June 23 - 27, 2000

Second Annual Universal Studios Hitchcock International Director Series

Featuring The ReelShort.com New Directors Showcase



Honorary Host Committee:
Kathryn Bigelow
Joe Dante
Taylor Hackford
Randa Haines                    Curtis Hanson
Arthur Hiller
Ron Howard
Mimi Leder
Rob Reiner
Martin Scorsese
Tom Shadyac         Steven Spielberg


Series compiled by Gwen Deglise.

Special Thanks To: Deborah Rosen; Cindy Gardner, Hollace Davids, Iris Gelt, Susan Fleishman, Jeff Small /Universal Studios; Chris Cortez, Mike Brzosotowski / Continental Airlines; Jeremy Bernard, Scott Heidler, Shawn Folz / Reelshort.com; Dorlene Goldman / Hoffman Travel; Paul Malcolm  and Sung-Tae Kim / American Cinematheque; Cristina Littín Menz; Bruce Rabinowitz / Rai Corporation; Guido Fink / Instituto Italiano de Cultura; Camilla Cormanni / Cinecitta
International; Rebeca Conget / NEW YORKER FILMS; Clarisse Cartier/ ALIA FILMS; Anne/ PIERRE GRISE PRODUCTIONS; Maria Perez/ CELLULOID DREAM; Maya Fahrni/ CLERMONT FERRAND FILM FESTIVAL; Bérénice Reynaud; Lorenzo Codelli, Craig Wells; and all of our volunteers and translators during the event. And guests: Gianni
Amelio, Ana Luiza Azevedo, Ann Hui, Esen Isik, Otar Iosseliani, Ben van Lieshout, Miguel Littín, Audrey O'Reilly.






In its second year the Universal Studios Hitchcock International Director Series continues to honor the birth of legendary director Alfred Hitchcock by bringing together 4 established directors and 5 new directors from different parts of the world for a weeklong forum on filmmaking at the Egyptian Theatre.

We're very excited to be joined this year by acclaimed directors Ann Hui (Hong Kong), Otar Iosseliani (Georgia), Miguel Littín (Chili), and Gianni Amelio (Italy). Each evening is dedicated to the
presentation of a film followed by an in person discussion with the Established Director.  With Reelshort.com on board this year the spotlight
on New Directors focuses on short films. We're very pleased to welcome: Esen
Isik (Switzerland), Audrey O'Reilly (Ireland), Anna Luiza Azevedo (Brazil) and Ben van Lieshout (The Netherlands). These short films have shown the promise of exciting careers, winning prizes
at prestigious International Short Film Festivals.  Our fifth director will be the winner of a ReelShort.com on-line contest. Don't forget to cast your vote at http://www.reelshort.com!

Join us also on Sunday afternoon for a June 25th panel discussion where our
guests will share their views on New Technology vs. Traditional Filmmaking.
Followed by a Champagne Mumm toast with all the filmmakers.

All prints are in original language with English Subtitles.

Friday June 23 -- 8:00 pm
Director Miguel Littín in Person!

One of Latin America's most respected film directors, Chile's Miguel Littín
was twice Oscar nominated for Best Foreign Language Film with LETTERS FROM
MARUSIA (1975) and ALSINO AND THE CONDOR (1982).  A high profile figure in
Chile, Miguel Littín was blacklisted by the Pinochet regime and after a long
exile in Mexico, is again making films in Chile. His most recent film,
TIERRA DEL FUEGO, premieres this year at the Cannes Film Festival.

Los Angeles Premiere!
TIERRA DEL FUEGO, 2000, 103 min, RAI Corporation. At the end of the
nineteenth century, a beggar faces his destiny and reflects on the rise and
fall of his life as the owner 40 years ealier of the coast of Tierra Del
Fuego. With the great Italian actress Ornella Muti and Jorge Perugorria.
Followed by discussion with Miguel Littín.


Saturday June 24 -- 8:00 pm
Director Gianni Amelio in Person!

