characters, but also binds them together. "The bench was our symbol for it. It's the meeting place...where everything happens. It's where you have fun, but it can also be dangerous… everything can suddenly turn into tragedy!" -- Kamel Saleh. Featuring an amazing soundtrack with French rap from Marseille and classic American R&B by Isaac Hayes, the Dells and others. Discussion following with co-director Kamel Saleh.

(Copies of THE MAGNET soundtrack will be given away at the screening.)


Wednesday, January 24 - 8:00 PM

THE BAKER'S WIFE (LA FEMME DU BOULANGER), 1938, Kino Films, 125 min. Marcel Pagnol's adaptation of Jean Giono's beloved novel is a classic of pre-war French cinema, with a superb performance by Raimu as Amiable, the village baker whose wife leaves him for the shepherd Dominique. No breads are baked, and the baker’s unhappiness becomes the village's unhappiness. The heartbreaking scene of Raimu talking to his cat as if it were his faithless wife is one of the most memorable in French cinema. Free pastry will be provided by Lavande at Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel, pastry chef Francisco Lozano.


Wednesday, January 31 - 7:00 PM

Pagnol in Provence Double-Feature!!

MY FATHER'S GLORY (LA GLOIRE DE MON PERE), Gaumont, 110 min, 1989. Dir. Yves Robert. Writer Marcel Pagnol's intimate and nostalgic stories of his childhood in the hills of Provence chronicle with love and tenderness the life of his schoolteacher father Joseph (Philippe Caubere) and his loving mother, the paragon of domestic virtue Augustine (Nathalie Roussel). The family spends the summer vacation in a cottage, where young Marcel (Julien Ciamaca) befriends a local boy who teaches him the secrets of the wild hills of Provence.

MY MOTHER'S CASTLE (LE CHATEAU DE MA MERE), Gaumont, 98 min, 1989. Dir. Yves Robert. Marcel is now 13. The family’s journey to their summer cottage is long and tiring, and the shortcut along the canal path cuts through the manor estates, where drunken guards and frightening dogs make it an adventure. Along the way, Marcel loses his heart to the mysterious Isabelle, a pretty but conceited girl. "MY MOTHER'S CASTLE makes you want to drop everything and head for Provence and snooze in the velvet shade of its trees." -- Hal Hinson, Washington Post.