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The Love Train: Valentine's Day Shorts

Your ticket also buys you a chance to win a prize package which includes a dinner for two at Cafe Des Artistes in Hollywood and a gift pack for that romantic evening. Not to mention, access to most of the filmmakers, who will appear afterwards to gab about their films, thoughts on love and anything else that comes to mind.

Program compiled by Andrew P. Crane.


Tickets available 30 days in advance.


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Jump aboard and catch the express to films expressing several definitions of "love". Bring someone you already love (or at least like!) or find someone here to love (or at least lust after!).

Danny Greenfield’s "Allerd Fishbein’s in Love" (20 min.) Flash back to the 80’s to a resort in the Catskills for this hilarious, but deeply moving look at first love. Stars John Daley ("Freaks & Geeks") L.A. Premiere! Amie Steir’s "Herb" (12 min.) A girl recounts her devotion to "that" rock & roll boy that your mother warned you about. A.J. Schnack’s "Might As Well Be Swing" (24 min.) Two Los Angeles couples head to Joshua Tree for a little partner-swapping weekend. Watch out ahead for consequences! Sundance Selection 2001! Dean Kapsalis’s Jigsaw Venus (10:30 min.) This beautifully nuanced film, slapstick, yet so moving, says much about love and longing without a word of dialougue. Warning!! Could cause the hardest of men to shed tears. Elyse Couvillion’s "Sweet" (4:30 min.) Toured with the Resfest program and a Sundance 2001 selection! A brief, sensual film about our reality not matching our brave, romantic daydreams. Gorgeously shot by Academy nominated cinematographer Allen Daviau. (E.T., THE COLOR PURPLE, AVALON) Shawn Schepps "The Closet" (9 min.) Two inept burglers get more than they were looking for in this, dark, frantic comedy. Oliver Dieckmann’s "Ordinary Love" (13 min.) Winner:Best Short Film, AFI/2000. Anything but ordinary, this mature film from a young German director shows one man’s way out of the doldrums of a marriage taken for granted.

Some filmmakers will appear for discussion following the screenings: Danny Greenfield ("Aller Fishbein's in Love"), Amie Stier ("Herb"), A.J. Schnack ("Might as Well Be Swing"), Elyse Couvillion ("Sweet"), Shawn Schepps & Jason Wolk ("The Closet") & Oliver Dieckmann ("Ordinary Love").

*Films will not necessarily screen in the order listed here.