Directing since the early 1970's, Italian Gianni Amelio received
international attention in the 1990's with OPEN DOORS (1989), STOLEN
CHILDREN (1991) and his epic-scale LAMERICA (1994). As the Village Voice
described it , "Amelio's earnest, architectonic, Antonioni-esque pictures"
are in the tradition of the Italian political cinema. Gianni Amelio is one
of the strongest voices of the Italian contemporary cinema.

LAMERICA, 1994, 125 min, New Yorker Films. The movie that won Gianni Amelio
honors as best director at the 1994 Venice Film Festival, LAMERICA tells the
story of two Italian racketeers going to post communist Albania to set up a
ficticious company and pocket the money. Looking for a stooge, they discover
the real Albania, an echo of post WW2 Italy.  Mr. Amelio regrets he will not be joining us for discussion.


Sunday June 25 -- 2:00 pm                                                                       REELSHORT.COM SHORT FILM DIRECTORS SHOWCASE
All directors in Person!

Our New Directors Showcase this year is a Best of 2000 International Short
Film Festival. From the Clermont Ferrand Fest. we are pleased to screen
Grand Prize winner  "Stolen Father" (Switerland, 24 min) and 
Audience Award Winner Audrey O'Reilly's "In Loving Memory" (Ireland, 11 min). 
Also screening is Anna Luiza Azevedo's "3 Minutos" (Brazil, 6 min), a Cannes Film Festival
2000 selection and Best Documentary Award Winner from the Tampere Festival, Ben van Lieshout's "De Zone" (Netherlands, 18 min.).  Our fifth director will be the winner of the ReelShort.com on-line contest.  Check their website to find out who the lucky winner is! Plus other earlier films from our directors.
A discussion with all the directors will follow the program.

Sunday June 25 -- 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Meet the Filmmakers!

Panel Discussion - Perspectives on the Future: New Technology vs.
Traditional Filmmaking
. The directors Gianni Amelio, Ana
Luiza Azevedo, Ann Hui, Esen Isik, Otar Iosseliani, Miguel Littín and Audrey
O'reilly,  will share their views on filmmaking and how new technology may
change their approach to cinema. 
Free admission.

Featuring a Champagne Mumm toast to the filmmakers for all panel attendees!

Monday, June 26, 8:00 pm
Director Otar Iosseliani in Person!

Born in Georgia, and living in France since the early 1990's, Otar
Iosseliani studied music and mathematics before becoming a filmmaker.
Considered in Europe to be one of the most important contemporary Soviet
film directors, Otar Iosseliani is best known for THERE LIVED A SINGING
BLACKBIRD (1971) and AND THERE WAS LIGHT, the Golden Lion winner at the 1989
Venice Film Festival. This year the Cannes Film Festival honored him with a
special screening of his unreleased first short film APRIL (1962).

Pierre Grise Productions. A surreal comedy set in an idealized, contemporary
Paris is Otar Iosseliani's most recent film.  Iosseliani himself plays the
charming alcoholic, fooling around with electric trains while his wife
entertains her friends with a gigantic stork perched on her shoulder, and
his teenage son eagerly experiences city life. A stunning poetic film.
Followed by discussion with Otar Iosseliani.

Tuesday, June 27, 8:00 pm
Director Ann Hui in Person!

Born in Manchuria, Ann Hui grew up in Hong Kong, where she became the
assistant of director King Hu. She has been directing and producing since
the late 1970's and achieved international recognition with BOAT PEOPLE
(1982). With SUMMER SNOW (1994) Ann Hui has proven to be one of the masters
of contemporary Hong Kong cinema. ORDINARY HEROES (1999) is her last film to

SUMMER SNOW, 1994, 106 min. The sensation of the 1995 Berlin Festival, where
it won the Best Actress Award for Josephine Siao Fong-Fong , SUMMER SNOW is
a family comedy focusing on a woman contending with her senile
father-in-law. "A strange romance emerges and culminates, movingly and
poetically." .. "Hui's mise en scčne, alternatively funny and touching, does
not have a single false note." - Berenice Reynaud. 
Followed by discussion
with Ann Hui.