"The American Cinematheque is not a private club, nor is it only for film historians or film buffs. It functions as a kind of liaison between the film industry and the public, encouraging people to talk to each other and develop a real sense of a film community."

Sydney Pollack, Chairman Emeritus, American Cinematheque Board of Directors


"Just as visual artists need museums to present their work within a broad historical and cultural context, it is important to me, that filmmakers be viewed and evaluated in the same context. As a 'living' museum, the American Cinematheque not only exhibits, but also facilitates critical examination of film and video, thereby illuminating and refining this great art form."

Francis Ford Coppola, American Cinematheque Board of Trustees


"For those of us who studied film and are now industry professionals, the American Cinematheque's unique programming of classics and rare independents is a continuing classroom. I go to the Egyptian Theatre for inspiration and to learn more about film"

Anne Swan, Member & Post Production Supervisor


"I saw GIGANTIC last night. Another wonderful night at the Cinematheque. I love you! I don't know what the people in Los Angeles would do without the Cinematheque.The Cinematheque is THE brightest sparkling jewel of Los Angeles culture.

Ken Victor Schuelke, Member


The American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theatre is a global community center for filmmakers and lovers to gather to celebrate the art of the moving picture in all of its forms. Our programs are designed to entertain, educate, enrich and expose audiences to a full spectrum of cultures, personal visions and filmmaking styles.

Headquartered in Hollywood Boulevard's first movie palace, the landmark, 1922 Grauman's Egyptian Theatre, the Cinematheque is dedicated to preserving the movie theatre-going experience--watching films on the big screen---as they were meant to be seen.

Our critically acclaimed public programming encompasses everything from the classics of Hollywood and world cinema, to contemporary American independents, the latest international productions, documentaries, shorts, animated and experimental films and everything in between. Series are highlighted by screenings of rare films, special prints (sometimes the only one in existence!), sneak previews and audience discussions with filmmakers and film historians. There is a different film on screen almost every night, and if you time it right, a visit to the Egyptian can include a unique opportunity to hear your favorite director or actor speak about his or her work.



The non-profit arts organization, the American Cinematheque owns and operates the Egyptian Theatre as a cultural resource for the community. To some extent we are viewer-supported, but ticket sales only cover a portion of the costs involved in presenting the rare and unusual film series that you enjoy at the Egyptian Theatre.

You can further support the American Cinematheque by becoming a member. When you join you will not only receive benefits like ticket discounts, but you will be contributing to the continued preservation of the historic Egyptian Theatre, as both an important Hollywood landmark, and as working movie theatre where future generations of film lovers can enjoy movies on the big screen. If you love the movies, there is no better legacy than to keep the projectors rolling at the Egyptian Theatre well into the 21st century. Membership makes great gifts for film enthusiasts.



You can also support the on-going preservation of the Egyptian Theatre by contributing to our capital campaign. Your donation will be recognized with a permanent name plate on a seat in the theatre, a paving stone in the walkway, or other naming opportuniities. A $1,000 or more contribution will ensure your front row seat as a champion of Hollywood history! Call 323-461-2020, ext. 111 for more information. *Capital Campaign contributions are in addition to membership fees.



6172 Hollywood Boulevard (between Las Palmas & McCadden Place east of Highland)

Located on Hollywood's celebrated walk of fame, the painstakingly refurbished, 616-seat Lloyd E. Rigler Theatre at the Egyptian features state-of-the-art sound and projection of a 57' screen, making for an exceptional movie viewing experience. The complex also houses the Spielburg Theatre, a 78-seat, screening room. Throughout the year, the theatre is home to many premiers and Hollywood High Schools' Media Education Program Screenings. Behind-the-scenes historic/architectural tours of the theatre share its rich history with locals as well as visitors to Hollywood.

The Egyptian is also the exclusive showcase for FOREVER HOLLYWOOD, a fascinating look at a century of movie-making, as told by some of today's biggest stars and filmmakers. Just as it was in Sid Grauman's day, the Egyptian is still the place "Where the stars see and hear the movies."

The American Cinematheque is the only independent programming organization of its kind in Los Angeles. Some people like to think of us as a year-round film festival while others consider us "Film School for the price of a movie ticket." Our audience is dedicated. It isn't uncommon to bump into someone in the lobby who has flown across the country to catch a favorite film or a particular guest. We at the Cinematheque love the movies as much as you do. We pride ourselves on bringing you cinema experiences so rare, you can't get them anywhere else!

So if your pulse quickens when the lights dim and your favorite director's name is about to flicker across the silver screen, we want to meet you. Join us in celebrating our admiration for the giants of cinema history, but also in discovering overlooked, American studio directors', "lost" films, projected for the first time in 50 years; the premier of the first film by a student filmmaker, the sublime beauty of Technicolor Nitrate prints; and the awesome impact of epics stretched across the entire screen in glorious 70 mm!