December 7, 2000

American Cinematheque presents...

Women In Shorts

One Night Only!

Program Compiled by Andrew P. Crane

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Our third-annual look at some short films that have female protagonists and female issues. These films look at, among other topics: sexual issues, ageism, domestic abuse, creative dreams made real, drug abuse and rock & roll. Funny, painful, beautiful, surreal, smart and sexy. Sound like a woman you know?


Thursday, December 7 – 7:15 PM

Relah Eckstein’s "Lucy’s Dream" (13 min.) From the director of one of our favorite visual treats, "Oatmeal," comes this funny, surreal story of a dog who dreams she’s a woman, who’s in love with her master who fantasizes she’s a rock & roll drummer. Got that? Featuring Gina Schock from the Go Go’s and Tosh Berman. Marcel DeJure’s "Blow Me" (12 min.) L.A. Premiere! Two L.A. archetypes, one a beautiful "seen it all" blonde, the other a pot-smoking wannabe actor, get together for a few laughs and some self discovery. Louis Pepe’s "The Dictionary Artist" (19 min.) Best Short Film/Hampton’s Film Festival ‘99 -- L.A. Premiere! A professional illustrator struggles with her desire to achieve creative satisfaction in the workplace in this charming, surreal film. Mollie Jones’s "Invisible" (5 min.) L.A. Premiere! A woman disappears. The director of "Debutante" wows us again with her distinct visual style. Sheila Sofian’s "Survivors" (16 min.) An unusual and moving animated piece on spousal abuse, mixing the voices of the victims, the perpetrators and the counselors who deal with both. Orla Walsh’s "Blessed Fruit" (16 min.) A "post-Catholic" Irish woman’s imagination runs wild with the possibilities of an unplanned pregnancy. Deborah Baxtrom’s "Ethel’s Sofa" (7 min.) Hilarious look at turning the tables on how we view older women as frail, sexless, victims.

Q & A will follow with several of the filmmakers, including Relah Eckstein, Christina Beck, Louis Pepe, Mollie Jones, Sheila Sofian & Deborah Baxtrom.

Thursday, December 7 – 9:30 PM

Karen Black In Person!!

KAREN BLACK: ACTRESS AT WORK, 2000, 57min. Dir. Kerry Feltham. Best known for roles in NASHVILLE, DAY OF THE LOCUST, FIVE EASY PIECES, AIRPORT 1975, and of course, TRILOGY OF TERROR, Ms. Black has continued to work, both in critically acclaimed roles and the "cult" movies that the industry continues to turn out for film, television and foreign markets. This revealing and provocative documentary allows us to see Karen Black as a grounded actress. Ms. Black has her own zen way of dealing with crazy shoots, various and sundry motel and hotel rooms, endless airplane rides and directors and lighting people who do not understand her eyes. Those eyes! ACTRESS AT WORK intersperses clips from her many film roles as well as interviews with directors and family members. Whether you are a fan of Karen Black, an actor, director, or someone who is interested in a "behind the scenes" look at the creative process of filmmaking, you will enjoy this engaging portrait of the actress, mother, wife, and Southern California resident.

Q & A will follow with Karen Black and director Kerry Feltham.