Premiere -- December 3, 1999

 FHtoddsasha.GIF (27230 bytes)FOREVER HOLLYWOOD Director Todd McCarthy with Producer Sasha Alpert. Poster design courtesy of CBO Design.


fharnie.gif (25119 bytes)Co-Director and Editor Arnold Glassman with assistant Editor Claire Scanlon and is that Holly Golightly with them?


FHstormtrooper.GIF (29733 bytes) A cast of characters from movies past and present came to the premiere to celebrate Hollywood history.

vintagecrowd.GIF (35869 bytes)

Guests hardly noticed that it was a cold winter night in Hollywood sinceEToverhead.GIF (37183 bytes) Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf was serving up coffee beverages at the courtyard reception!





fhheston.gif (31676 bytes)Charlton Heston (who is interviewed in FOREVER HOLLYWOOD) and his wife attended the premiere. 

FHbobmayson.GIF (15288 bytes)

Kodak's Bob Mayson introduced the film.


photos by: Juan Tallo & Dean Serra