Program compiled by Maeva Aubert and Andrew P. Crane.







French filmmaking continues to grow and change, away from the endless meditations and toiling about "amour." This program takes us to such far-flung locations as India, Brazil, Japan and Armenia, and ranges from documentaries to more established narratives and even experimental styles of storytelling. Viva La France!


Wednesday, November 15 – 7:00 PM

Frederic Pelle’s "Des Morceaux De Ma Femme" ("Some Pieces Of My Wife") (10 min.) This Cannes selection deals with the emotional fallout when a man’s longtime wife passes away. Thomas Sipp’s "ACD" (13 min.) A documentary about a stationary store owner in Paris who uses the windows in his shop as a public portal into his imagination. David Fourier’s "Lollipop" (24 min.) A naked neon girl watches over a small family whose lives together are strained and distant. Natasha De Betak’s "Kaal" (10 min.) A documentary on the time-honored Indian tradition of passing down professions from generation to generation. Pascal Laethier’s "Accidents" (5 min.) A whimsical tale of differing accounts of the same car accidents. Sandra Kogut’s "La Et Ca" ("Here and There") (26 min.) Living on the outskirts of Rio, a girl named TB tries to decide which direction her life will take. A fascinating look at the "everyday" Rio de Janeiro.

Wednesday, November 15 - 9:15 PM

Rachel Tilloston’s "As I Was Falling" (1:30 min.) A funny, literal story of the title! Christophe Loizillon’s "Les Mains" ("The Hands") (20 min.) This Clermont-Ferrand Film Fest award-winner tells five people’s stories through the use of their hands. Faouzi Bensaidi’s "Le Mur" ("The Wall") (10 min.) A wall takes the brunt of men’s frustations and fears in this Cannes award-winner. The director co-wrote Andre Techine’s ANGELS TERMINUS. Hugues Poulain’s "Tokyo in Bolex" (3 min.) The first in a series of "Bolex" films: here the director trains his camera on Tokyo, focusing on the famous, surreal fish market. Danielle Arbid’s "Le Passeur" ("The Ferryman") (13 min.) Beautiful, heart-tugging look at those who "ferry" the dead from their adopted land to their homeland. Serge Avedikian’s "Lux Aeterna" (11 min.) A haunting look at the aftermath of the massive 1988 earthquake in Armenia. Fred Cavaye’s "D" (23 min.) An older man who ignores his wife watches a young couple as their life begins to mirror his own. Olivier L. Brunet’s "Le Marriage De Fanny" ("Fanny’s Wedding") (17 min.) This evocative film conveys Fanny’s memories of the new husband who was taken from her during the war.